Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Death in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Another death in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

As if Ila's death was not enough, the audience will get to see another death in Love Ne Mila Di jodi. First it was the turn of the girls to bid goodbye to their mother and now it is the turn of the boys. The boys have already lost their father and now Suman Saxena will also breathe her last. Currently, a prayer organised by mausi jee is being held at the Gujeral Mansion and in this prayer some one attempts to kill Suman. Soon Suman will die. However, it will be Damini who would blame herself for the death of Suman. Damini ties a handkerchief on Suman's valve which she feels could be the reason for Suman's death thus blames herself. Also, Prithvi and Sameer have a huge fight between themselves.

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Reporter: Surabhi S


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  1. what kind of idiotic track is this????.. i can't believe the three criminals would continue to rule..brothers would fight amongst themselves...damini would become a door mat... awesome...GOodbye LNMDJ.. i am certainly not the audience for this nonsense..

    Thanks TT for giving us the heads-up

  2. what is this track?...I hate like this track.

  3. Great all that was needed.....killing off the another parent....what do the makers have against parents? First they killed Balraj...then Ila....and now Suman...when I thought things could not get more bizzare....they do..... breaking up the novel.....breaking up the family....this serial is going down the tubes fast and now nothing can stop this train wreck. They have taken what was a beautiful concept and turned it into a disgusting BT serial. They have turned a magnificent character like Damini Gujral into a doormat. Thanks for the scoop TT....I had a feeling this was coming. God save us all from this gharelu track. I don't have the stomach or the time for this nonsense. To the makers wish you all the luck with your new "mass" audience that gives you the TRPs you want. You can show them all the disturbing stuff you held back because your previous audience might be watching. I am not sticking around to watch the demise of my beloved characters. My deepest fears have come true - the LNMDJ we loved died with Ila. Thanks for the first six months of an awesome series. So long.

  4. Oh my my. Poor Damini. Why so soon? I don't know where it is going. Is there a logic here? However, may it turn out good for the show. But I highly doubt that.

  5. Gr8!This new twist means the LNMDJ CV's have officialy lost it.I mean Pri-Sam get into a fight,which means one of them is supporting damz and the other is not and damz feeling guilty is even worse.
    Thankyou CV's u have finally cured me from my LNMDJ addiction Bye-bye.U have lost one fan and i am sure u r going to lose many more,Good luck with ur TRP's then.

  6. i am just hoping against hope that some thing better happens but track is gong from worst to worst.....tolerated ptc even if they are as filthy as dung but brothers fighting among themselves????i just despise i wish sameer took away avni to their own apartment.i hating GM for the first time....and damini is the first woman on telly to hav such a realisitic strong character..they ruining it transfer this serial to best bt channels like colors or starplus .....starone has some good youth shows like dmg and mjht.don't spoil it's reputaion like this..
    thanks tt...for the sad news...

  7. What?? Are they out of their minds? Why are u the CVs destroying the show beyond repair in the name of Increased Trps.!! Now if the show goes in that direction we'll also see how ur " Trps" increase!!

  8. gr8.. just gr8. i think the people who need to die is those 3. Pri & Sam fight.. again? gawd! Get rid of those 3 already! The 6 of them ( Pri,Sam,Varun,Dami,Avni,Rosh ) are enough to run the show!

  9. Fight between bros
    Dont do dat that jus the only thing dat was gud in the bt serial drama
    No fights between siblings

    I wonder wat cud be dat filthy reason


  10. thanx tt fr dis update........can u provide us with the trps of this show............

  11. thanks a ton for telling us TT.

    i am gonna stop watching this show from today...Goodbye LNMDJ!..i know theres no point in voicing our opinion...u guys are never gonna listen...u dnt care fr viewers satisfaction..if u wanted to kill suman u cud have done that earlier and saved illa's character...

    hats off to u fr ruining your own show!!!

    this show was once really cool ,,unique and interesting to since the introduction of this gharelu has become just the opposite...disgusting just like the other family shows...

  12. this show is going from bad to worse....n da CVs say that their is a rise in the TRPs....bull shit...i dun believe it..the fight b/w the bros and suman's death is making me madd..huh!

  13. ohh god, wts happenin to dis serial???
    fight between bros....n suman's death....

    plzzz dont spoil d serial....

