Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Questions for Gaurav & Yami of Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

For all fans of Yeh pyaar na hoga nam, you all have a lucky chance to post your questions for Gaurav & Yami. Be a critic and share your thoughts on the show as well.

Deadline for questions is Wednesday night 7pm eastern time.



  1. Hey! This is Zainab (pronounced Zay-nab) from the USA.
    (This is for Gaurav) Well, since you have said that you're from Kanpur, do you speak hindi or urdu? I have heard that people in Lucknow speak Urdu, and you said there is not that much of a distance between Lucknow and Kanpur. I am originally from Pakistan so I wouldn't know what languages they speak in the different areas of India. What other languages can you speak fluently?

    Well, I just wanted to say I love you're new role in Ye Pyar Na Hoga Kam. It's so different from Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, and still you portray both characters beautifully. And I absolutely love how you say "hum" and "humara" when you're referring to yourself in YPNHK!

    Oh and as for Yami. I love her too! I'm sorry for not praising your acting. I'm a girl so I can't help being in love with Gaurav. hahaha. But I wcthed Chaand Ke Paar Chalo and you were amazing in that too! I was so sad it went off air so quick. But I wish you all the best! You're gorgeous (as dadi said, "theeke nain naksha" or something like that. haha)

    Well thanks for answering my questions (that is if they get chosen)! Keep rocking!

  2. Hiii Gaurav..u already know me now..thnx to Telly Tadka 4 dat...i love ur acting in YPNHK..Abeer has completely won our heart..
    I want u 2 say this dialogue like Abeer

    "Hum Abeer Vajpayee Hain"

    Hii Yami..

    I like ur acting too..this is the first time m watching ur serial...like the way u smile..always keep smiling..

    All The Very Best 4 ur Serial...

    With Lots Of Luv


  3. Hello Yami & Gaurav! This is Yamini from Canada, well i started watching your show "Ye pyar na hoga kam" from the day it began which happens to be 28th december. Its a very good show, and hope its charm remains till the very end!!

    Questions for Yami :

    Hi Yami, im loving you as Leher, firstly you are very beautiful, and i love ur smile a lot, you act very naturally. Where do you come from..and how did you get into acting? Im from Dehradun, India..and i've heard youre from Chandigarh :-) well i havent watched you in any other shows before, im watching you for the very first time on TV, you are doing great, and im sure you'll go a veryyy long way on TV, wishing you all the very best!

    Gaurav, im a regular viewer of Love Ne mila di Jodi, and i must say, ur too fine an actor..from ur serious role in LNMDJ to a bubbly talkative one in Ye Pyar...its a very sweet change for us fans...love the way you say "hum"...its adorable!! Wishing you too the very best...

    Abeer-Leher ROCK!

  4. Hi Gaurav.

    This is Subha frm Hyderabad.I watch both ur shows,LNMDJ and YPNHK.I just luv ur acting in both da shows.U r a gr8 actor.There r very few actors on da small screen,if we watch them,it doesn't seem like they r acting,everything looks very natural,very real,whether it's their facial expressions,their eyes,their dialogue delivery.They r all natural actors,aisa lagega hi nahi ki these ppl r acting.I proudly say,Gaurav that u r one of da natural actors of da small screen.

    U play da roles of Prithvi and Abeer brilliantly.No one can play these roles with such grace and brilliance other than u.

    U r really one of da most goodlooking,finest and brilliant actors of small screen.

    Here r my questions 4 u.
    1.Which is da most memorable experience of ur life?

    2.How is Gaurav Khanna in real life?

    3.What do u do on da sets when u r not shooting?

    4.Who is ur fav.director?

    Yami,i had watched u in chand ke paar chalo.U were superb in that show.Ur role in this show is just awesome and i just luv da character of Lehar in da show.

    Here r my questions 2 u.

    1.Tell me somethings abt urself.

    2.If not an actor,what would u hv been?

    3.Who is ur fav.actress?

  5. 2 more questions for u gaurav.

    How shd ur life partner be,like Damini or Lehar?

    What's ur advice 2 all da upcoming actors?

  6. Hi Gaurav. hope ur fyn. am fehmida from UK..i watch both of ur shows..loving dem..love ur acting.u and yami make great jodi..can u plz plz sing ur fav song only 4 me.. i always ask u 2 sing but u neva sing 4 me.plz plz sing 4 me.
    all the best 4 future..keep smiling:-)

  7. hi gaurav! i'm a reali big fan of u. ur doin an awesum job in LNMDJ & YPNHK. ur actin is superb!

    Yami - ur reali beautiful n ur doin a great job.

    few questions 2 gaurav & Yami:

    what is ur all time fav bollywood movie?

    Who is ur fav actor & actress?

    gaurav- which is ur fav drama u hav done so far?

    all d best in everything, keep rockin!

