Monday, July 27, 2009

What would u like to know about Rajeev Paul & Eijaz Khan?

Hey Fans, Friends and Jaanta,

How are you all doing today? Well get ready for a special Hiten Tejwani episode :-) and much more fun to come your way! Well great news..for all fans of Rajeev Paul & Eijaz Khan --- Yes!!! We have arranged for an interview with them and well here is your chance to ask your questions :-)

We know lots of things about them..but what the things we want to know ...that are fun and different??? Get your thinking caps on and post your hearts out with the questions!!!

Deadline for the questions is this Friday eastern time/Saturday morning indian time

You can post your questions with a reply/comment to this post
or e-mail us --->


  1. Wowww thats great news, i will definitely post my questions for them.

  2. awww definitely my favourites ko main apne sawaal poochungi thanx


  3. Hi its awesome I have Right now tease questions for Ejju

    1.. How Do You Relate with Bhaskar Bharti?

    2.What Is Your Dream Role which you are still waiting for do?

    3..Are You Completely Same As Bhaskar ?

    with Love Monika seth

    Hi Avani This Is for Right now rest I will post later. love

  4. Hasna - Hi Eijoo am a big fan of ur's, what is it like bein Bhaskar, do people stop u in street and refer to u as Bhaskar. Really lovin the show and great to have u back onscreen, missed u loads. Can i also say dont do anymore to ur muscles, there perfect now [:)]

  5. really gud questions :-) do keep blogging with some more fun questions!

  6. Blessedcuteone real name noori lolz. omg hi eijaz remember me noori from the uk lovin u as bhaskar esp ur expressions and ur onscreen presences with ur fellow co-stars keep it up ur doin a amazin job xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Its me again noori, here are my rapid fire ques

    what do u love about bhaskar bharti

    whos ur fav character and why?

    If u were changed into a woman whats the one thing u would do?

  8. Heyy bk again haha

    1. accordin to you which role you have done is amazing?

    2. Your best moment in bhaskar/bharti

    3. describe yourself in 5 words

    4. according to you today's hottest tv actress is????

    5. fav bolly actress you would love to star in a film with

    6. your fav dessert?


  9. hiiiiiiiiiiiii Eijaz jus want to say love u so much, ur rockin[:)],i jus love ur cute expressions in Bhaskar Bharti, i have a few questions for u.

    1- Who has been ur fav character till date.

    2- what has been ur best ever scene u have done

    3 - If u were to get offered a Hollywood film, which actress would u want alongside u

    4- If like Bhaskar u were to change into a woman for the day, what would be the 1 accessory that u would need to have with u.

    5 - What is ur fav car

    6 - Who is ur fav designer

    7 - Jeans or skirt hahaha

    8 - Tshirt or blouse hahaha

    9 - Bhaskar or Bharti

    10 - Fav soccer team

  10. Good question guys, keep rocking :)

  11. Gud Questions every1 Keep posting as Saturday morning india time is the deadline to post :)

  12. wow gr8 news Thanks 4 posting

  13. wow gr8 news Thanks 4 posting :)

  14. hii my jaan i love u..well u marry me..?

  15. ooops i mean..will you marry me..?

  16. hey my qusetion is from rajeev paul th8 whyen u will be showed in the television industruy?

  17. My q to Eijaz...

    What one thing that u dnt like abt urself...?

    When Bhnvraa will relz..?

  18. Can you please show an interview of Ragini Khanna and Aamir Ali together? Please , Since Bhaskar Bharti is ended, we have many questions about the ending!