Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vivan Bhatena Not in NDTV Imagine 'Janam Daata'

Vivan Bhatena confirmed with TellyTadka that he is no longer going to be part of Janam Data which is currently a new concept waiting to air on NDTV Imagine. Vivan talked with TellTadka and said "I am not doing the show, unforuntately it didn't work out". Khabar has it that Maayka will be coming to an end pretty soon. But to all Vivan fans, don't be so sad Vivan has some great projects lined up, with a film releasing in the coming months along with performing at the Edinburgh International Festival and a play which is ranked #1 among thirty-five thousand plays, which will be taking palce in August. Watch out for Maayka on Zee Tv at 8pm.
So watch out for Vivan's upcoming projects with TellyTadka!

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