Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sukriti interview transcript

Interview transcript:

R: This is Rakesh Shah here from TellyTadka.
Hi Sukirti
S: Hi
R; How are you doing?
S: FIne
r:very good, Welcome to telly tadka
S; thank you so much
R; so.. [we'd like to knw a few compositions regarding] ..your fanss from TellyTadka want to ask you a few questions
S: okay
R: so.. aap abhi Shideshwari ka kirdar nibha rahe hain sideshwari ka kirdar aapko kaise mila.. how were u offered this role ?
S; well .. i was actually called for [ name ] .. & i think thats how i got it ... not really that .. uhh . not really .. i think that what the character sideshwari
0:42 - 0:43 ..i dont understand
R: which character do you like the most .. kaunsa kirdar jo aapko pasand aaya ?
S: on all the characters that i played ?
R: yeah
S: i think ke har character ka apna khud ka [standing] tha .. i think this is why i like different characters ..
I like playing Riddhima because that was different.. woh alag tha .. from what i have done in terms of [acting ].. because im not that kind of a ladki .. i am very suttle ... very bubbly .... [ 1:17 - 1:20 didnt understand :S ] & uhh .. i think i like playing siddeshwari actually .. because she's very bubbly & ive done that before .. & i act very [ nice ? ] like that
R; ..and do you face any difficulties playing this character [Siddeshwari] ?
S; Uhmm .. no ..not really ..except for the fact that the character's outift.. the sari's & all are heavy .. i dont wear these kinds
R; Chaliye.. puch teh hain .. aaj hamare viewers ke sawal ..
Asma ne sawal pucha hai .. What has been the best and worst moment of your life.
S; Best and Worst ? .. I think both have yet to come..but i think one moment that was very depressing for me was when my sister had an accident [... ? ... ] .... it wasn't very depressing but it was a very upsetting moment for me .. & i think the best and worst are yet to come because i expect more
R; Hina ne pucha hai aapko . Why did you leave DMG ?
S; I left DMG because [2:25-2:40 ..didnt understand :S ] sumthing lyk 'you cannot [ sumthn ] .. it didnt make me happy & it didnt make the channel happy ... & sumthn after that ;P
R: Ayesha ne bhi pucha hai.. what is your current daily soap you enjoy to watch
S: What i enjoy watching ? uhmm .. I use to actually watch [ thinking] India's .. that talent show ... [ still thinking ] India's Got Talent ! .. i use to enjoy watching that
R: Ohh & Anita ne pucha.. kya aapko actress ban na tha ? If not an actress.. what would you be ?
S: I always wanted to be an actress. & if i was not acting then [ 3:23-29 :S not sure ]
R; & how do u keep yourself fit ?
S: [laughs] .. i think i have alot of [ ... ]
R; Okay & Salim ne sawal pucha hai ki ... he loves to watch the role of [Riddima.. or was it adima.. or abhimaan ..loll not sure :S ] & you played a well masoom role of Siddeshwari too . .. & Agle Janam mein .. are you always going to do that kind of role .. or something different ?
S; No no no.. i dont think i can ever restrict myself to doing one thing .. Im going to be doing other things & very soon [..] specific role
R; & [...] ka ek question hai.. If you are offered a role in a film .. would you [ ..] quickly .. or would you think to sign before ..
like.. some people who do well in films actually read the script or some ppl just for fame, sign the script .. [<--not exact wrds ]
S; I dont think fame is one of those things that you should [.. up to 4:57 ..couldnt hear] ..
R; Lastly, Priya ne pucha tha ..apko yeh sawal .. Karan Grover ke saath..koi naya show aane wala hai .. are you going to be doing a new show with Karan Grover ?
S; Well . .i really don't know. At the moment ...there is no such show.
R; Yeh thee apke fans ke sawal.. TellyTadka would like to ask you some more questions. Aap koi reality show karna chahengii ? . .as a host ya participant ?
S; i just did Comedy Circus.. so yeah .. I think reality shows are alot of fun & [ couldnt hear anything of tht answer after that]
R; Quick rank of aapke saath kabhi show mein hua ho.. sets pe hua ho.. DMG ke sets pe yaa .. ..
S; i think DMG ke sets pe toh bohot pranks hote the [ ... :S .... ]
R; Ready to knw more about Sukirti Khandpal.. kya college mein aapne koi classes bunk ki hai ?
S; No noo . .i never bunked college .. i was rather top-going .. [qualified ] & [ .. ] ..actually .. i used to study so much that .. once.. i was about to bunk.. & i thought today i will really bunk & then i ran from the hostel directly to the class .. & i sat there.. bcuz [ i was so concious to study :S .. & was enjoying myself ] ii didnt bunk
R; thats good! .. Aapka koi time-pass hobby?
S; I actually love playing with pets .. & i really love dogs
R; Abhi jo Swine Flu ka fever pureh india mein hai.. aap ka precautions le rahi hain?
S; No Precautionss. I think swine flu se zaada toh hamera yahaan normal malaria. diarrhea se marte hai .. i dont know why swine flu is such a big deal. I know its very incurable but there are many other diseases [which have cures.. but ppl still die :S .. i think ths wht she meant to say ] :S ...
R; Kaafi fans aapke .. [ didnt get the question :S ] .. [koi or quick] tips ?
S; i think .. to be fit.. eating healthy is very important and i think har ek ki body [time :S ] hoti hai.. toh us hisaab se.. adapt karna bohot impt. hota hai.. & i think its very important having [ ... ]
& to become like me.i think u just have to believe in whtever u want ..& if u actually believe in it .. [ then i think u become very believable :S ] ... [if u believe in urself..others will believe in u too :S]
R: Thank you very much sukirti . it was nice talking to you.
S; Thanks alot
R; [any message for the TellyTadka viewrs :S ]
S; Keep Watching me..Sukirti Khandpal.. on TellyTadka

