Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beintehaa: Only the Journey is written, not the destination!!!!

The last two episodes of Beintehaa have been truly amazing. The storyline, screenplay, performances, direction everything has been top-notch and naturally paving way for the actual story to start; which according to the makers and the actors (From Previous IV's and Launch) will happen only with Zaina and Aaliya's Nikah taking place. 

Aaliya's Misunderstanding and Zain adding fuel to the same is what made this get this worse but in a weirdly twisted way this also helpd Aaliya and her family to get to see the true face of Zeeshan and his family. So we guess it's true when they say "Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai" (Whatever happens, happens for good). Yes it's true that Aaliya and her family had to go through such turmoil but in the long run it will definitely be worth it, than being in a relationship with people with such low mentality and class.

One of the highlights of the recent episodes was how Usman Saab aka Aaliya's Maamu decided to stand up for her in a way no one would have actually thought. Aaliya and to an extent her family did stand up against the Groom and Family but post that incident when the usual scenrio is of everybody sympathizing with the Bride because of the age old notion that "Nobody would willingly marry a Girl who was left at the marriage altar" Usmaan saab decided to act upon it because it was his son Zain's name that was tagged with Aaliya. He talks to Aaliya, finds out the truth, decides to do the right thing and gives out his verdict. It was a different experience to see this happen on TV because such scenes are truly rare. Were Beintehaa the usual masala TV Soap then we would have seen Aaliya being grilled, spoken ill off and blamed for something that was not even her mistake in the first place just because she is a GIRL? Here however we see somebody ready to fight to Aaliya and make sure that she and her family gets justice.

While it's true that Zain could have corrected Aaliya and not stretched the whole act of being Zeeshan to such an extent one cannot overlook his intentions which is that all he ever meant was to have some fun and pull Aaliya leg because as kids they always at loggerheads; Zain never meant Aaliya any harm. But at some level Zain's actions led to Aaliya's marriage being called off, Ghulam Saab suffering a heart attack and the peace and happiness of the family being jeopardized and Usmaan saab wasn't ready to let Aaliya suffer.

And as expected Zain and Aaliya get married when Aaliya actually promised Zain that she would talk to everyone to stop the wedding. One could see Guilt written all over Aaliya’s face while Zain’s world, his dreams and hopes had come crashing with the new storm that had taken over his life and sadly there wasn’t anything that he could do about it. Zain had no control over his own life and he blames Aaliya for leaving him with no choice. It would be interesting to see how Zain handles this whole new chapter in his life because on one side he promised to himself that he would gift Aaliya a life filled with misery, that she would regret the moment she agreed to this marriage for every second of her life for the rest of her life and on the other he has promised his aunt that he would take care of Aaliya no matter what. This should be interesting….Right?

Post the Nikah in the ritual where Aaliya and Zain see each other for the first time as a couple in the mirror. Soon after a crack falls in the mirror and Aaliya feels that its bad omen. While many a times the breaking of mirror is considered to be Bad Omen, here we feel that it’s more about the journey or rather the beginning of the Journey that the Zain and Aaliya are to start which is going to be rough and filled with crack. After all the saying goes " Only the Journey is written, not the destination" what the future holds is not something that can be predicted beforehand because it’s never written.

Zain is not going to let Aaliya get away with what she did because according to him, she cheated him but if it’s their destiny to be together then who can change that??

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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