Friday, February 07, 2014

An Actor Par Excellence – Ravish Desai!!

Every time when I plan on writing about him, the words seem to get lost somewhere. So I sit here, completely blank; even though I know I have so much to say about him. Everyday we see new people coming in to this industry and putting in their souls to give life to their characters, making them perfect for us; to believe that these characters are around us. I’m sure with the title above, you all know which actor I am about to speak of.
In a very short amount of time, he has won many hearts with his mature and sensitive performance; that one can hardly differentiate whether he is actually playing the character or living the role. The first time I saw him on screen, the first thing I thought was “who is this charming guy, and I hope he is here for Shraddha”. With his entry, he brought life to the show. The smile on his face, and naughtiness in his eyes, made many people instantly hooked to the show. Yes, I am talking about Ravish Desai, who joined this TV industry last year, playing the character of Kunal Shrivastav in Star Plus’s show, Ek Nanand Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi.
Kunal is a character, that has many shades and Ravish has played each shade of Kunal with so much grace that one could actually feel his emotions from him. With each passing day we see the growth in him. From a playful boy to a friendly brother, from a caring son to a kind human being, from a protective lover to a witty person, Ravish made each emotion believable. You laugh with Kunal, you cry with him, you enjoy his naughty streaks. Basically you want to live each emotion with him, and that is because he made all this possible for his audience with his hard effort and passion. He is not only a wonderful actor, but also an equally wonderful person.
Ravish is one brilliant actor, who doesn’t need dialogues to emote. He expresses well with his eyes and his body language speaks volumes. If one is creative enough, and understands what it is that one wants from the actor, then it is easy to see how each of his expressions, dialogues delivery and body language shows his immense talent as an actor. It is this quality of a good actor that pulls the attention and interest of the audience establishing a direct connection with them, that reaches the deepest chords of the heart.
Ravish is a very talented individual and a delight to the eye. He has done many ad films, and has worked in a Vikram Bhatt horror movie before starting work in Meri Bhabhi. He is a complete package of talent with a charming personality. Ravish still has a long way to go in this industry; but I am sure that he will make this journey a remarkable one for himself and memorable one for his audiences. There is no doubt that he is “an actor par excellence”.
Do you agree with me?

Author - Muniza Riaz
Telly Tadka

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  1. Yes, I agree with you 100% Muniza :)