Sunday, September 06, 2009

Website & Episode Feedback

Hey TellyTadka Viewers,

How are you all doing? We would love to hear from you all on the website makeover and our episodes. As we say "fans ka show fans ke liye" so do give us your suggestions....what segments you like the most..what coverage you want to see.

We know Shilpa Anand's message was special for fans, and we hope that we have exceeded your expectations. Do Stay with more great things have been planned for our audience.



  1. I LOVE THE WEBSITE design!! Looks soooo professional and just amazing!! And the music!! Amazing work whoever designed it! x

  2. You were way beyond our expectations in the shilpa message!! Her wanting to work with Karan again and Karan said he felt the same before. Thanks guys! xx
    Now hope you can do so much more for us as usual.. xx

  3. Hi Maryum,

    Its Avani here from TellyTadka. Thank You so much for liking the website & Shilpa's message.

    Keep posting on TellyTadka Dear :)

  4. wht can i say abt TellyTadka....thank you Shilpa message was a special treat for us best gift for KaShians...thank you thank you...i love TellyTadka.

  5. Hey great job Avani and Munni! Your site rocks and u ladies rock! Keep up the good work