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Karan & Parneet Questions!!!

Hey Everyone,

Everyone from TellyTadka teams wishes you all the best and happy holidays in advance. Well some gr8 news...We will taking Karan & Parneet's interview very soon!!!!!

So send your questions here on the blog before Thursday December 3th night. Stay with TellyTadka for the latest!!!



  1. Dear Telly tadka thank you soooo much for this..I had requested you guys for their interview...thank you sooooo much :) for listening to us you guys are truly the BEST

    I have a few questions for both Karan & Perneet

    1.) How awkward did you guys feel whilst shooting the mere haath mein sequence..??

    2.) How is your rapport with the other actors in love ne..??

    3.) Will you do movies..??(if offered)

    4.) Just wanted to say to Karan and Perneet that SaVni rocks (the best jodi of television ever) that's SA from Sameer and Vni from Avni :)

    Thank you so much telly tadka and specially to Muzina because she assured the SaVni fans that telly tadka would interview Karan & Perneet, so thank you once again...!!

    Kind regards,


  2. thanks tellytadka for this....
    firstly,i luv u both karan and perneet.u guys are not only goodlooking but also superb actors.
    my questions for u both
    1)who are you more close with among all the actors in the show??
    2)r you friends in real life too?
    3)for young actors like u both, hav u ever thought SAVNI is a more complex and difficult to play??
    4)do you discuss ur scenes before doing them??
    5)which romantic scene between you do you think is the best ???
    6)do u hav anyother projects apart from lnmdj??
    ok i will let others to fire.
    SAVNI rocks.i love ur track from the start.plz give interviews like this a lot.s

  3. Ok firstly, id like to tell you that you both are awsome. you guys are very talented and are fab actors.

    1) what was your first impression on eachother?
    2) are you guys good friends?
    3) was it awkward doing all the close scenes at such a short period of time?
    4)what has been the funniest experience youve had on set?
    5) do you both have any siblings?
    5) are you like your character?
    6) how has your experience been working with each other?

    thanks you guys, Sameer & Avni are soo adorable. i love them. Love Ne is a great show.

    you guys rock,

  4. how old are you guys and when is your birthday?

  5. What was your favorite scene(s) to film?

    1.What is it like working with Gaurav Khanna?
    2. Do you either of you have an older sibling like Prithvi who you would respect like your parents?

    3. Who is/ are your best buddies from the cast and crew?

  6. Thanks TT for the awesome Prida interview last week and now KT and Perneet interview coming up! woot woot! =D

    anyhow here are my questions---

    Karan-- Could you impersonate GK's Prithvi character....like enact something Prithvi style.

    Perneet-- Could you impersonate Chandana's Damini or Simran's Roshni character, your choice.

    To both ---- What is the most cherished memory from your LNMDJ career?

    Keep rocking as Savni!!!

    Kritika :)

  7. Haww, this awesome.. Let me think think of questions..
    First of all, Karan and Perneet, you guys seriously rock! Your potrayl of Sameer and Avni is magical on screen and I seriously watch the show just for you guys.

    Now questions..

    1. SaVni's story is the most extraordinary story as it is about two beings that have been shown in typecast roles on Television, yet it is so different with it's twists and turns, so my question is, What can the viewer expect next from the Savni storyline? In terms will Avni support Sameer when the truth comes out or will they go back to square one as being shown in the initial promos.