  14. plzzzzzz...i dont d bros to fight or suman to die.....

    wts happenin to dis serial??? its losin its love track....

  15. fight between brothers cant even imagine.....plzzzz dont do dis....

  16. Wonderful! Just when we thought the show couldn't get any worse, we've been proved wrong... Brilliant work! I quit!!!

    Thanks for the first six months of a spectacular show... Good luck for your new 'improved' track and hope it gets the audiences and ratings you want.

    Thanks for the info, TT!! It's really appreciated...

  17. Awesome definitely you guys have brought us out of the addiction!...superb!....the first half of the show till december was good thts it..will remember those moments!...

    now there is no way you can come back to normal even if you tried!...

    thanks TT for the info!

  18. plzz change dis new track(Pri - Sam fight).....
    its gng like family drama.....

    if u guys dont want to lose ur fans.....plzz change dis track....

  19. as Samira sed, someone vl b supportin tink it vil b prithvi supportin her n sam disagreeing to dat....since sam is very much close to his mom.....

    newyz....plzz change d fight between pri-sam .....

    do any changes in ur story.....but plzz change d fight scene.....its tooooo sad!!!!

  20. y the hell, damz is blaming herself........ohh god....

    i really hope varun vl find out d truth of their mom's death n settle up the disputes between pri-sam....

    atleast varun's char vl b highlighted more.....(if he finds out d truth)

    hope at least dis happens!!!

  21. Bye Bye
    Stupid show
    I regret wathcing this till now

  22. 3 supposedly smart brothers and Damini who ran the the big Gujral empire cant figure out 3 stret villains
    Cv's must be thinking we are so dumb we will watch anything
    Bye Bye LNMDJ after today

  23. this new track is disgusting and ridiculous. can't imagine that the plot is touching such lows. Wonder what's wrong with the CVs. Sure, introduce some family drama for the sake of TRPs maybe, but don't take it to such pathetic levels!!! And ask that Mausi to stop over-acting.

  24. This has become an Idiotic show
    Villians are making all kind of prem chopra kind of faces today and only 3 idiotic brothers cant figure out

  25. Wow just what was needed now really?? highly disappointed with where this show is heading!!! come on CVs wake up, we thought u were different??Thanks TT for updating us on this show!

  26. It's a horrible track,very much disgusting.CV's,plz change this track asap.Can't bear 2 see everyone fighting and damini feeling guilty 4 da mistake she has not committed.

  27. i really dont want d Gujral sisters n Saxena bros to fight n separate......
    its really sad!!!

    n i feel d killer is inder......(nt sure)

    plzzz i dunno want d couples to get separated bcoz of dis!!! ohh god, plzzz.....cant imagine!!

  28. arggh !! tats it !! im QUITTING LNMDJ nw !!!! wat utter nnsense r they shwng us ??!! do they thnk who r watchn dis shw 4m da beginng r idiots ???!! enuf is enuf ! last thng i wantd was prida fighting n bros fighting wth each othr !!

    dats it i bid adieu 2 love ne.. this instant ! :X :X :X.. n thnx CVs 4 ruining my one n nly fav serial !!

    - n sry... 4gt admist all da ranting...thnx TT 4 sharing this news wth us... :)

  29. Killers rule LMNDJ
    God seems to be sleeping
    Goodness does not get rewards

  30. really hope everything gets settled up b4 14th feb....i dont want d jodis 2 fight or get separated on Valentines

    Pri-Sam fighting cant imagine....(precap) god!!!!

  31. makers of dis show hv lost it. sorry cant watch any more. n btw jus dont believ their claim abt trps. but in a way good...frees this slot for me to watch something worthwhile...

  32. I guess ive heard that my best show in this universe Love ne is going off air by two the moment im deeply hurt and shocked..and jsut want to say this..

    I am not taking this at all!..this was the best show for me and i cant beleive it... We need answers! the hell can the creatives jsut end this how like that?..i mean its been the BEST since it started and trps were laso increasing!...then y did they do this?..i cant believe im crying..i love my LNMDJ...that was the only happiness in my life in a hectic and boring day:( trully hurt by this...What is this?..It cant end?!..

    Please CVS end this track or od something else!..but dont end it!..If this doesnt happen i promise never to watch Star One ever again..This cant be true!..

  33. What a great resource!