Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iqbaal Rizzvi with Telly Tadka on Independence Day

Director Iqbaal Rizzvi talks about Independence Day and independence!!

As viewers, lots of us keep shouting we want to see more chemistry, why can’t the camera angles be better, why is a particular track being given more importance, why is the director not paying attention to the actor’s expressions? It’s easy to blame but have we ever thought what problems could have been faced? Are the makers really given independence in show casing what they have with them? We thought, it’s time we bring to light for the viewers how independent a director really is. As we are celebrating the 64th anniversary of Indian independence on August 15, 2011, we interviewed Iqbaal Rizzvi, the director of ‘Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?’. Read on and find out what he had to say. 

Tee Tee – Do you celebrate Independence Day?
Iqbaal Rizzvi – Yes I celebrate.

Tee Tee – How have you celebrated it for the past 2-3 years? (What do you do on that day?)
Iqbaal Rizzvi – We hoist the flag, sing the national anthem, kids perform on patriotic songs.

Tee Tee – Have you made any contribution towards making India independent in any way?
Iqbaal Rizzvi – Yes in my own way. I have made film on HIV patients to eradicate aids.

Tee Tee – Talking about independence, how much independence do you get in your work?
Iqbaal Rizzvi We don’t get much independence as things are discussed quite a lot in detail before we execute.

Tee Tee – What does independence mean to a director's job?
Iqbaal Rizzvi Independence means a lot to a director as it allows him to bring his thought process, interpretation to a scene.

Tee Tee – What factors affect a director's independence?
Iqbaal Rizzvi The factors that affect the most are the creative people’s pre-decided approach; channel’s thought process in a certain direction.

Tee Tee – How do you fight against the problems which hinder your independence? 
Iqbaal Rizzvi We try to fight by giving our view points with reasons for a certain approach and also explain how strongly we feel about it. We try to convince the concerned people about our convictions and try to reach a middle path.

We hope that Iqbaal’s responses have answered few of the questions the viewers often ask.
On behalf of Telly Tadka, wishing all Indians a Very Happy Independence Day!!

Written and Complied by Gouri Athanikar
Telly Tadka

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