    2. Perneet, you were fantastic in the suicidal episodes and everything after that. As a mother, your role keeps getting better and better and as an actor, you have leaped from Avni's role to looking at leaves, to Jai's betrayal and now with every episode, you shine.. You are perfect as Avni and even more perfect asset in LNMDJ.
    3. Karan, you are someone that has that the most wanted, yet most devlious character ever. From Jai, who betrayed Avni to Sameer who loves Avni and his family. Karan you are one of those actors that is loved for the performances you give and the character Sameer is hated for how much hatred he takes upon Avni and his child. Karan, from ads, to television and in the current episodes, you are just fantastic. You and Perneet are doing an amazing job!
    4. For both, How are you guys closest to one the sets and off the sets?
    5. What makes you guys work up a sweat?
    6. Tell us one random fact about each other.
    7. What would you guys be likely doing in 10 years?
    8. Your current ringtone/caller tone.
    9. If you guys could have any one person in the world as a dinner guest, who would it be?
    10. What was your first impression of each other?
    11. How do you guys develop your chemistry?
    12.If you were a billionaire, what would you do with it?
    13. Karan, if Perneet was a coupon for something, what would she be for ?
    14. What are your favorite foods?
    15. List 3 places you want to visit before you die.
    16. If you guys had to nickname each other, what nickname would you give? For example, we call you guys SaVni (Sameer-Avni.
    17. If you guys could be an ice-cream flavor, which would you be and why?
    18. Your current favorite song.
    19. Latest movie you say that made you think " wow"
    20. What do you guys do in your free time?

    Karan and Perneet, you both are fanastic actors that seriously rock the screens with Sameer and Avni and we are seriously looking forward to see you guys more and more and are always waiting for the Sameer-Avni story finally, without any Jai Chawlas in between.. :)


  8. Thanks so much tt for dis

    Thanks for listening to me at fb

    Btw my sweet simple question

    Wat is their best savni(sameer-avni) scene ever

  9. o..... TT u r da best !!! nw savni interview ??!! dats jus lovely !!! hvnt heard KT n PERNEET chatting offscreen... so will b waiting 4 it... so here r few of my questions...

    1 ) to both :LNMDJ is NOT ending rite? i want a confirmation 4 u both [savni] tooo !! :D

    2) to both : do u like the name Savni dat we gav 2 u both ??

    3)to perneet : do u knw dat ur such a fab actor ??!! i mean u rock dear !! well the question is ..did u always hv passion 4 acting ? n wantd 2 act in movies/tv, etc ?? any prior xperience of acting ??!!

    4) to KT :U HV SUCH A NICE CHEMISTRY WTH PRITHVI BHAIYYA ONSCREEN... wat abt offscreen ?? r u guys gud frens ??!! n well do u hv any real bros? n r u the same fun loving bro in real life too ??!

    5)on a lighter note.. u ppl do realise the shw has many bloopers.. do u guys too realise it ??!! hehhee.. [ok.. i knw this is lame ... sowie !! ]

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  11. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSS tt ...i hv been waiting for these since long tym.........

    helooooooooo me SUDESHNA GHOSH frm kolkata.....

    tt plssssssssssssssss tell karan and parneet that i love them a lottttttttt.............i am crazy about their onscreen chemisty....

    i watch their scene at 9:30 along with repeat telecast and in youtube also....i watch their scene for more then 80 times...........yesssssssssssssssssss i am sooooooo crazy abaut them

    well i wanna ask only questions
    1... do parneet and karan hd a good offscreen chemistry also?

    2........ which one of romantic scenes btw avni and sameer is their fav one??????

    karan and parneet i request u plsssssss if atall lnmdj end u both should do another love story together.....u boths rockzzz as a couple

    i request tt to tell karan and parneet to plssssssssssssss wish me luck for my semester exam........plsssss

    n yes best of luck to karan and parneet for their future.......n i hope i will see more of their romantic scenes,........

    love u both.......


  13. Dear Perneet & Karan…..I love u guys as Sameer nd Avni… u guys r d reason that dragged me 2 this show!
    My questions 4 u both:
    1 how do u share such an amazing onscreen chemistry?
    2 What r ur birthdates?
    3 what r ur future plans?
    4 which was d best SAVNI scene according 2 u so far?
    5 tell us about sm funny moments on set
    Love u both…u guys rock…Take care!

  14. hi! plz tel is LNMDJ is endin or not?
    how is it workin wid Gaurav, does he play pranks?

  15. Hi Karan and Perneet!!!!

    My question for both is the same:

    How did LNMDJ happened?


