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Jodha Akbar: "We belong to each other, complete each other"; Jodha-Jalal Soulmate Connection!!!

This week has been amazing, full on Dhamaal and content filled week in Jodha Akba; with Jodha exposing Benazir and betting her life in the process to Jalal's prayers and admittance before Almighty Allah, Jalal’s confession to Jodha in her state of unconsciousness…and above all the start of a new chapter in the lives of Jodha and Jalal. This week has been Mashallah fabulous.

Having said that, even if the entire week had something or the other to offer the highlight of the week was certainly the conversation between Jalal and Jodha (Unconscious state). For the first time we saw the lover in Jalal...and he does not just simply love, he does it with FERVOR & PASSION.

When Jodha drank the Sevaiya which was poisoned, it took over her body and within seconds she fainted, but she still found the strength to tell Jalal that she has no regrets whatsoever because she completed her duty, fulfilled her responsibility (Read saving Jalal). For some reason this was the first thing I was reminded off when Hakim Sahiba tells everybody that they have tried everything to revive Jodha, but it's like Jodha Begum has lost all hopes, that Jodha is responding this poorly because she has no reason to fight to stay alive which is why she is slipping towards death with each passing second. 

And that is what the following scene which was the highlight of tonight's episode depicted. In the scene that followed immediately after Jalal asked everybody to leave Jodha's room ; and it's just Jalal and Jodha we see him hold her hand and not letting go of it as the fear that she may leave him if he lets go has gripped him real bad. He asks her to open her eyes and soon the scene shifts to what looks like the phase between life and death. We see Jodha’s reactions, actions even if in reality she was unconscious which tells us that when Jalal was opening himself to his Begum in the real world she could sense it. For the first time we see Jodha and Jalal's souls connect with each other.

Jodha is all set to leave the real world, she is walking away to another world when Jalal stops her, which means she feels, she hears and is quite aware off (In her state of unconsciousness) of Jalal presence ...totally symbolizing their soul connection.
Till this moment Jalal had just come to check on her, ask about her condition, improvements etc this was the first time he was actually there with her, physically, emotionally, in heart and soul talking to her in a manner it reached her and touched her heart and soul and it did...She felt his touch, she stopped at his call. 

The reason that Jodha feels there is no point living is because Jalal said that he would not even look at her, even if she were dying.  It shows how much Jodha has changed... there was a time when Jalal did not matter to her, his words wouldn’t matter to her but today Jalal matters, his words, his actions everything does and his words of never looking at her had literally torn her apart and still was which is why she wanted to leave. Even in her deathbed she is reminded of Jalal's words and she can't live in a world where Jalal would ignore her...We all know Jodha is a fighter... this is the same Jodha who did not give up till the last moment to expose Benazir even when she knew that this may cost her life...that Jodha was not putting on a fight and Jalal knew he had to instigate her which he did and he succeeded

Jalal and Jodha are truly each other better halves , if Jodha was adamant on leaving then Jalal was adamant on not letting her go. Jalal's confession, the way he poured out his feelings without any hesitation was amazingly done
The first thing Jala noticed about Jodha ever was that she was a Stubborn Rajvanshi Princess, if she decided on something she would do it and in order to get Jodha back Jalal voiced it out loud again as an argument, as an excuse to stop her and make her realize that if she was sher, he was sava sher. 
She was going to go, well he wasn't going to allow her and even after all the arguments if she wanted to; she could very well do it only this time he would join her. It was like Jalal felt for the first time, that realization had dawned upon him that they were destined to be together and if she was going to leave him behind, he made sure she knew that he would be joining her too and wouldn't think twice before doing so and Jodha knew very well that Jalal being Jalal would live up to his words and end if lies if the occasion arises for the same.

Jalal just opened himself to Jodha, he just bared her soul before her in all its glory...there was love, there was anger, there was stubbornness, exerting of power, passion, fear, pleading etc when he spoke and even in that state she heard his words, felt his love and came back only for him, only because of his love. She wanted a reason to stay...a strong reason and finally she had found that reason. He had given her the reason...HE was that reason, his love was the reason.

I am sure we'll have many more confessions in the coming days, but the impact this confession has left cannot be put in words...Yes we are yet have to see Jodha reciprocate, confess etc but the lone tear that fell from her eyes when Jalal confessed his love, when he told that he can't live without her was like acknowledging, accepting and reciprocating the same at some level. In the depths of her heat, his confession was accepted. Yes now that Jodha is awake and in sound mind, she may have no recollection of all that happened but it’s all there in her subconscious mind and soon the realization will Dawn upon Jodha that she and Jalal are soul mates and that it’s Jalal’s love which brought her back from the clutches of death. 

The episode went on to show there is nothing greater than the power of love and the prayers of a love-filled heart, before which death and even god will be forced to bow down. What made the episode equally beautiful is the larger than life portrayal of Rajat Tokas. Rajat is such a brilliant actor, be it his expressions, dialogue delivery, voice modulation etc he was Top Notch and was equally supported by the immensely talented Paridhi Sharma. More than Pardhi it was Rajat who had the make the viewers relate to the pain, agony, and fear of Jalal both when he saw Jodha slipping away from him and then when he was determined to bring her back, and Rajat gave the performance of a life time in both scenarios.

Jodha Akbar is definitely one of the best show on Television right now and with Jodhd and Jalal embarking on a new journey, things are to get bigger and better.

Stay Tuned!!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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  1. Vijitha, you write so well, I would do anything to have some writing classes ��

    Yes Rajat was just OUTSTANDING this week and I know that no other actor,will ever come close to how much he touched me during the confession scene. That was a once in a lifetime performance and I am so glad I managed to record that episode for posterity.

    The words were spoken so sincerely,the tears so natural,the crack in the voice heartbreaking and the emotions on his face........

    I hope Rajat wins every single award he can possibly win.

    The entire cast did a fine job but NONE as well as Rajat and Paridhi.