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PAANCH- 5 Wrongs make a Right : Is a Friend in need a Friend Indeed???

Channel [V] has come up with an amazing line up of fictional shows post their revamp, one of them being Paanch-5 Wrongs make a Right produced by Sunshine Productions who have earlier given hits like Miley Jab Hum Tum, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Season 1 & 2) and the currently on going The Buddy Project (also on V).

Paanch is the story of Roshini Kataria and her fight against the Injustice done to her sister Neha Katari, a Victim of Ragging. Neha Kataria was ragged by a Gang of 5 Students to the extent that she felt death was better than life. Neha's death was tagged as Drug Overdose and the case was dismissed which forced her younger sister Roshini Kataria to take matters into her own hand and make those who were responsible for her sister's death pay. Roshini has only one aim and that is REVENGE.

Her Targets are Zara, Yudi, Nihaal, Roy and Gauri and so far she has managed to achieve quite a lot considering the fact that had it been under any other circumstances she wouldn't dare to stand up to the 5 who rule the Campus.

 Till now viewers saw how Roshini lied about going to US for higher studies to her Father and best friend Nikhil and has joined Mumbai's number 1 college "Regents College" where her Neha Di was ragged and forced to commit suicide. She has managed to foil the plans of the Fearsome 5 several times, has befriended Gauri's younger brother Gautam (Gauti), gain the respect of Yudi, Roy and Nihaal and also become the biggest thorn in Gauri's eyes. 

After exposing Mishra- The Gang's Inside Man, before the College Authorities and Students, this week we saw Roshini focusing on her next Target ZARA. A casual stop outside the college gate to tie her shoelace turns to be another turning point in Roshini's Revengenda as she is reminded of how her sister Neha, cried over the phone and explained how the 5 had painted an Obscene graffiti on the Walls of the College Gates with a message that said "Sex on Phone Call Me - Mob No." (In place of the Mobile number Neha's phone number was given)  following which Neha had received non-stop calls from all most all the perverts in the city. Roshini gets teary eyes on remembering her sister cry over the phone and how she said that she would fight against it, but couldn't because eventually the amount of torture she was put through resulted in her death.

Roshini decides to find out who the Artist of the gang was and make that person her next target. Roshini is not a born criminal, not a born master planner she is a normal girl who is on a mission to avenge her sister's death and those responsible for it. She has no clue asto how she should go about it and because currently her aim is to gain the trust of these 5 and join their gang, she grabs any opportunity that comes by her way. This aspect of the lead protagonist is what makes her look real, makes you connect with the character but at times this is the same aspect that makes you disconnect with her. Nahi Samjhe....Well read on!!!

Like I said Roshini is not a master planner so it is expected of her that she would goof up. For example the whole Mishra Chapter, Roshini knew what she had to do, she knew how to do but the details that go into making her mission successful without coming in the eyes of other is what she dos not know which is understandable because like I said she is not a master planner. Lets say that this Gauri was in place of Roshini, she would be thorough with what is to be done and what not. Something as crucial as the cameras in the corridor would never be ignored by Gauri infact that would be the first thing to be taken care of in her list. If Nikhil did not follow her that day and switch the cameras On and Off rightly Roshini's game would be up. While this is something that makes her seem real and in character, she visiting Roy's room in the middle of the day when she knew better was actually heights of stupidity. Roshini may not be a master planner but she isn't stupid either but at times the execution fails to maintain the balance which if continued can make viewers loose their connect with the show.

An interesting scene that took place this week was the short interaction between Roy and Roshini. Though the "5" are highly unpredictable that scene especially Roy's attitude towards Roshini looked genuine, and why not for Roy, Roshini had saved him from being behind bars for the Drugs incident, helped Gauti win in the Boxing match and also proved herself by jumping in the DARE game. Looks like next to follow the same footsteps as Roy will be Zara as Roshini has already ended up buying the former a Guitar after Gauri broke it and from the looks of it will also be the one saving Zara from the drug overdose. So who is next Yudi ya Nihaal???

Gaining Gauri's trust would be a very hard task because every corner that Gauri turns she ends up meeting Roshini and not just meeting the latter but she would have some connection to Gauri's failed plan. And now with Nikhil (Roshinn's BFF now posing as a Lab Assistant at Regents College) cracking the "Wellwisher" account and telling that the account belongs to Roshini K Siddharth (Roshini's Identity at College) things definitely has taken an unexpected turn.

Why did Nikhil give away the truth? Is the question that seems to be on the viewers mind because if Nikhil actually wanted to expose Roshini he could have easily achieved it the Day Mishra was exposed....all her should have done was keep the Video Footage of Roshini entering Mishra's Cabin and then mailing the Dean intact. Which means there is a bigger agenda at play here for Nikhil giving away Roshini's name. After his conversation with Shivani at the canteen and coming to know that Gauri is on a mission to find out who is behind the whole Conspiracy, Nikhil surely has planned something but what??? 

The coming week is surely going to be interesting with Gauri asking Roshini about her being the owner of the Wellwisher account, being present around her gang always and Nikhil playing a game of his own which could either hamper Roshini's mission or help her.

What are your views on the episodes this week??? Do share with us.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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