Friday, December 16, 2011

Scene of the Week - Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

Telly Tadka giving chance to Kuch Toh Log Kahenge Fans to describe their favorite scene of this Week!

Telly Tadka


  1. I think my favorite scene of the week was actually from today's episode: when Dr. Ashutosh describes, as best he can, what Nidhi's absence from his life has done to him. The analogies he uses to convey his emotions coupled with Mohnish Behl's interpretation of the scene really give it a heft that was especially noticeable today.

  2. the best scene was Ashutosh's anguish in the scene with armaan after he sees Rohan take away Nidhi in mondays episode

  3. This serial has a very good storyline (Because its an adaptation of a Pakistani play) and its very nice to watch the lead pair. However its ridiculous how these serials drag on and on and on.. My suspicion was confirmed in this article by Chandan who think it will run for 3 years. PLEASE GUYS GIVE US A BREAK!! Its insane for a serial to be stretched and stretched that the audience lose interest and no long want to watch it. Its like slow death.

    I understand theres competition and everybody is after TRP's, but come up with a nice story and finish it up quickly. You can then move on to other better stories. Theres no dearth of good writers in the country.

    For me personally and im sure this is the case with millions of others, I will stop watching it after 6 months on air. Even with 6 months, thats about 240 episodes. Thats enough to sustain the audience interest and tell a meaningful story.

    I REALLY REALLY HOPE THE PRODUCERS WILL NOT FOLLOW EKTA KAPOORS LEAD and extend this serial like Kyunki.. which lasted many many years. Fingers crossed for good content on TV