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A TellyTadka Review- Is Rang Rasiya the Next Big Thing on TV ?

Ever since the promos went on air it has been touted as the next big thing on TV and finally on 30th December 2013 Colors most awaited and anticipated show Rang Rasiya hit the Screens and our first reaction was “WOW”. What rolled out before our eyes left us spellbound. The beauty of Rang Rasiya does not lay in just one or any factor; it’s the balanced blend of each and every aspect associated with the show that makes Rang Rasiya one of a kind. Rang Rasiya is the love story of Rudra and Parvati (Paro) with patriotism as it’s’ backdrop. Five episodes down the back-story has been established, the characters are introduced and a small peek into their characteristics are also shown.  

The best thing about RR has two distinct stories which will go on to become one story in the future. The RR team has made it evident that both the characters, the emotions and feelings they are going through, their stories and the imprints left by the tragedies (Paro losing her parents and Rudra's mother abandoning him) in their lives will be explored with equal importance. Every other character, every element of the story contributes to the stories of Paro and Rudra. Only having characters that are complete opposite of each other does not account for making a hit Love-Hate Saga. One story over-shadowing the other does not help either, what pulls the crowd and holds their interest throughout; especially when it comes to a love-story is when both the protagonists have their own stories and when that story crosses path with each other without overshadowing the other and then goes on to become one.

Here Rudra has a story, Paro has a story and the two have crossed paths but without overshadowing the other. Even the elements that make these stories be it the props, the BG Scores, the FB's etc are also distinct and unique to Rudra and Paro; and define them. Take the entry sequence of both the leads for instance when Paro is shown the whole ambiance, the lighting's, the settings and shots have a more colorful and vibrant feel whereas when Rudra is shown we see the use of more subtle shades, dim lighting's and nothing but the vast dessert and Rudra riding his bike all alone. Another example would be the BG Score used for either of them for Paro (Most of the time) it is the soft, melodious Kamaycha (Sarangi) version of RangRasiya is used while when Rudra is shown the "Rang Rang Rang Rasiya" version is used. Even the dessert which plays an important role in Rang Rasiya has been captured differently when it comes to Paro and Rudra reflecting their personalities. The makers have not only managed to show the difference between Rudra and Paro; but in a span of 5 episodes they have also managed to interweave their lives together. Look at the irony Paro hates the BSD because they were responsible for her parent's death and Rudra despises beautiful women because his father has embedded some very strong feelings in him when his mother abandoned him. 

Director Siddharth Sengupta is class apart when it comes to shooting outdoors, he has done it earlier with Balika Vadhu and Gulal and once again he goes on to create magic with Rang Rasiya. Every frame of Rang Rasiya speaks volumes of the director's vision and his vision is captured to the “T” by D.O.P's Sanjay Memane and Anil Katke. Those marvelous shots of the somber desert which hides beneath it 1000's of untold stories are captivating and feels like it has a life of its own. The shots of the ethnic architectural buildings, the temples, exotic lakes etc are nothing in short of a Visual Enigma; in fact it’s hard to name a series on Indian TV with such amazing outdoor shots and camera work in general in the recent past. When RangRasiya's 2.30 mins long trailer was released it looked nothing short of a Bollywood Trailer. Saurabh Tewari thinks Big like Cinema Big but with RR he has managed to deliver. One can say beyond a shadow of doubt that the team that has come together has managed to achieve the cinematic "look" of the show.

Ashish's introductory scene which happens to be a fragment from Paro's dream was very impressive. Though his face wasn't revealed his impeccable body language did most of the Job. Whether it was jumping off from the camel, or shifting his shawl and then walking with the rifle it all screamed MAJESTIC! To make that kind of an impact without revealing the face is more than commendable. Ashish Sharma plays BSD Officer Rudra Pratap Ranawat. Playing an angry young man in the show Ashish is required to keep this intense, brooding look in most of the scenes but that does not stop Ashish from limiting the scope of his performance. For instance the scene where Rudra is informed that he is being transferred to Birpur a small village next to his; the way his expression changes, the way emotions flit across his face can be comprehended with utmost ease inspite of that being a dimly lit shot. Looks like there can be more to the interpretation of the angry young man than just having the constant brooding expression. There is only one phrase to describe Sanaya's Introduction-"Poetry in Motion". She looks extremely breathtaking as Paro and as of now is the only major character in the show that brings innocence to the table. She is sensitive, timid, soft spoken etc and Sanaya does an effortless job in slipping into the character of the extremely delicate and demure like Paro. Not once does she remind the viewers of the characters she has essayed earlier. There couldn't have been a better actor from the current lot to essay the character of Paro.

