Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sony's line up..whats your view?

Recently Sony TV in an attempt to revamp its image launched five new shows. All these new shows are being produced by Yashraj Films (YRF) and are aired weekly. The new lineup includes:

Lift Kara De: another big reality show faeturing big celebs like Sharukh kan, Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, and many more and hosted by none other then Karan Johar.
Rishta.com: This brand new show staring Shruti Seth and Kavi Shastri called Rishta.com is fresh and fun. More western designed sets with flavor of shaadi...what else can a person ask for. The show touches various issues about marriages....like age, reasons, family life of person.
Powder: another power packed show with actors like Manish Chaudhary and Pankaj Tiwari revolves around the underworld and drug abuse. A very dedicated team of the Narcotics Department is out to build a case against the don of drugs.
Mahi Way: a new fresh, cute, and funny way of showing how we only look at the outer beauty of a person and totally ignore their inner beauty. The story of a sweet, chirpy, golgappa-fan girl, Mahi, who is searching for her rich, dashing, Mr.Perfect but is afraid that she may never get him due to her healthy figure.
Seven: Actors like Rakesh Bapat (neel of Saat Phere), Shama Sikandar (pooja of Yeh Meri Life Hain), and Kashmira Irani (Amber of Amber Dahra) make a comeback. A story of a battle between seven youngsters, descendents of the seven sages born with extraordinary powers, and the master of the evil.

Sony's latest shows have aired. What is your reaction to "seven, Rishta.com, powder, mahi vey" among other shows? Send us you feedback and the strong and weak points which you found for any of these new shows.

Reporter: Surabhi S.



  1. all d shows 4 bakwaas!


  2. i like mahi way and rishta.com just watched only these 2 :)

  3. I love rishta.com.....mahi way also watchable....bt seven seems like a copy of heroes.

  4. rishta.com is cool but wanna see Isha and Rohan falling in love wid each other....nothing like it:)

  5. Yeah i love mahi way n top of that i love SEVEN i thinki it is good.i just love mashtishk from that i think sven is a wonderfull show....