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Will This Valentine Bring The Colors Of Love Into Bindia's Life?

Bhagyavidhata: Will this Valentine bring the Colors of Love into Bindia's Life?


Is your brother by any chance, an eligible bachelor who is presently staying or travelling in Bihar? Uh-uh. Haven't heard from him for a while? That would be a Double Whammy!!

In other words, this should be a serious cause for concern. Because, you just might get him back married with a bride in tow. Yes!! You read that right. Married and with a wife in tow. Yes, I understand that you are understandably upset that you were not even informed by him first.

Well, please understand his predicament too. You see he could not inform you first, because he himself did not know that he was going to be getting married in the next couple of days, let alone as to whom he was getting married to. You see, it was as big a shock.. err.. surprise to him as it was to you.

Confused? Believe me!! Your state is nothing compared to the state of the groom and his family.

What you have just read is a common occurrence, called "pakarua vivah",in other words, a forced marriage practice which has initially originated in the interiors of Bihar, but now becoming more widely prevalent in the society there. The story goes that, this was first started by a brother whose 7 sisters committed suicide together, as their family was unable to get them married due to them being too poor to meet the dowry demands made by the boys’ families. So, basically this practice was brought about to support the frustrated parents of the girls to counter their helplessness in meeting the hefty demands of dowry made by the groom's families.

May be someone should have thought of the saying "One bad doesn't deserve another" before resorting to such practice. But, in reality, there are very few options left for the girl’s parents if they are unable to meet the demands of the dowry set by the boy’s parents, as getting their daughter married is one of the main responsibilities of the parents in India. The practice, generally involves selecting a suitable boy for their girl, and then hiring some hooligans to kidnap him, wherein they note his movements and then he is kidnapped and locked up and beaten and then on the date of the wedding, taken and forcefully married to the girl. And this marriage is considered official and accepted as legal and sanctified. And then generally, the girl is left at the groom's house, with a warning to treat the girl right, or face repercussions.

While some families keep the girl and accept her, in fear of repercussions, others refuse to accept her or ill treat her, or sometimes, the forced marriage is used as a trading point, by the girl’s parents to settle the boy’s parents to agree to a more reasonable (more likely nominal) dowry by the boy’s parents. There are also cases of tragedy were the girl or the boy has met with his demise, some ending in suicides, sometimes of the boys, as they are unable to get out of their trauma. But, still the norm continues and there have been reports of many successful marriages from such a union.

And set against this background is the serial Bhagyavidhata on Colors Channel. The story revolves around Bindia, who is an educated and cultured girl, whose family is not able to get her a suitable alliance for her due to her average looks and for them being unable to pay sufficient amount of dowry. After a lot of failed efforts, finally her Brother and Uncle, in desperation resorts to “pakarua vivaah”. They kidnap Vinay (an eligible bachelor from a rich family) and force him to get married to Bindia at gun point. This becomes a turning point, not only in the lives of Bindia and Vinay but also their families. The repercussions and ripple effects of this, as you can imagine are considerable. (Interestingly, Prakash Jais, the person who plays “Raja Bhayya”, the brother of the female protagonist in the serial, and who is one of the main persons involved in Vinay’s kidnappings, is himself from Bihar and is aware of these practices and has been purported to say that, the success ratios for such unions is pretty high)

So, this tells the saga of Bindia, who, being, in a way, herself coerced into this marriage, faces the hatred and horror of the groom and his family. Who was left at their door step and is expected to live happily with a man who was threatened and traumatized into marriage with her. Who has to live with his family who are horror stricken and shocked by the event. This story tells the trials and tribulations Bindia goes through and also that of Vinay, who finds it near impossible to overcome his horror, trauma and turmoil that he had gone through due to his kidnapping and the subsequent events.

Until now, the viewers and Bindia alike, were under the impression that, after all the hatred that Bindia has endured from Vinay, she was finally beginning to make some place in his heart, only to discover this past week, that he was just pretending to like Bindia for the sake of the happiness of his family, who have whole heartedly accepted her after being won over by her complete selflessness and good qualities.

Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel for Bindia? Can it be possible that, Vinay has actually started liking Bindia subconsciously, but he either unable to see it himself or/is still not ready to accept it yet?

Will this Valentine day be the day that will bring the season of Love into Bindia's life?

Reporter: Raji K


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  1. Hope Vinay falls for her now and gets ignored!

  2. Good one and some serious one Raji