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Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story - Concept & Character Sketch

SAB Channel is all set to introduce a new show called Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story. Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love story is a simple yet relatable light hearted comedy starring Rajesh Kumar as Chintu and Divyanka Tripathi as Chinki. The story takes us to a small town Bhopal in which these two families reside. The plot revolves around the innocent love between Chintu and Chinki and the familes approval of their love.
Everyone in this world wait for true love! Some have true love waiting for them in their life, and some aren’t lucky; however, it seems that Chinki and Chintu both come with luck. As their roads will cross, the will meet, love will happen. Although, will the Dadaji whom hates love approve his grandson’s love story? No matter who tries to stop those in love, it always finds a way to get them together. Watch the beautiful lighthearted love story of Chinki and Chintu on Sab Channel.
Character Sketch
Dwivedi Family
Chintu Dwivedi (Rajesh Kumar)- Chintu is a simple, innocent the guy next door types whom is loved by all. The family has high expectations from Chintu as he has leadership qualities and can become someone great. He is very popular not only in his town but also in college.
Dadaji (S.M.Zahir)- Dadaji is the patriarch of the joint family. His word is final in all of the household matters. He is a loving, caring, and a broad minded person; however, he doesn’t believe in love and hates the concept of love. He will be left very shocked when he comes to know that his grandson is in love.
Kanwal Dwivedi (Chintu's Father)(Deepak Dutta)- He is known as a perfectionist; has a terrible sense of humor is never taken seriously when he gives out advice.
Bholi Devi Dwivedi (Chintu’s Mother) (Gurvinder Kaur)-Innocent, loving, and caring character. She is shown to be very attached to her son Chintu.
Manju (Gulfisha Mirza) (Chintu’s Sister)-Manju thinks that one day she will be the best classical singer in the world, but actually doesn’t really know how to sing at all.
Navjeevan Chacha(Iqbal Azad)-He is Chintu's Uncle a bachelor; he will be the guiding light that will make Chintu realize his love for Chinki.
Hriday Chacha(Devendra Chaudary)-Hriday runs an automobile agency and is a Homeopathic doctor by choice. He keeps prescribing medicines to his family and relatives.
Gargi (kapde) Chachi(Leena Balodi)-She is Hriday’s wife and is known as kapde chachi because everyone always seems to be asking her for clothes as she is the one who is in charge of the clothes and linen in the house.
Kishan(Abhishek Cawasthi)- He is Chintu's best friend. Kishan is shown be very street smart, and at times because of this type of attitude he always lands up getting himself and his friend Chintu into trouble.
Jagat Mama(Rakesh Bedi)-He is the reason as to how Chinki and Chintu meet. Chinki’s mother and Chintu’s mother consider him to be a brother and tie Rakhis on him every year. Both families do not know each other, but he will be bringing both families together as he is the link that will bind them.
Tripathi Family
Chinki Tripathi (Divanka Tripathi-Chinki is known to be a very beautiful, charming, and loving girl. She is very close with each member of the family and studies in University.
Dadi(Dolly Minhas)- Daadi is the most romantic one in the family. She loves to love and believes in love. She is very optimistic and will be the one to convince Chinki about her true feelings for Chintu.
Kamlakar Tripathi(Nishikant Dixit) (Chinki’s Father)- He is the modern type in the family whom believes giving freedom to his daughter will give her the space to grow as an individual, especially through education.
Dulaari Tripathi (Ashlesha Singh) (Chinki’s Mother)- The pessimistic type.
Murli Kaka (Banwarilal Jhol)- Murli Kaka accompanied Daadi in Tripathi family since the time she got married. He is the man with a golden heart and loves the family as his own.

Reporter - Nikhat Khan
Author - Shivani Patel

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