Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bigg Boss 7 Sath : Confessions and Fireworks in the Bigg Boss house!!!

We all know that the confession room in the Bigg Boss house is the one place where the housemates have the liberty to speak their heart out wherein the good, bad and ugly is revealed. But ever wondered what could happen when these confessions come out of the closed rooms and are discussed in the open? Well, its time to rest your curiosity because something similar has already happened in the Bigg Boss house when the housemates are asked to indulge in a tête-à-tête and confess whatever they have spoken about their fellow-contestants behind their backs.

In the evening, Gauahar, Ajaz, Sangram, Andy and Tanishaa gather in the living area and spill the beans about each other. Andy is the first one to go and he tells Gauahar that he has never liked Kushal and has always doubted their future. He also tells Tanishaa that he did not appreciate her picking a fight with him and blowing things out of proportion. Ajaz tells Tanishaa that he did not appreciate Tanishaa’s cold behavior and always complained about it to Sangram.

Making most of this opportunity, Ajaz tries to mend his friendship with Gauahar and tells her that he considers her to be a dear friend. Sangram being at his diplomatic best tells Gauahar that he did talk about her being a player and influencing people but has never had hard feelings for her. Gauahar and Tanishaa’s confessions, however, leads to a fight between them where they accuse each other of holding back a lot of things that they have spoken about each other.

With a lot of dark secrets being revealed in this session, what new twists will it bring in the finale week of Bigg Boss?  

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