Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Scenes of Karan and Shilpa aka Armaan and Riddhima

Telly Tadka giving chance to Karan and Shilpa fans to post your favorite scene of Karan and Shilpa aka Armaan & Riddhima.


  1. My most favorite scene in DMG would be that scene when Ridz says I LUV U to Armaan for the 1st time after he has got injured. The scene was so romantic, so much passions were there. KASH have acted so well that we can feel that pain & love in their eyes so perfectly.
    This is the link.....
    Thanks TT :)

  2. I love all AR Kash scenes :)
    n datz d best part

  3. All scenes of KaSh as Armaan Riddhima and Armaan Shilpa were too good.....
    The KaSh Confession.....KaSh Lonavla scenes....First BB date....Scenes from Sapna's marriage ...and it ll go on nd on

  4. I love allllllll KaSh scenes AR/ArSh both
    sorry can't choose :P

  5. When it comes to KASH i love all there scences there killing expression just kill us , if you want to pick me one its difficult i will choose 2 terrace scene n confession scene they r out of the world in there all scene. love them

  6. BB 1st meeting
    mummy bachao aunty dra rhi hai
    Aur Pass Aur Pass :P
    n Salsa
    n Billiii :P
    and of course HOT HOT Night shona in short black dress
    n many more actually i even can't choose i love alll the KaSh scenes

  7. love kash that is reason we r kashian , choose one its difficul but i love then kitchen romance, trrace scence, confession scene , actually all there scence

  8. kash is so famous as AR that is reason even after 2 jodis of same character cant make wht KASH has made , KASH is still in peoples hart becuse of there love scence n expression, there were so many sces of KASh was repeated with 2 other jodis but they cant make because KASH is sooooooooooooo good becuse of there expression. one scene is difficult but if it is i will choose confession scence mind blasing scene , i love there all scence

  9. love kash like anything if one scene is tuff for me but still i will choose two its confession n ist kiss scence

  10. all kash scenes are my fav scenes

    thanx for this

  11. All scene was my favs .. KaSh Confession.....KaSh Lonavla scenes....First BB date....Sapna's marriage scene ....Aur Pass Aur Pass... HOT Night Where shilpa wear a short black dress..All Armaan & Shilpa scene <3 I LOVE ALL THE SCENE <3
    Specially l love the most is Riddhima said I LOVE U TO Armaan that was the best of best <3

  12. KaSh best scenes would be AR confession scene

    BB date scene...

  13. there r soooooooooooooooooo many favourite scenes of karan and shilpa as armaan and riddhima.
    the confession scene where riddhima says i love u, is the best scene.
    all their romantic scenes, the basket ball date scene, the aur pass scene, their heer ranjha scene, the hot night scene were shilpa wears small black dress that is the most hottest scene of karan and shilpa.
    also the zara zara touch me touch me song where shilpa dances for karan is the awesome scene of KASH