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Episode Discussion 28th April, 2011

Sasural genda phool ( starplus Monday to Friday 7.30 pm IST )

All are the hopspital and wishing Suhana all the best as she is being taken into the operation theatre.Even Panna 's mother in law gives her Pooja ka phool so that Suhana's faith as more restored.At home dadi, Rajni , Rani and Ishaan 's mother is all praying for Suhana. The operation starts with the waiting period. All are tensed and waiting for the Doctor to get the news. As the news comes out that the operation is successful , happiness knows no bounds. Days goes by and so does Suhana 's recovery towards positivity. Suhana is getting pampered by the entire kashyap household . Suhana and Ishaan have a good light moments in the hospital where Suhana is constant bothered about her looks as her nose is bandaged.Panna while coming out of her school sees Raunak and is stunned that he is in the same city as she. Suhana is discharged and comes home. All are very thrilled having her back.Suhana also has a flash of the day when she first entered the house as the Bahu ... Tears come in everyone's eyes with badima hugging her...

Uttaran ( Colors monday to Friday IST )

All members are sitting and discussing the chain and the watch. It is the same chain and watch which was stolen and a little boy called Sattu and Ahilya . But while cleaning Vansh 's room , the chain is found and later through the chain of events it is revealed that the boy Sattu was wrongly accused.Sattu who is actually Satya has come for revenge on the Baundela parivar.Icchaa is wondering who is Satya and why has he come here. Thakuriyen is acting very cold towards Icchaa 's mother and talks very indifferently towards her by putting her in her place which is of a caretaker.Satya is very upset and angry at all for messing with his life as a kid. Satya tells Saachi that he was wrongly accused and that Vansh was responsible for the theft. He is so upset that all are still so callously talking about that event which spoiled Satya 's life as a child. It's just a matter of time when all will come crashing down and Veer will have to pay for the mistakes his family did.In the restaurant Tapasya sees Saachi and realises that she is not blind and is shocked by the revelation. She gets further shocked when Rathore joins them.Tapasya can't believe what she is seeing is absolutely taken aback.

Author - Navyanka Varma
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