Monday, January 04, 2010

Saas vs Bahu

Many of us have been watching daily soaps for a while. Mostly every show always has a vamp either male or female. They either are a mother, saas, sautan, or relative within the family.

Similar has occured in love ne mila di jodi, where mausi ji has started to show her true colors. Have we ever thought of this happening in a youth based show or in these modern times?

As a viewer did you expect to see a saas vs bahu track in this show?

Do leave your replies, we would love to have our thinking caps on. :)



  1. nope...i din want 2 c sumthin lk m happy dt d show is nt ending......i expect d cvs 2 treat d gharelu track differently n nt lk d typical saas bahu shows....plz TT convey dem dis msg.....

  2. Nope...lnmdj was different from all other shows and now the cv's have ruined it by bringing in this saas bahu angle...they should have focussed on the love stories's meant to be a youth show what is that mausi and her kitchen drama doing in the show

  3. Never expected something like the current track in LNMDJ. The show was different, it stood apart from the usual soaps and was well appreciated. If it lacked popularity it was only because of the lack of promotions. The cast, the story, the script the dialogs and the sets everything was unique about the show. But recently we saw the death of Ila Gujral - which was totally uncalled for. And then the new entrants - a complete misfit in the story. Am afraid the show may end up losing its viewership with this track.

  4. why r they ruining love ne????????????....plz CVs aisa maat karo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. noooooooooooo.. plz CV's dnt ruin love ne... hating this new track..

  6. I dont know what the CV's were thinking when they came up with this track.The thing i loved most about LNMDJ was that it was different from the usual saas-bahu and melodrama.By bringing in this track the cv's have dissapointed just not me but a lot of LNMDJ fans.I was looking forward to the boys winning the girls back but the cv's had to bring in the 3 new idiots.These new chracters just disgust me i have been changing the channel as soon as they come in i watch only if there is a prida,savni or varni scene. By bringing in this new track i am afraid LNMDJ will lose its existing strong fan base.I know i am already thinking of giving up on watching this show.Please CV's this is a very heartfelt request from a very dissapointed LNMDJ fan i know u cant bring back ila on the show anymore its to late but its still not to late for LNMDJ please bring our favourite show back on the right track.

  7. if we wanted to watch saas bahu serials...we wud have watchd BT serials....frankly speaking everyone is fed up of saas bahu stories....and i never uesed to like it either...plz cv's LNMDJ was diff from all other shows...its was shown beautifully till now....loved all the twists and turns it was had rare combination of love and suspense..and we all admired how the plot was shown...everything was Just perfect till this maasi and those two entered....its a request from all LNMDJ lovers....dnt ruin this show..u have been able to create a special place fr love ne in our hearts...we are begging u dnt ruin your show...if u think this will increase TRPS u are wrong...many will loose interest and quit watching it...we dont want to see one of the best shows going down the drain ..plz end this track ASAP...101% of the viewers are not enjoying the track.....plz...take our pleas into consideration..

    we will really appreciate if u do....

    Thanks a ton... tele tadkar u guys are dng a marvelous job...being a channel fr us fans to let the stars are cv's know our views abt them and the show....

  8. LNMDJ stood out for me for several reasons but the main pull was because it brought some of the best indian female television characters to us - not everyday does one see women portrayed like a Ela Gujraal or even a Damini Gujraal on screen. Women of steel and character.Such strong, bold ,classy and importantly real characters. A refreshing change from the evil over-the-top mother-in-laws and mausis you see in other soaps.

    The story so far was taken forward with some valid twists and a convincing plot without giving a particular track longer than it needed. Also, the technicality of the show (cinematography,screenplay,dialogue and direction) has been brilliant so far. But the introducion of these new characters has heavily diluted the depth of the other characters in the show. We now have Mausis, Ranis and Munanas scheming and plotting just like you'd find in any average show - evil looks and evil lines all too dramatic and certainly not the LNmDJ culture we invested in.

    My enthusiasm to watch the show has decreased steeply since this new track - I no longer look forward to seeing my favourite characters (what is remaining of them at least!) on screen and I am afraid this will remain the case until this track is over. I sincerely hope that the CVs will not spend too much time on this just like the previous tracks and will not make Love ne another saa-baahuish show- we as viewers didn't invest in that.

