Friday, April 29, 2011

Mukti Bandhan - "A Virani Dynasty"

Mukti Bandhan .." A Virani Dynasty "

Mukti bandhan , a serial larger than life, a show which has captured lots of hearts and mind, an epic saga with many turns and twists to be unfolded. Let me brief you all on this show of colors which have taken the channel by a storm.
I.M Virani the powerful man in question who believes in himself and no one else. He considers himself above God who only knows how to run people's life and twist them to suit his need.He only listens to his baa whom he respects immensely. He has 2 sons. Vaibhav and Siddharth.The former being the main lead and the later who is meek can't stand upto anyone. Vaibhav is in love with an actress but when it does not suit I.M VIrani , he plays a smooth game to push her out of his son's life and gets him married to Devki. Devki is the female protagonist of the show who impresses I.M Virani thoroughly. On finding out that she is the grand- daughter of his greatest rival B.B , he again plays a chaal and ropes her to get married to his son. Through flashback , it is revealed that he was in love with B.B's daughter way back but was refused her hand.To get back at BB and his past misfortunes ,he plans to use Devki as a new mohra.Devki unaware of all this gets into the Virani 's family life and dutifully potray's her role as the modern but aadarsh Bahu.. All is going well till her proposal to start up BB 's company faces rejection. All this is being done by Virani of course..
Things are going according plan when suddenly Devki gets an investor who is willing to invest in B.B's business. Virani obviously is unhappy when the news hits the paper but unwillingly he has to bless her.Baa seeing all this from the distance promises to protect Devki from her son's evil ways.
So there, thats the Virani empire for you. The show has become huge and the masses it's attracting is far bigger than expected..
Here are few takes on the show and it's expectation
"Its a very unusual , intriguing and promising show dealing with the business scenarios of today.
I.M Virani character is purely dynamic with different shades of good and bad.I love this character because he smoothly operates and twists the plot to his convenience.Another character I admire is the female protoganist called Devki who takes all challenges with a smile.
Dr. Poonam....( viewer )
"I like the story line which is very gripping and the character of Virani who is a powerful character . The show brings about corporate espionage and culture in a very dynamic way. I hate to miss the 9.30 slot , and if I do , I make sure I watch the repeat."
Suresh .... ( Viewer )
" I like the character of Baa who holds the family together and who also empowers I.M Virani . She edits I.M virani's plans in the bud " she completely fascinates me"
Preeti ... ( Viewer )

Author - Navyanka Varma
Telly Tadka

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