The costumes by Ritu Deora and team is absolutely stunning and well differentiated, Sanaya’s Lehenga Choli, Thakurain’s Saree’s, Rudra’s Casural Wears etc define the characters. The art direction by Sumit Mishra is splendid. The Music by Lalit Sen and Shaleen Sharma is soulful, the title song by Saurabh Kalsi is one of the best we have had in recent times and the BG Score by Ashish Rego is a character in itself.  The action director Amar Shetty is doing great. The sequence where Rudra hunts down the 5 terrorists who killed their Jawan’s and the one where Rudra saves Paro from the goon, specifically the one where he pulls the driver from his seat and thrashes him onto the ground.... Stupendous!!! Doing action effortlessly and with great √©lan is not everybody’s cup of tea; well Ashish outshines himself in the actions sequences. 

Dialogues by Raghuvir Shekawat are good but the rural dialect is yet to be mastered by the actors. Be it Sanaya Irani (Paro), Tarun Khanna (Takur Tejawat), Sadiya Siddiqui (Thakurain) etc everybody is straining a bit to deliver the dialogues in the authentic way and hence this is one an area that needs to be worked upon. The prolonged slow motions seqs are another thing can be done without except when completely inevitable to the script.

So far the Nautanki Films have done an Impressive Job; they have truly pushed boundaries of Daily Fiction with their newest offering. The production value of this NF Venture has raised the benchmark for TV shows. The show is a must watch for Director- Siddharth Sengupta's direction, the cinematography by Sanjay Memane-Anil Katke and the actors Ashish Sharma's and Sanaya Irani's performances. Rang Rasiya is sure to become a Blockbuster as long as they stick to the story, and not take away from it by adding unnecessary twists which would hamper the show than enhance its quality. The bar the RR Team has set is really high and if they can even come close to the visual and narrative storytelling perfection as in they managed to do in the week that passed by then half the battle is won.

TellyTadka wishes the cast and crew of Rang Rasiya all the best!!!

Author: Vijitha Rajan


  1. of course it'll be the next big thing on tv
    Sanaya & Ashish rocksss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rang Rasiya rocksssss!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well al i cn say dat after ruining two
    show NF is heading for third..NF is nt at
    all trusable..didnt MB has grand
    opening?didnt DDEJ had gr8 concept?
    they had bt wat NF did to dose show is
    before hell wid signing SI
    they played nice trick to gather
    audiance or i say her big fan later they will do wat they
    r best in..ruin d al d best fans

  4. rangrasiya will be the next big thing of tellywood.SANAYA AND ASHISH ROCKSSSSSSS

  5. yup it's true,that signing Sanaya Irani is a big profit for Nautanki films. And concept is good, so it will definitely gonna rock.

  6. love this show
    amazing starting
    after GEET this is gonna be my fav show.

  7. Off course! It has to be the next big thing on TV. After IPKKND, finally a show that blew me away! So excited! I love everything about it, like the chemistry, the camera shots, the music, everything! *sigh*

  8. First if all thank you for giving a balanced review.
    Yes comparatively the had a good start.
    Wish them to continue the same.

  9. after ipkknd this is the only show that interest me....loving it

  10. Awesome review. I am mesmerized by RangRasiya. It is a very intriguing tale. The camerawork, direction, screenplay, and performances of actors have been fabulous. I wish all the best to RR team. Ashish and Sanaya are rocking in their respective roles.

  11. This is the first time that I have read an article in the Indian media that actually speaks to the topic in an objective way. And takes into account that which is associated with the topic. Rather than phangurling over the male lead.
    The writer has spoken about the locale, the photography, the direction, the actors. The writer has also pointed out the flaws in the diction of the actors concerned. This is hardly irrelevant. I would like to point out here, that Sanaya Irani, who is the female lead, spoke no Hindi up to three years ago. It is commendable that she is able to portray a character like Paro, whereby all (notwithstanding her naysayers) who have watched are enthralled by it!
    The expectation that is Rangrasiya, a story of hate, that love conquers, is certainly very high. In that respect, I agree with the writer, and hope that the makers remain true to the original plot and not change with the demands of the tvt audiences.
    The first week of this very fine production has set the stage for anticipation. Anticipation of the highest order, for a TV show, steeped in realistic fiction, but that which is entertainment.
    I am excited and eager to watch Rangrasiya. The chemistry between Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma is thrilling. Sanaya is magnificent as Paro and I cannot wait to behold how love will transform the rugged and raw Rudra into Paro's dream man!