  16. Hey karan...M..ambika...Probably one of the biggest savni fans...
    1) 2 kt - Uh,you remember me calling u and msging u on facebook?The crazy girl..school going....lol.
    2) PC - was it awkward shootng the fanaa sequence & the kiss one too?
    3) How old r u guys..
    4) Perneet - One prank karan has played on you so far.
    5) Perneet - any one prank Gaurav or dishank have played?
    6) Do you both visit india-forums.com in your free time?
    7) Karan - do you have any sibling?
    8) Both - what was the hardest & Funniest scene which you guys had to shoot?
    9) Karan - If you DO remember me,what do you think bt me?
    10) Karan - When you DO come online (on the net) what are the sites you usually visit.
    11) Karan - What is the craziest thing a fan (besides me) has done for you?
    12) o o 1 more..Karan - How is your relation with sandeep/inder ofscreen =))!!!!

    Lots of love

  17. Hi karan & perneet....i was waiting for your interview since june 22.I watch lnmdj mainly for you guys.Your onscreen chemistry is amazing!!!Karan you are a natural onscreen and perneet your performances really touch my heart
    Have so many Questions to ask you

    1.Were you guys always interested in acting or did it happened by chance
    2.Perneet-you are doing a wonderfull job as avni....if not avni which other lnmdj character would you have loved to play
    3.Karan-you are so so awsome as sameer...same quetion to you too..if not sameer then which other lnmdj character
    4.karan-were you apprehensive about potraying the negative shades of sameer?
    5.perneet-whom are you closest to on the sets of lnmdj
    6.Can you descibe a typical day on the sets of lnmdj
    7.How did you guys feel while signing your first autograph?

    All the best karan-perneet!!!Hope you bothe will keep entertaing us as sameer and avni

    Savni are the best!!!!






  19. OMG!..Let me just breath first!..Im so so so happy right now i cant even control my happiness!..this is my dream come true!..Wowwwwwww!..

    Firstly, Hi Karan and Perneet!..I am one of your biggest fans in this world..infact whole universe!..As you must know by now we call your jodi Savni..Savni is not only a jodi on television but for me it is one of the most beautfiul television jodis i have ever seen, and ever will see...You both make Savni so beautfiul, amazing and flawless and that is what makes me watch this show..Its you both which makes me run to watch LNMDJ every single day (even the 2 repeats!)..You bth as Savni are the best television jodi since this show started and im so happy that we get to see such amazing scenes between you both!..I cant describe my love for Savni but all i can say is that Savni is the best!..

    Secondly, My small messages to both of you:
    Karan: What do i say? Your one of those people that i can never praise fully..as there is too much to say!..Your the BEST newcomer ive seen in years who has proved himself from the first scene!..Not only that but i believe you are one of the finest actors we have on television today-your each and every scene makes me want to see ore and more of you as Sameer, and its all thanks to you Karan that i lvoe Sameer so much that i feel he is real LOL!..Karan, all your scenes are a treat to watch (especially those you share with Perneet) and you definitely are one of the most hottest guys ive ever seen in my life (and thanks for all those shirtless scenes we see LOL..jokes)!..
    Perneet: My god!..Not only are you completely beautfiul and too cute, your a great actress and your scenes trully touch my heart..whatever you do as Avni really makes me believe in the character and its amazing how well you've managed to create your own niche so soon..like i said for Karan, for me you both are the BEST newcomers in years and its a pleasure to watch you!..Go gurl!..

    Thirdly and lastly a few questions:
    1)What were your first impressions of each other (saach bolna!)
    2)How is your off-screen relationship?/Are you both really good friends?
    3)What other character would u like to be in LNMDJ if given a choice?

    1)Are you single? If yes, then i cant understand how thats possible!?
    2)Did you ever dream or think you were gonna enter such a popular show, and that millions of people around the world would be watching you and knowing you?
    3)What does love mean to you in a sentence?
    4)Whats your most treasured object etc?
    5)What do u want to acheive in life?
    6)Can you tell us something interesting or a piece of gossip about Perneet?
    7)What are your best qualities?
    8)What are your bad qualities?
    9)How much do u connect with the character of Sameer?
    10)Name 5 things/people you cant live without?
    11)When is your birthday?
    12)What is the funniest prank you have played on the sets?
    13)On sets, who do u share the best off-screen chemistry with?
    14)Whats your favourite drink?
    15)You have the best hair ive ever seen on a guy, how do you maintain it?
    16)What are the 5 things u first notice in a girl?
    17)What age do you see yourself getting settled down with wife and kids?
    18)What do you do in your free time/What are your hobbies?
    19)Can you cook? If yes then what?
    20)Some up your life journey until yet in one sentence?
    21)Are you ready to be on television for atleast the next 5 years playing Sameer? (Thats my wish!)

