Monday, July 27, 2009

Hiten Tejwani Special - Episode 2 Video!!

Here is our second episode like promised :-) Special Interview with Hiten Tejwani with our Reporter, Ruchi.

Also check out the week's recap :-) & Baa Bahoo Baby's fresh new season.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3


What would u like to know about Rajeev Paul & Eijaz Khan?

Hey Fans, Friends and Jaanta,

How are you all doing today? Well get ready for a special Hiten Tejwani episode :-) and much more fun to come your way! Well great news..for all fans of Rajeev Paul & Eijaz Khan --- Yes!!! We have arranged for an interview with them and well here is your chance to ask your questions :-)

We know lots of things about them..but what the things we want to know ...that are fun and different??? Get your thinking caps on and post your hearts out with the questions!!!

Deadline for the questions is this Friday eastern time/Saturday morning indian time

You can post your questions with a reply/comment to this post
or e-mail us --->

Friday, July 24, 2009

TellyTadka on Sets of Bhaskar Bharti

TellyTadka on Sets of Bhaskar Bharti, here are the Exclusive images, do check out our wallpapers. Next week watch out for Exclusive Bhaskar Bharti Episode.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Special with Hiten Tejwani only on TellyTadka!

Hey Friends,

Well TellyTadka this week coming up has a gr8 episode planned for you all! Catch an Exclusive Interview with Hiten Tejwani, who currently essays the role of Karan Singh in Kitani Mohabbat Hai & now in Palampur Express!

Also find out more on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and much more!

Do Catch our promo in the week :) & Get ready for some fireworks on TellyTadka as we want your feedbacks to our show, plus let us know what television show you would like us to cover?


Baa Bahoo Aur Baby Fresh as it can be!

With the new season of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, viewers will get to see some new fresh changes! TellyTadka spoke with Baa Bahoo Aur Baby's creative director, Deven Bhojani. He told TellyTadka about how this new season will have great freshness to it with more focus on the youth!

Deven Bhojani also mentioned how the replacement of Lubna Salim who essayed the character of Leela, is doing a fantastic job. He said "the characterization of leela has been changed that is different and better."

For more, stay tuned to TellyTadka this Saturday!!

Watch Out for this week!

Watch out this week coming up for TellyTadka, where we will take you to someone special and then find out if Armaan will get his memory back or will he again fall in love Ridz in Dil Mil Gayye! Check out the week's recap only with us! Don't forget to send your feedbacks as they mean a lot to us!!! So stay tuned to Telly Tadka.

New Promo July 20th 2009 Miley Jab Hum Tum

With Mayank planning for the big date with Nupur, all his plans go down the drain with the rain. Well not to worry, fans will get to see Mayank-Nupur have their date in a filmy style. Yes watch out for Mayank and Nupur in the Om Shanti Om style where both celebrate thir date. Kabhar hai ki new song bhi hai mayur ke stay tuned to Star One on Monday 9pm.

Hiten Tejwani in Palampur Express

Hiten Tejwani is currently shooting for Palampur Express where he will be essaying a character who helps Paavni at her goals. Hiten can also be seen in Kitani Mohabbat Hai essaying the role of Karan Singh. News has been circulating that trp of Palampur Express is not so good, thus HIten Tejwani will be making his entry in the show.

Ishq Bector Eliminated from Sony’s Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao

Ishq has been eliminated from sony's reality show iss jungle se mujhe bachao. Ishq received less votes and was said to have been over-confident, which led him to be ousted from the show. To know what new tasks are ahead, just watch Iss Jungle se mujhe bachao only on Sony Mon - Thurs 10 pm & Fri 9 pm.

Music Review of Teree Sang

Although it may seem that the bollywood movie Teree Sang seems to be film that does not peek your interest, it is quite surprising to know the music track for this film is something you may like. From the soft track of Tere Bin to the fantastic rock song morey saiyan. Viewers will love the album, and with it TellyTadka rates the album 4 out of 5.

Shooting for Ratan Singh in the show is like shooting for a film! - Rohit Bakshi

Playing the character of Ratan Singh is nice, as its very different from the roles I have played, said Rohit Bakshi when talking to TellyTadka. Rohit, who has been training on sets of Chittod Ki Rani Padmini, for sword fighing and horse riding is told TellyTadka that the heavy costumes, horse riding and sword fighting is very different from what he has done thus far on television.