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Episode 11 - Suchita Trivedi Interview

Hey fans,

Tellytadka is back with a new and fresh interview with Suchita Trivedi of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby where she enacts the role of meenaxi.

Hope you all do enjoy the interview, plus do send us your feedback soon :)

Video is below:


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karan Singh Grover & Mansi Parekh in Rocks India

Karan Singh Grover, currently seen in Dil Mil Gaye is now hosting another reality show "Rocks India" with Mansi Parekh (lead from India Calling). Although fans had huge demand to see Shilpa Anand & Karan Singh Grover again...are now left waiting to see their favorite jodi onscreen again.

Rocks India will air on Colors TV, where rock bands will compete with each other. This concept is different form other singing reality shows where the competition takes place individually.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eijaz to host Dance Premier League

Eijaz Khan is to host sony's new reality dance show, dance premier league this coming October. How will Eijaz rank up as a host against former tv celebs who have also still to know.

Sony has confirmed that Madhuri will the sole judge of the show and this October will be great for all viewers.

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Website & Episode Feedback

Hey TellyTadka Viewers,

How are you all doing? We would love to hear from you all on the website makeover and our episodes. As we say "fans ka show fans ke liye" so do give us your suggestions....what segments you like the most..what coverage you want to see.

We know Shilpa Anand's message was special for fans, and we hope that we have exceeded your expectations. Do Stay with more great things have been planned for our audience.


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Episode 8 - Shilpa Anand's Message :)

Episode 8 - Shilpa's Message to KASH & TELLYTADKA fans and check out the top 5 vms of the week.

do post your suggestions!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shilpa Anand's Message to TellyTadka fans

Hey Karan-Shilpa fans of Dil Mil Gayye,

TellyTadka has great news..well we spoke with Shilpa and found out whats going on..these a short message for fans!!

So don't miss our episode on Saturday 2pm est!

Visit our youtube channel:

Jay Bhanuhali Out of the jungle

Jay Bhanushali is out of the jungle, due to the lack of votes! Jay Bhanushali has been close to the final rounds in his previous realtiy shows Jalak Diklaja & Ticket to bollywood. Jay had recently hosted Dance India Dance on zee tv.

TellyTadka wishes Jay all the best for his future shows.