Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava - Episode Analysis

Show: Dil Se Di Dua....Saubhagyavati Bhava!!!

Episode: 3rd July 2012

After getting an above average response in The Top 5 Scenes last week for featuring the Raghav-Sia punching bag sequence i thought why not write about DSDDSB often.Even during the Viraj-Jhanvi period alone the show did wonderfully. Post Raghav's entry the show took a new turn, and now with the Raghav-Sia-Viraaj sequences the show has reached new heights....There are times when the story is rushed, and the screenplay fails to impress but they do resurface like the Phoenix and that's probably the reason why Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhava still manages to keep the audience hooked to their screens.

The only thing enthralling about tonight's episode was the sequence where Jhanvi (Not Sia) for the first time stood up against Viraaj. She asked him to stay out of her life, that it was her life and and she could very well take care of it.Coming from Jhanvi who is trying hard to become Sia (A mission yet to accomplish), it was definitely a shocking surprise for the viewers. But it was Viraaj Dobriyal who was more taken back than us viewers coz what happened was something he never expected from his Jhanvi's!!! Hence i guess Jhanvi is
finally succeding in becoming Sia. Well lets hope ki such incidents happen more. Viraaj needs to know that Jhanvi/Sia or any other woman for that matter needs to be treated with dignity and respect. That they are not somebody who should be subjugated to domestic violence ET AL

The show stealer of the episode without doubt was " Harshad Chopra".Full marks to his acting and the way he interprets his character- Raghavendra Singh aka Raghav. Since three days now , that is since the Maha-episode the show has been concentrating on Ragahv. On the feelings he nurtures for Sia and on how even before he could confess his feelings to the woman he loves, she rejected him.

I understand and respect Sia's decision and I agree there is no fault of Sia here... After all that she's been through its rightly expected from her part.... She respects all that Raghav did for her..... But that's no reason to fall in LOVE...One day she will surely all in love with this gem of a person, she will express her feelings out loud but till then what the makers chose to show can be termed technically and logically correct. But that's not the case for Raghav, he was attracted to Sia since day one, as time progressed he fell in love with this innocent and righteousness Woman......But he knows nothing about her past, about the basis of her decision: "Main aapse shaadi nahi kar sakti".....Surely it sure was a shocker for him!

Sia never expressed anything from her side, thus i don't think Raghav believes Sia to have feelings similar to his..... but i am sure that he wished Sia to be OK and more importantly happy with this proposal that was announced unexpectedly by Viraaj. But when she finally said that she could not marry him, the pain...the hurt that glistened in his eyes could be seen and felt across the screen. Hatts of to Harshad Chopra for such a wonderful and realistic performance. Th guy sure sets the screen on fire with his fabulous acting. Same was the scenario today, when he went up to his Mom and announced that he cannot marry Sia. He knew that his mother was beginning to change her views about him, that she was regaining her lost trust and love for her younger son once again.... but Raghav took to this Drastic step and has once again jeopardized his image in the eyes of his mother....All for the love of his life:Sia!

Its not easy for Sia to fall in love at this juncture of life.....But focus should be given more to her feeling,views, emotions etc when it comes to Raghav ....Like for example today when Raghav walked out of his mother's room after announcing his decision of not marrying Sia, how could she be so blind to the tears in his eyes? Ok lets just assume that Raghav did amazingly well and succeeded in hiding his feelings and tears from Sia- if this was the scenario why not show Sia think about how this decision of his would affect Mrs. Singh and the delicate bond that she shares with her son? And that inspite knowing all this, Raghav respected her decision and went ahead with it something she could never see in Viraaj, and maybe would never see in any other Man......Such self thoughts, references would actually add more flavor to the show.....And the hot new pairing of Ragahv and Sia

I think the writers need to concentrate on Sia a little bit more, because she is the actual lead protagonist here.....If Jhanvi has to transform in to Sia fully and properly then they should often show her winning the battles in her life. After what she has been subjected to it surely takes a lot of time, but i believe Sia is given the least screen space these days, and considering that this is her story, story about her struggle the story should definitely concentrate on her more.

Well that's all from me Guys!!! Hope you enjoyed reading the write-up. Do leave in your comments and do join in for discussions.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
Telly Tadka


  1. Very well written! HC indeed is a fantastic actor and give him any scene to enact and he brings the character to life. Hats off to him!!!

  2. harshad is indeed a very good actor...he makes me look forward to his characters....breathes life into each one of them

  3. wonderful analysis. Absolutely. Harshad is fabulous actor. One of the best telly actor I have ever seen. You are right this is story of jhanvi and yesterday forst time we saw little stronger Jhanvi other than there is no progress on her character. Loving HC and SJ chemistry as well. They look so adorable and cute together

  4. HC is truely the best actor on Television! He makes the character so believable that we have to keep reminding ourselves.. it is just a fictonal character and not real! God bless him always!

  5. Please do keep posting more on the show coz it is for a very serious matter and more n more should watch it. The actors r amazing and HC n Srit's pair have a sizzling chemistry!

  6. harshad is a fabulous actor...and the finest that the industry has right now.....just love how he breathes life into an ordinary scene...making it a memorable one.....just love his chemistry with sriti...looking forward to raghav-sia love story!

  7. Harshad is the best actor at present in tv......he doesnt need dialogues 2 convince the audience, his expressions r enough....luv him, he is d best.....waiting eagerly to see the next step of RAGHAV nd SIA luv story.

  8. Harshad Chopra is a fabulous actor, the best telly actor at present.
    I watch the show only for him.
    RAGHAV reefines heroism,and he is the ultimate best.

  9. Awesome review......This is one of the best analysis i have read on DSDDSB so far....

  10. Harshad does such scenes so well, he doesn't need to shout or go OTT to make the viewers understand what the character is going through. Please come up with more write ups on Raghav's relation with the kid Krish, his mom, sis and even Viraj for that matter!