Monday, January 25, 2010

Possible Rishta for the Partners?

Possible rishta for the partners?? is very fresh story that is being appreciated a lot by the viewers. Both the leads, Isha and Rohan, meet many different individuals who look for different qualities for their life partners. Rohan and Isha, two very contrasting personalities, put all their efforts to make people meet that 'special one'. Unfortunately, both of them are themselves single! Most of the time we see in serials that the lead actors fall in love but here the case is different. Isha and Rohan who have known each other since their college days share a wonderful working relationship with each other and also add some great sense of humor in it. The possibilty that Rohan and Isha may fall in love cannot be negated, it could be very possible that some other great match come their way. Whatever may be the case we would love to see some rishta for the partners.

What do you think? Will Isha and Rohan fall in love with each other or they are destined to be with someone else?

Reporter: Surabhi S


Telly Tadka


  1. Awww......
    Nice article tt

    In my opinion rohan and isha r meant to be togetha
    After all opposites attract

  2. nahh..Isha and Rohan will b best for each other...afterall..opposites attract each other

  3. what matters is the manner in which they get together, they need to also show a couple handling work and personal life issues as well as setting boundries.

  4. isha and rohan will be perfect for each other. Can't imagine them being paired wid diff partners

  5. is a gr8 n an amazing show me n my family relli love watching it regularly!i think in a twisted way wich shall be fun not wid fights or anything both of dem Rohan n Isha shud fall in love!

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