Sunday, October 16, 2011

Telly Tadka - Akshay Dogra Interview

Akshay Dogra in talk with Telly Tadka

Reporter - Karishma Panjwani & Nikhat Khan
Telly Tadka


  1. Hi this is Eva Thank you TT for Akshay's interview.

    Love his character as Akash in IPKKND. It is hard to believe that he loves to play prank behind the scene as it is totally opposite to his clam and quite character of Akash.

    He does fantastic job as Akash.. his chemistry with his cousin Anjali and budding romance with Payal is great to watch..

    In the recent episode... Absolutely loved it when he told his mom that she was wrong in behaving with Payal like that. Would love to see him being little bit more strong and not tolerate any emotional drama from his mom. Also would love to see him sharing his feelings with his Didi. Daljit is awesome in the sister role. I think she is the best sister anyone could ever have...

    Keep rocking Akshay... All the best.

  2. Thanks so much for this TT!

    Lolll, he's hilarious! One amazing cast!!