Friday, February 07, 2014

EXCLUSIVE!!! "Akanksha Singh is my favorite actor on TV" says Sriti Jha in TT's Tadkedaar Twenties!!!


TellyTadka is back with "TT's Tadkedaar Twenties" and featuring in the segment today is the immensely talented and beautiful Sriti Jha. 

She has been a part of some of the finest shows on Indian Television like Jyoti, Shaurya aur Suhaani, Rakht Sambandh, Dil Se Di Dua....Saubhagyavati Bhava and was lastly seen in Balika Vadhu. Sriti is all set to come back with Balaji Telefilms Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV, which is a very positive and intense love-story. 

We enjoyed interviewing Sriti who is not just an amazing actress but also a wonderful human being. In this segment Sriti talks about her favorites, her best friends, thoughts on life and much more. 

Telly Tadka: Your Nickname.
Sriti Jha: Titu

Telly Tadka: Describe yourself in 3 Words.
Sriti Jha: Controlled, Chaotic and Mad.

Telly Tadka: Favorite Food.
Sriti Jha:  Dal-Chawal with Ghee

Telly Tadka: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor.
Sriti Jha: Pan Flavor Ice Cream, from the Restaurant called Food First in Goregaon.

Telly Tadka: Favorite type of Music.
Sriti Jha: I like Old Hindi Film Songs.

Telly Tadka: A song you are humming these days.
Sriti Jha: “Sili hawa choo gayi” from Libaas.

Telly Tadka: Favorite Holiday Destination.
Sriti Jha: Pondicherry

Telly Tadka: The Color that defines you.
Sriti Jha: All of them. I would like to believe that I am rather colorful.

Telly Tadka: Your best feature.
Sriti Jha:  I guess Cheeks...I really don’t know. I don't believe any feature is inherently pretty it’s the expression.

Telly Tadka: Your Best Trait.
Sriti Jha: I flatter myself with belief of having a good sense of humor

Telly Tadka: Favorite type of Cloth/Attire. 
Sriti Jha: Sari

Telly Tadka: Favorite Brands (Clothing).
Sriti Jha: Nothing Specific.

Telly Tadka: Your best buy till date.
Sriti Jha: Hmmm. I guess my house.

Telly Tadka: Favorite Film.
Sriti Jha: Pyaasa, Chupke Chupke, Kohinoor....the list is endless

Telly Tadka: Favorite Actor/Actress.
Sriti Jha   Actor: Johny Depp
                   Actress: waheeda Rehman, Merryl Streep

Telly Tadka: TV Show(S) you followed/ are following.
Sriti Jha: The last show I followed religiously was Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kahan; I think it was a brilliant show. For now I am following Downton Abbey, Greys Anatomy, Scandal and Homeland.

Telly Tadka:  A television actor you would like to act opposite to?
Sriti Jha: Oh anyone actually...I can’t really pick a favorite, although Akanksha Singh (Na Bole Tum) is my favorite actor on TV.

Telly Tadka: Your Treasures (Most Cherished Person/Thing)
Sriti Jha:  Well the obvious.....Family and Friends

Telly Tadka: Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Sriti Jha:  Strength is the fact that I like to be and am positive in life; but that serves as a weakness too, because sometimes I go overboard and it become unrealistic.

Telly Tadka: Your Confidante. 
Sriti Jha: Maanvi Gagroo...My BFF

Telly Tadka: Your friends in the Industry or Otherwise
Sriti Jha: Once again it's Maanvi... she is my all.

Telly Tadka: Best ever received compliment.
Sriti Jha: Once the writer of my previous show Rakt Sambandh, Mr.Prashant Jadhav said that a writer could be adventurous and write just about anything if he/she had me as an actor that was very very touching.

Telly Tadka: Complete the sentence LIFE IS _ _ _
Sriti Jha:  Beautiful

Telly Tadka: A one liner U always use…
Sriti Jha: 'I am Sriti....nice to meet you', its funny I know but true LOL

Telly Tadka: A moment in life you want to relive again.
Sriti Jha: I think my college life.

Telly Tadka: Given a chance what would you change about yourself?
Sriti Jha: I could be a little less lazy.

Telly Tadka: 5 Years from now you are….
Sriti Jha:  Happy wherever I am and whatever I am doing....but I am sure I am happy.

Telly Tadka: Message for all your fans all over the Globe.
Sriti Jha: Thank you so much for all the love even when I am not working. Thank you for the blessings the support and above all the love!!!

That brings us to an end of this session, Thank you so much Sriti for doing this.... It was fun and truly an honor.
Sriti Jha: The pleasure is all mine. Thank you Vijitha, I enjoyed this very much

Interviewed By: Vijitha Rajan


  1. we love aakanksha singh also, thank u, nice interview

  2. Lovely interview and amazing answers. Its true what the Rakt Sambandh writer said, anything could be written with you in mind and you would do complete justice to it. You are a very gifted artiste, Sriti. Thanks for this interview, TT.

  3. We also love Aakanksha.Sukhdev Singh