Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bhramridevi to end Arunasur in Life OK's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

Current track of Life OK’s popular mythological series Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev focuses on the Deva's fight against Arunasur (Rahul Dev).

Viewers saw how Mahadev (Mohit Raina) blesses his son Kartikey (Rishiraj Pawar) to lead the army for the same. Kartikey tries to attack Arunasur, but Arunasur succeeds in defending himself because of the boon given by Lord Bhrama that no human, God or a four legged creature can kill him. Kartikey will also be seen having a change of heart when Arunasur sets an emotional trap for the former which leaves Mahadev with no other choice but to finish what his son had started. 

Because of the boon even Mahadev won't be able to kill the Asur but his ardhangani will be seen slaying the asura.

How??? Well viewers are in for another Visual Spectacle as Devi Parvati will transform herself into Bhramridevi - The Goddess of Black Bees and will end up killing Arunasur.

Stay tuned for this interesting track in Mahadev.

Edited By: Vijitha Rajan

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