Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shukk Episode 11: Darkness Prevailing in Sehrish's Mind, Etisham and Sania Strive Hard

A huge shock has already begun moulding its path into the life of Sehrish but slowly it had gripped onto the comfortable friendship that was an initial rocky path for Sania. With Sehrish's accusation that Sania was speaking on behalf of Etisham, Sania couldn't bear to hear any further about the calculated favours that Sehrish had bestowed upon her friend and now she had to know about her ex-fiance through someone else instead of either Sania or Etisham himself.

Whilst Sehrish's claims of the latter duo having an affair is getting more and more stronger with each passing day,Sania is extremely paranoid of having to protect her reputation which is being at stake despite all her efforts to protect it otherwise. Etisham could not see her crying and hence he offered her his sympathy by offering a glass of water to calm herself down.The two ladies, Sania and Sehrish decided to do something about the problem they were struggling with.

Surely the idea of calling Sehrish's mother wasn't planting well in her mind for now she feels that she is being neglected by all and everyone is on the side of Etisham, despite her having explained every single detail to her. Sehrish couldn't comprehend the idiosyncrasy behind her superficial thoughts and hence kept falling into the traps of the catalystic Maham,despite the promise she made to Etisham who in turn decided to be truthful to his doting wife who recently underwent a huge trauma in her life and creating a misery only for herself.

On the other hand, Sania was mending her strained relationship with Ali who had never been so happier upon having a true carefree bond when he had spent quality time with his son while playing ball.The smile that the simple-hearted husband of Sania had on his face was childlike, that one can't resist smiling at.Sania couldn't express the level of happiness she could collate in a few moments together with the first salary she attained.

Sania's and Etisham's efforts to appease their respective spouses went futile, as far as Etisham was concerned. Sehrish and Maham followed Etisham and saw him and Sania together and Maham couldn't waste another opportunity to poison her dear victimized friend's mind with sheer evil - Jealousy. Darkness began to prevail in Sehrish's life and she headed straight to Sania's home right after Maham led Sham to get out of her home and not to talk to Sehrish.

Will things take turn for the worse between the four married lives - Etisham and Sehrish and Sania and Ali?Surely Sania's resignation is out of the question but what could be the ultimate cure to Sehrish's Shukk??Stay tuned for more updates!!


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