Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top 5 Asher and Khirad Scenes

 Hello Friends,

It's been 2 week that Humsafar ended. Telly Tadka giving chance to all Humsafar fans to share your top 5 scenes of Asher and Khirad. We will share those scenes with our viewers in this week Telly Tadka Episode.

Telly Tadka Admins


  1. 1 Khirad crying by pool in ep 5

  2. 2 Khirad ready for party in black dress

  3. 3 The rain scene

    4 Khirad sleeping and Asher wakes her up in ep 8

    5 Asher angry and Khirad tells she loves her too much ( tie scene ) ep 9

    6 Asher misses Khirad and calls her from hotel ep 11