Friday, October 14, 2011

High Voltage Drama in Balika Vadhu


Well this serial never fails to surprise its viewers and the high points in the show every week definitely keeps the loyal viewers of this TRP gainer serial hooked.

The serial’s high point began Anandi’s friend Phuli says that she doesn’t want Gauri to treat her in the medical camp. Gauri was highly offended and definitely not so happy to see Anandi again. The twist got more twisted when a baffled Gauri reached her in law’s house to confront Anandi and tell her not to interfere in her and Jagat’s life by giving money. She was shocked when her father in law Bhairon Singh told her that Jagya has begged Anandi for money since he has declined to offer any privilege to his son.

The high melodrama and loud music definitely kept viewer’s mouth wide open when Gauri collapsed on hearing the truth about the money. The in laws called a doctor to treat her but themselves were speechless on hearing that Gauri was pregnant. Nevertheless they as per advice of the doctor asked her to stay in the haveli and call Jagat to take her back.

The news of her pregnancy however is delivered to Jagat by none other than Anandi. He becomes ecstatic on hearing the news and dreams of a patch up with his family through his would be born child.

Further in the episode Jagat comes to the haveli and Gauri tells Jagya that she is not ready for the child and wants to abort it as she is not mentally or financially ready to bear the child. Jagat somehow convinces her to keep the child as this would bridge the gap between them and the family. However, his family is in no mood to relent and stand firm with Anandi.
The villagers through Anandi’s class tell Jagat that he was a fool in marrying Gauri making Gauri even more remorse and angry.

 Jagat is already dealing with his family’s hatred and now is having to handle Gauri’s fear of her child not being called a legal child.

The current scenario makes it quite clear that the days to come are going to be tough for Jagya and Anandi who has to see Gauri bearing Jagya’s child. So audiences should definitely stay tuned for more drama in the coming days.

Ayushi Sinha
Telly Tadka


  1. i hate this serial

  2. yeh serial aab bandh ho jana chaiye....its high time

  3. we r not interested to watch this show