  8. hi! yami & gaurav! how r u? hows was ur new year, hope u hav a wonderful 2010 :-)
    juz wanted 2 ask gaurav:
    r u still in touch wid hussein- tina?
    how is workin in YPNHK different 2 workin in LNMDJ?
    ur doin a great job handlin 2 shows.
    good luck in everythin

  9. Hello im from pakistan my name is shehreen .hey gaurav and yamini.Firstly Gaurav ur doing an amazing job in LNMDJ AND YPNHK. both the characters are different its good too c u playing in 2 different roles.
    Yami ur really pretty :)

    questions for gaurav:
    1. Any one embarrising moment
    2.Are you on facebook? if yes then whats your profile picture like?
    3.Whose your favourite hollywood actor/actress?
    Question for yami:
    1. How did you get into acting?
    2. Have you done any shows b4 this one?

    Keep smiling and keep up the good work .Best of luck in the future :)

  10. hi! juz wanted 2 say i'm a HUGE fan of Gaurav, juz wanted 2 say u ROCK! u doin a fabulous job in YPNHK & LNMDJ. luv ur actin :-)

    Yami - ur reali beautiful n doin a great job in YPNHK

    1 question 4 both:

    Wud u ever take part in a reality show, if yes. which 1?

    Happy New Year

  11. Hi

    I've always been a big fan of you Gaurav. I've had the pleasure of watching you since you played Sharman; and as a fan, I'm truly delighted to see the versatility you're portraying by playing Prithvi and Abeer at the same time. Coming to Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam, watching it and loving it from Day 1. Glad to see you back in a fully-fledged masti wala role once more. I really like the naughtiness you portray on-screen as "Abeer Bajpayee". Love the character and his zest for a fun-filled life.

    I have two questions for you:

    1. What do you think would happen if we swap Prithvi and Abeer for a day? Prithvi in Bajpayee Household and Abeer in Gujral Mansion?

    2. If, God forbid, Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam takes a leap, and you find yourself playing dad to Husein in the show, what / how would you feel?

    Yami, this is the first show that I’ve seen you in, and I’m truly loving you in it. You’re doing complete justice to the character of “Leher Mathur” so far. And I personally think, you’re a gorgeous lady. I love Leher’s modern outlook coupled with her belief in her roots.

    I’d like to ask you the following things:

    1. How much fun do you have on the sets of Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam? Does anyone play pranks? If yes, then who and how?

    2. I read somewhere that you were pursuing Law. Are you done with it? If yes, then what made you join the entertainment industry, even after securing such a reputable degree?

    Wish you both and the show all the very best... Please keep up the good work…

    Waiting for the interview…


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  13. Hi Gaurav ..

    First of all, wish you a very Happy New Year :D Wish you all the love, happiness & success .. always! From Sharman to Prithvi & now Abeer .. you have won peoples' hearts, far & wide! You're a BRILLIANT actor, and seeing you play Abeer is a pleasure! No one could have played Abeer (and Prithvi..and Sharman..and Neil..and Shubh) like you!!! You bring a freshness to your portrayal of the characters, like very few actors can achieve! All the best :)

    My questions for Gaurav ..

    1) From Sharman in Kumkum to Abeer in Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam, how has the transition been like?

    2) Your most cherished memory since joining the television industry?

    For Yami:

    Hi Yami,

    Happy New Year to you! Wish you lots of success with Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam. You're doing a fabulous job as Leher ..

    My questions ..

    1) How has your journey been like in the television industry?

    2) How much do you relate to your character, Leher? How similar or different are you from her?

    Thank you so much for your time for fans. Wish you both loads of success for the show and all your future endeavours.

    Lots of love,
    Ekta aka Eks :)

  14. Oooops !! I am late !!! Hope my questions will also be asked ...

    Hi Gaurav !!!

    I am Moumi/Moumita .. You know my name by now, thanx to TT !! Happy 2010 !! Wish you a very successful and a brilliant new year ... May all your dreams be fulfilled in this year and wish you all the very best in all your shows ..

    I am your ardent fan as you know .. You are my fav actor ever .. You are the most talented and exceptional actor of TV industry .. Your different roles from Sharman to Prithvi and now Abeer have defined your great and flawless acting .. You can potray such different characters like serious Prithvi as well as naughty & cute Abeer simultaneously ..

    I am totally loving your naughty and cute Abeer .. Brilliant job ...

    My only one ques to you :

    Which character is more of a challenge to you : naughty, child like Abeer or serious, mature Prithvi ?

    Lastly, I LOVE YOU !!! Moumi ...

    Hi Yami,
    You are a great and beautiful actress .. I really like Abeer-Leher couple .. Keep up your great job in YPNHK.. Moumi ..

  15. Hey Gaurav,

    Brilliant acting in YPNHK, specially with your dazzling smile !! Loving your potrayal of Abeer's carefree attitude, naughtiness, smile and different tactics to capture Leher's attention .. Superb !!! Love you !!!