When Tellytadka asked about his thoughts about shooting in the lavish sets, Rohit revealed that "we are shooting like a moive only! & Its a movie being made on the small screen". Also when asked about Rohit's plans to debut in a film, Rohit told us that he would love to debut soon! For the Full Interview Stay Tuned to TellyTadka Saturday 2pm eastern Time on our website or our Youtube Channel!

Vivan Bhatena Not in NDTV Imagine 'Janam Daata'

Vivan Bhatena confirmed with TellyTadka that he is no longer going to be part of Janam Data which is currently a new concept waiting to air on NDTV Imagine. Vivan talked with TellTadka and said "I am not doing the show, unforuntately it didn't work out". Khabar has it that Maayka will be coming to an end pretty soon. But to all Vivan fans, don't be so sad Vivan has some great projects lined up, with a film releasing in the coming months along with performing at the Edinburgh International Festival and a play which is ranked #1 among thirty-five thousand plays, which will be taking palce in August. Watch out for Maayka on Zee Tv at 8pm.
So watch out for Vivan's upcoming projects with TellyTadka!

Mayank & Nupur's First Date

At last Mayank and Nupur are set to have their first day in Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum. The creative team has planned for a sequence of Mayank riding on a white horse, just as Nupur had imagined in her dreams. Mayank has planned at dance at the beach with lots of flowers and other surprises in store for Nupur. After the remarkable romantic scene in the rain, this will be a double treat for fans. Wait and watch Miley Jab Hum Tum only on Star One at 9pm.

Ratan Singh's dilemma

In Sony Entertainment Asia show, Chittod ki rani padmini, Ratan Singh is found in a dilemma between the love for his son and his love for Padmini. Nagmati who is Ratan Singh's first wife, is fuming with anger against Padmini who has recently arrived at Chittod with Ratan Singh after their vivaah. Her plans to keep Ratan Singh away from Padmini are in full swing. Will Nagmati be able to stop Ratan Singh from meeting Padmini?

Watch out for Chittod ki rani padmini at 8pm on Sony Entertainment Asia.

Akshara's Love Letter

Natik and Akshara are now about to get married, and yet the confusion about Akshara's feelings have yet to be disclosed to Natik. Viewers this week saw Akshara write a love letter that was suggested by Varsha. The letter was sent to Natik, but lost with the kids and later stuck under a tokri filled with flowers. With the latest promo airing this week, we saw the kids send Akshara a sms saying that they got the letter on behlaf of Natik. Akshara who is unkown that Naik has not seen the letter is happy with the sms reply!

Will Natik read the letter before the wedding? Watch out for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai at 9pm Mon-Fri on Star Plus

Color's Uttaran - trp rise!

Uttaran's trp has risen post the leap, with a track that viewers seems to like. After the leading show Balika Vadhu on Colors, the second slot goes to Uttaran which is at the 3rd position on the tvr (trp) charts. With the current love story track of Veer-Ichcha-Tapasya, the audience seems to be pleased with it. TellyTadka wishes the cast and unit all the best with their improving tvr rank!

Star Plus notches the Top Position in all C&S homes as well
Channel Date Day Start Time Programme TVR
Star Plus 2-July-09 Thu 9:30 PM YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI 4.96
Colors 3-July-09 Fri 8:00 PM BALIKA VADHU 4.26
Colors 2-July-09 Thu 10:05 PM UTTARAN 3.68
Star Plus 1-July-09 Wed 9:00 PM BIDAYI 3.56
Zee TV 3-July-09 Fri 9:30 PM SAREGAMAPA LIL CHAMPS-09 3.32
Zee TV 3-July-09 Fri 7:29 PM CHHOTI BAHU 3.13
Colors 2-July-09 Thu 10:38 PM NA AANA IS DES LAADO 3.02
NDTV Imagine 29-Jun-09 Mon 8:59 PM RAKHI KA SWAYAMVAR 3.01
Zee TV 2-July-09 Thu 9:29 PM AGLE JANAM MOHE BITIYA HI KIJO 2.76
Ten Sports 28-Jun-09 Sun 7:58 PM L/T DIGICEL-09 2 ODI IND/WI 2.76
Target group : All India Market CS 4 + Yrs
For the week of 28/06/2009 to 04/07/2009.
Source: TAM peoplemeter system

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