    1)How much similarities and differences do u and Avni have?
    2)What pranks have been played on you?
    3)How did you become a part of LNMDJ?
    4)Whats your most treasured object etc?
    5)What do u want to acheive in life?
    6)Can you tell us something interesting or a piece of gossip about Karan?
    7)What are your best qualities?
    8)What are your bad qualities?
    9)Are you comfortable in always wearing salwaar suits as Avni?
    10)Are you ready to be on television for atleast the next 5 years playing Avni? (Thats my wish!)

    Love ya both Loads and Loads!..You both are the best Karan and Perneet!..

    x Hinal x

  20. hey Karan N Perneet...m SUNDAS frm PAKISTAN...hope u both r fine...wel i wana say,u guys r superb...i juz luv ur on screen coulpe as Sameer n Avni...u ppl r doin a fantastic job...
    especially afte the preggers things...v hv got to c sum excellent scenes frm u both...
    Avni u rock...u made me cry throughout da week...n i was feeling as if al dis was happening in reality...wat a splendid acting...n natural xpressions...
    Karan...first ov al m sory...n Congrats..
    sory fr hating u to da fulest wen u aka Sameer left Avni n insulted her so much...i literally anted to shoot Sameer...bt then i realized its juz a serial...not reality..
    n Congrats...fr making us indulged in ur character...u did wt ur role demanded successfully...
    Hats off to u both..
    nw turn fr questions..

    1- Wats ur Date ov birth?
    2- hw can u relate urself wid ur characters?
    3- wat was ur reactin abt da rumours regarding LNMDJ goin off air?
    4- Ur experience regarding PUKE scene?

    nw frm KARAN:
    1- hw u handle ur female fans?
    2- i read da article abt ur mother getting angry wid u fr leaving Avni...hw much it was difficult fr u to tell her da real story?
    3- Are u really youngest among al the Sexena Brothers?
    4- With whom u r closest in LNMDJ cast both in sisters n brothers?
    5- You performed in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi song Haule Haule...hw did dat happen?wats da story behind dis?

    nw PERNEET's Turn:
    1- How did u get th chance to act in LNMDJ?
    2- why did u opted AVNI's role?
    3- With whom u r closest among da whole cas ?
    4- plz share ur feelings abt suicide scene?
    5- Wat does ur name PERNEET actually mean?
    6- Who is more naughty ?you or Karan?

    i am still left wid many questions...bt i think i shud stop here..
    once again..congrats to both ov u...n THANKS fr giving us so much gud serial...
    luv u both..
    take care
    n best ov luck...

  21. Hey there Karan and Perneet! This is Maisooma, your big and faithful fan! Not just of your characters in LNMDJ but also of you, as actors.

    I won't bother you a lot by asking hundreds of questions but just two!

    (1) As you both are new actors and LNMDJ is your first show, you both probably didn't know each other before LNMDJ, right? So my question is, and I always think about it, how do you manange to look so comfortable on-screen? Because so far I haven't seen any awkwardness between you whenever you are doing some amazingly HOT scenes. Lol!

    (2) Karan, what is one thing you hate about Perneet's character (Avni) and Perneet, what is one thing you hate about Karan's character (Sameer)? Similarly, Karan what is one thing you simply adore about Perneet and Perneet, one thing you love about Karan? (As I simply LOVE his body! All of you topless scenes are more than some of us can take. They take my breath away...)

    Well that's all from my side! Keep rocking on and of screen and may Allah bless you in your every turn of life (Aameen).