    Loads of wishes & love, Moumi ..

  16. Hii Gaurav

    Happy New Year..I designed a website 4 u....

    plssss do take out time 4m ur hectic schedule and visit

  17. Hi gaurav love u in LNMDJ and now in YPNHK.
    My questions for gaurav-
    1]Ur characters prithvi & abeer are different from eachother like and chalk&cheese so which character do u find more difficult to potray the strong & silent prithvi or the outgoing & flirtatious abeer?
    2]What is the secret behind your fantastic on-screen chemistry with ur female co-stars?

    My qestions for yami-
    1]Was a career in acting something u planned for or was it just something that happened?
    2]who are ur favourite telly actors?and ur favourite telly serial?
    3]How has the experience of working with gaurav so far been like?

  18. hey GAURAV and GAUTAM............frankly speaking at first i was very angry at Gaurav for tking up this new show coz i thought we ll now hv less of Prithvi-Damini scenes which r my lifeline.........plus i wasnt sure whether i can like any1 else with GK except for chandana.........BUT HATS OFF TO YAMI........her chemistry with GAURAV HAS BOWLED ME OVER FROM THE VERY FIRST SCENE...........she is UNBELIEVINGLY BEAUTIFUL .....AND LOOKS AWESOME WITH GAURAV.....now i m thankful to gaurav that he took up this new show......ALSO HATS OFF TO GAURAV FOR MAINTAINING 2 SHOWS SIMULTANEOUSLY SOOOOOOO WELL.......plzzzzzzzzzzzz mk sure WE DONT HV LESS OF PRITHVI DAMINI

    ques to both

    HOW WAS UR FIRST IMPRESSION FOR EACH OTHER.......that is when u first met on the sets ......what did u first think of each other

  19. Dear Yami and Gaurav-

    Gaurav- YPNHK has made me your fan! lol I saw LNMDJ but wasn't a big prithvi fan - But seeing you in YPNHK as Abeer.. Just amazing - So cute!! I am just bowled over!! So glad u took up this show...

    Yami- You stunned me from the first scene- You are SOOOO pretty and a natural actress... Keep rocking. Love u as Leher!!

    Both of you LOOK AMAZING together!! You shine.. the chemistry was so evident from the first scene.. and the Pyaar ki daastan sequence beautiful You both compliment eachother so beautifully onscreen and also offscreen judging from 2 of your int I have seen.. and I am sure counting this one also.

    Question-- Whats both of your views on different caste marriage? Do you think it should make a difference?

  20. oops i think i am late, but anyway just wanted to leave a comment!!

    Gaurav just love your acting in both LNMDJ and YPNHK!! You play both Prithvi and Abeer flawlessly!! Love your smile in YPNHK which we don't get to see much in Love ne!!! Your Abeer character is so fun-loving and reminds me of the good old Sharman days, catch up with the show just for you!!!

    Yami, I am also loving your acting as well!! You play Leher really well and you are very beautiful!! Keep it up!!

    Lots of love and best wishes for the future,

    Fatima (U.S)

  21. QUES TO BOTH.............



    3.who gets shy at romantic scenes...........GAURAV or Yami

  22. When is d VIDEO gonna b up?

  23. Hi gaurav, before ask any questions i'd like to say you are a fantastic actor and i love you in love ne mila di jodi and yeh pyaar na hoga kam. My question is how would you choose as your girlfriend damini or leher and why?

  24. Hi Gaurav and Yami,

    I am Menaka from Texas, love ur show, u guys are just adorable. Gaurav love u as Abheer, hope to see u on big screen soon in a lead role!
    U both wld make a great off-screen couple as well...hehe...just a random thought...
    all the very best u guys!

  25. hi gaurav and yami

    dis is rahul frm hyderabad

    i have liked dis show a lot and i am watching it continuesly..

    i am just waiting for u both to pstch up in d show...

    hi gaurav,
    i don't have any words to describe ur acting..
    ur just amzaing.i have seen all ur shows frm kumkum to yeh pyar na hoga kam.ur doing an awesome job...
    continue ur great work.
    all d best for ur future

    and yami.
    ur giving a good competition to gaurav.u both look good as a couple..
    all d best and keep doing great work.

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  27. hey gaurav...m a big big fan of urs..luv ur acting..was a big fan of love ne mila di jodi.wish it had not come to an end coz it was my favourite show .I even watch ye pyar na hoga kam regularly and m luving d show.My question 4 u is which show u enjoyed shooting 4..lnmdj or ypnk???please don't b diplomatic..n whose a better co-star..chandana sharma or yami gautam??

    hey yami...have u in my facebuk frnd list n u must b seeing my posts regularly on ur wall...u r very cute.and m luving ur acting n ur show.Though i nvr saw ur previous shows..i've a bcum a big fan of urs..my question is..where r u from??n whose ur favourite co-star on d sets of ypnhk??

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