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Pyar Ka Dard Hai : Aditya leaves the Diwan Empire for Rubel, is it another Hum Sath Sath Hai in the Making?

Isko kehte hai Drama......Hatts off to Rajshri Productions for churning such interesting tracks one after the other and that too without compromising on the quality it's truly commendable. When it’s a daily soap the quality of the show tend to deteriorate but episode after episode Pyaar Ka Dard Hai only gets better.

The current track of PKDH revolves around the younger generation of Diwan Family being entrusted with the Diwan Empire and them taking the legacy forward. Aditya Kumar aka Adi and Rubel Diwan has been appointed as the MD and CEO of the company by Anuj Diwan; a decision that has been hard hitting for Sheela Diwan. Sheela who always felt that she and Anuj were inferiorly treated when compared to Avantika and Preeti (Daughter’s of the house) is made to believe that history will be repeated with Rubel as Adi holds complete power when it comes to the Diwan Empire.

Yes it’s true that Sheela Maami always had this fear about Rubel not getting what’s rightfully his. That Adi will snatch away everything from Rubel and her son will be left with nothing. As a mother looking out for your kid is a part and parcel of the package but such unreasonable fears can never substitute as motherly love and affection. And when your own people (Read Sheela’s Brother-Sister-In-Law) are out to make things worse for you, then who would need outsiders?

The arrival of Sheela’s brother and sister-in-law has made things worse. They keep poisoning Sheela’s mind against Avantika, Adi and Pankhuri and also create situations that lead to Sheela thinking her fears are justified. The current track of the show is on the lines of Hum Sath Sath Hai which was in turn inspired from “The Ramayan” but with a slightly modern twist. Yes that is exactly what Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara has adapted in the current track but then what's wrong with the makers using a hit formula from their own movie. Right?

If in Hum Sath Sath Hai it was a Mother (Mamta essayed by Reema Lagoo) who asked her step-son (Vivek essayed by Mohnish Behl) to step aside from the position of Managing Director and give it to her son (Prem essayed by Salman Khan) which Vivek gladly obeys for the sake of his mother and brother who he loves dearly. Here Sheela Mami asks her nephew Aditya Kumar to step aside and give the position of the Managing Director to her son Rubel Diwan which Adi does for the sake of his Mami and his cousin. However the twist here is that TV Soaps can't do without drama, had they adopted the same technique in the movie the track wouldn't have been appreciated with the fervor it's being done now. So Adi after promising his Mami that he would make sure Rubel becomes the MD goes on to behave in a rather rash, reckless and arrogant manner, he tries to become somebody he is not which leads to a face-off between him and his mother Avantika the outcome of which is Adi succeeds in his mission, and Avantika declares Rubel as the new MD.

Rubel is one character whose graph has been really interesting and progressive. From being one of the most snobbish, selfish, rude characters in the show to one who has finally understood the value of family, love, brotherhood etc and thus molded himself into a better human. Had it been the old Rubel, we would have seen him throw a party after all those recent happenings in the show because everything worked in his favor. But the Rubel we see these days’ values relationships and knows that everything is not about him. After the face-off between his brother and bua, he feels that something is wrong, that there is a missing part to the puzzle. In fact he is certain that something is there but he can't see and vows to find out what it is at any cost.

After going through hell, with every second of every day killing him after all that he has been doing, is doing we are sure that Adi will not let all this drama go waste. And as expected Rubel had a hard time in getting the truth out from Adi, and he did not stop till he got out the truth, till he knew what that missing piece of the puzzle is and at last Adi was forced to tell what happened. We were certain that once Rubel came to know that all thus was his Mom’s doing he will refuse point blank to take up the position of the M.D. The role his mamaji and mamiji played in filling his mother’s head with all sorts of garbage, god save them from his wrath.

The Ram Ji’s Shloka that played in the BG when Adi left Diwan Mansion to go work on the site was symbolic of how Lord Rama left Ayodhya for his younger brother Bharat. 

The first part of the drama is over and round one goes to Sheela Mami and Co. who got what they wanted by using Adi and his weakness for his loved ones. Looks like round goes to Rubel who took up the position of M.D because his brother asked him to but is refusing to sit on the Chair which if you guys remember is the same what Prem (Read Salman Khan’s role in Hum Sath Sath Hai) did. He refuses to sit on the chair that rightfully belonged to his elder brother which is exactly what Rubel is doing here. Lets see what this new twist will lead to. Stay tuned!!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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