  22. Hi Karan and Parneet!
    hope you both are doing fine!
    Just a few questions :)

    1) To Karan : Hi! I'm completely in love with you. And i know im not the only one. Tough competition! :D Anyhow, I'd like to know how do you feel about all this love that you're recieving from all these girls out there. It must be flattering, but has there ever been an incident when a girl walked up to you and said that she loved you. If no, how would you respond to that? If yes, please answer the question. Thank You!

    2). To Parneet: Hi! First of all, i think you are very beautiful and a great actress! My question to you is : Avni is a very challenging role, as it is simply yet confident at times as well as Demanding yet emotional...so how did you fit yourself into this role. Do you relate at all to avni? If so, how?
    --thank you!

    May god bless you both!
    --Sheena K.

  23. I have some questions for both:

    Who is your favourite bollywood actor and actress?

    Which is you favourite bollywood movie?

    Will you ever take part in a reality show? If yes, which one?

    Which co-star are you most close to from LNMDJ?

    Any memorable moments in LNMDJ?

  24. are you both single?
    are you friends with any other starone actors?
    which show did you watch before LNMDJ?
    how were the ITA awards?
    do you guys have a facebook?

  25. hii Karan and Perneet! i'm Ambreen i live in UK.

    a few questions 4 both of u:

    have u guys been to UK?

    r u on facebook or orkut?

    Which co-star are you most close to from LNMDJ?

    this request is 4 karan only plz say anything long in English

  26. Awesome! I love Karan & Perneet, they are amazing together, and they create this magic when they are together..and TellyTadka, you guys rock man...i love you for taking my SaVni aka KarNeet's interview! Muaaah!!!

    I have a few questions for you :)

    A. How old are you Karan, and how did u get into acting?

    B. Whats the secret behind that gorgeous face & smile...karan?

    c.Perneet, where are you from? and how old are you?

    d.I love your both's chemistry, but off-screen are you two the same..as in do u guys fight n argue..or are gr88 friends..hehe..i know sily question..but im just curious to know about ur both's off screen relationship :)

    e. Ok this is something i've been wanting to request..haha..i have added both of you on facebook by the name of yamini kapil...pleasee accept my request..Pleaseee! i love you both..

    f.Is LNMDJ going off air? Please say its not true..im in love with this show..and i adore your pair Prithvi-Damini sooo much..!

    g.To Karan..Whats the one thing love n hate about Perneet? and Perneet..whats the one thing u love n hate about karan?? Just one thing.!!

    h.For both...Who are the closest to u both off sets? Pleasee answer this for me...!

    i.I've spoken with Dishank before..he's an amazing guy..what do u both think about him?

    j.Your both's birthday..?

    k. Karan..Ur favourite latest movie and Perneet's too?

    l.For both, where have u done ur schooling n college from?

    I loveeeeeee you guys....and im soo inlove with you karan..ur so cute, with that charmingg smile..and ur voice is amazing...and Perneet..im totally in love with ur character...ur simply beautiful..and i love the way u carry urself...poise n charm!!...ur both amazing..and are my favs from LNMDJ..thanks for being sooo amazing n wonferful! Muaaaahhh...Hugs n kisses


  27. Firstly you guys rock!! Love your chemistry and acting- BOTH so talented!

    Question to
    Karan Tacker- How did it feel playing a guy out for revenge but falling in love?

    Parneet- Was it hard filming that attempted suicide scene as you were so convincing?

  28. hiiiiii, perneet and karan. i am shamim(shemu) from kerala(god's own country). lnmdj is my favourite show. my marriage is over. in my husband's home, we don't get this channel. but when i reach my home i will watch the pending scenes through online. i love u both savni. ur just rocking day to day.
    my question is this, is really perneet is 26? but ur jodi was so beautiful. i wished that in real life mein bhi aap dono saath mein the cutest pair savni ki tharah rahe.
    karan, pls dont call perneet as behenji. i cant hear that.
    i am so mad of u two. pls send me ur email id or mobile no. to my id. my id is shammuek@gmail.com. i need to speak both of u atleast one time. so please..... also try to make more romantic love scenes in the show. i love to see that. ok bye guys.