  12. Thank you for the great review! All the nest to team RR!

  13. Love RR from the 1st episode itself. The promo was fantastic & watching the 1st episode made me believe that this show is gonna rock. Every detail has been taken care of to make it Perfect.

  14. What an amazing & a very well articulated article that truly praises Sanaya's efforts & flawless acting & also compliments the whole cast & crew for their effortless acting. The author had done a very good job in decribing all the positives of the show unlike some other sites that have thrashed this show as the same old love-hate story & have criticized this show as the same old wine in a new bottle kind of story. This author deserves accolades for her writing & appreciating such a wonderful, awesome, amazing & a fantabulous show. Rang Rasiya will definitely be touted as the next big thing on TV as this show is no less than a Bollywood movie that has been shot extensively across Rajasthan. The small sneak peak video/trailer that they showed was no less than a Bollywood trailer & I loved it a lot. Also, Saurabh Tewari & Abhinav Shukla have done it on such a grand & a large scale that this show cannot go wrong in any case or sense as it indeed has been promoted big time. Sanaya Irani will be remembered as Paro for her role for a long time in people's minds & she will become the best actress of Indian TV of all times although, she is the best actress of Indian TV still, but she will go on to win several awards & accolades for her performance & acting of a simple village belle this year in all the award shows. Rang Rasiya rocks big time coz of the 1 & only 1 Sanaya Irani who is a gem of a person & an actor in true sense!!! RR will soon climb the TRPs charts & become the #1 shoe across all GECs. Sanaya Irani has a hit in Rang Rasiya all thanks to her coz she chose the right show after Chhanchhan.

    1. I understand that you are a huge SI Fan and that you will be supporting her no matter what.....but Rang Rasiya rocks big time because of 1 and only 1 Sanaya Irani??? What does the show have only her??? Is she playing the role of Paro, Rudra, Ranawat, Bindiya, Thakur, Thakurain etc???? Loving and appreciating you fav is fine but that does not mean you should undermine the others....RR is RR because of Paro and Rudra's story as said by the writer....Not just one and so the credit goes to SI and AS equally!!! Sorry if my words seemed like Bhashan but due credit to the actors is something they deserved.....I am a huge Ashish Fan but that does not mean I will turn a blind eye to what SI has been doing which is breaking herself free from the bubbly, fighter character's she has done till now to get into this coy, timid Paro. Sab ne mehnat ki hai...Sabki waah waahi kariye. :-)

  15. What a wonderful review...TC should see and Learn!!! The writer has covered the good and need to work upon areas has given due credit to the major cast and crew when needed and also covered every aspect that has been touched so far in a span of 1 Week....all power to TT!!!

    Rang Rasiya will go a far far way!!!

  16. As of now its too early to say its next big thing or not ...But for sure RR has been impressive so far...It has kept up to the expectations which audience had after watching the promos

    To make RR next big thing ...whole team of RR have to continue maintaining the standards they have set in the very first week

    PH has managed well with presentation part be it cinemotography & music

    Also actors are suiting their respective characters & make u feel no other actor cud have been a better choice

    All the best to RR team :) :) :)

  17. This is a very nice detailed review of each and every point. The entire RR team has done a great job. Hope they able to maintain this quality till the end. This is the only show which impressed me at the beginning itself. So proud of Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma, they are doing a wonderful job as Paro and Rudra. My heartiest wishes to entire team RR....
    Hopefully this will be the next big thing on TV....
    Thank you very much for this beautiful review.

  18. wonderful article

    yes already it is a big ..hope it continues for long..\\

    wishing all the best to entire team of rangrasiya especially my doll sanaya and ashish

  19. Very honest and impartial review
    love you TT
    TC should learn from this :p

  20. Beautifully written Article Viji .. Loved the way u hv described both Rudra and Paro's characterisation and how two parallel stories run and then comes to a meeting point .. fully agree on the technical team doing a fab job .. about the dialogue delivery of actors , yes thats one factor CVs need to take care of , rest was all perfect ,,

  21. this has been beautifully penned down and I will say tis ... true appreciation comes from heart and this review of RR I can for sure say is from the heart !!

  22. that was brilliantly written...loved the way of describing each and every situation of paro and rudra...and appreciating themm..yeh its true that they need more concentration on language...but i think its so tough for them...still they are trying thier best...but one thing is to say they dare to speak..where as in other rajhastani speak so tough language...i would say best of luck rang rasiya and all time...i pray to ALLAH that sanaya wins lots of awards for this drama

  23. Beautifully written article. Loving the show!