    What I would also like is for Star One and the production house to do something about the promotion of this show. I fail to understand the lack of any promotion of a show of this calibre. I am sure I am not alone in saying this. If you don't promote the show, however many saas-bahuish tracks you bring into the show to increase the TRPs will have no effect. We need more promotion- more cast interviews, promos, cast parties etc. If it is possible to do it all for other Star One shows, why not Love ne? n

  9. Thanks Telly Tadka for bringing this topic up. we hope you will be able to convey our messages to the CVs if you get a chance. Keep up the good work!

  10. I completely inderstand that the show isnt able to garner a good response from the viewers and this is primarily due to poor marketing strategies and lack of promotions !

    When other leads of star one serials have become youth sensations in the country, i absolutely fail to understand why isnt this show which is so rich and varied in its content has been always given the lowest preference infact NO PREFERENCE!

    Its always through india forums or telly tadka, we come to know about the upcoming twist in the tale!

    SAAS BAHU AUR SAAZISH HAS TOTALLY FAILED in this department! all they know is to take up any news of a sensational onscreen couple, add their masala and spice to it and spread it like wild fire! Classic examples in this case are Arjun-Rati, Armaan-Ridz, Samrat-Gunjan!

    A big thank you going out to telly tadka for doing an excellent job in covering all that they possibly can to promote lnmdj! EXCELLENT JOB GUYS! THUMBS UP FROM MY SIDE!

    At SBS - NO COMMENTS!Let me remind you that ' love ne ' has still many honest followers left and if you cannot do anything we still are united and will always fight for the cause of love ne!

    Love ne ROCKS and WILL LIVE FOREVER !!!

  11. I used to watch this show as the format was little different from the stereotype soaps. But pls dont spoil the show by bringing the saas bahu and the villany plot. If the cv's are continuing with this then I will definitely skip this show. No more interested.

  12. What more can i say which has not been said or written about. I have no idea why this new track has been introduced. In case it had to be to move the story forward and introduce a new villan then it should hav been done considering the taste of the serial and its reach. Why introduce characters which do no justice to the serial at all. Neither do we as audience connect to the serial nor do the CV. It justs looks like they have been added unnecessarily just to raise our temper. These characters force me to swap between channels and do anything but watch them. I mean no offence to the actors playing the part but i think Love Ne needs a more classy and sophisticated villan like Inder or someone gels in well with the overall look of the show

  13. no we all the LNMDJians only watched the show for its unique concept.
    its a humble request to the creative heads of the show plz dont ruin the show!!!!!!!
    we LNMDJians want the original LNMDJ track back!!!!!!!!!

  14. This show managed to draw me to it because of the DIFFERENT story telling, top notch acting by the experienced actors as well as the new comers. A story like this has never been shown on Indian telly, it had mystery, drama, romance, and all this with a contemporary classy touch to it. Bringing in kitchen drama for the sake of garnering TRP’s is a huge mistake, the USP of the show is being lost by introducing villainous aunts and cousins, something which I truly detest. If bringing this track was a reason for extending the duration of the show, its a highly foolish move by the creatives, I would rather have had the show end soon and remembering it as one of the best shows on Indian telly, then watching it get ruined beyond repair.

    It is the only Indian show I watch and I hate that now I am not as excited to watch the show when it airs. All the tracks in the show seem to be rushed up when we wanted everything to go slow...but trust me now this gharelu track better be over soon!...or the little audience left for the show will also vanish.

    Coming to the promotional aspect of the show, I fail to understand what the team under this department is doing. We have not had promos for months, absolutely no behind the scenes footage etc. The repeat telecasts are at the most odd hours.
    Its only TellyTadka and IF which has brought us wonderful interviews of the cast of this show during the past month, and we are very grateful to them.

  15. I did not watch Indian television for the longest time because I cannot deal with the saas-bahu rubbish and all the family and kitchen politics that goes on in these shows. LNMDJ changed all that. You have done an excellent job with the show so far. You have always been good at keeping us on the edge of our seats with the twists and I love that this show is fast-paced, filled with suspense and unpredictable. The couples were bonding and this could have been a good track. Why this sudden rush to reveal all the truths? After the truth about the boys being Balraj’s sons came out, we expected an interval before the boys figured out Inder was the killer. Because we now realize you were in a hurry to bump off Ila Gujral. Ila Gujral was one of the best characters on the show and Sujatha Sehgal is one heck of an amazing actress. To say that we were shocked would be an understatement. We were appalled by the way it was handled – why the big hurry?
    On the heels of this came the news of the “gharelu” track. I had vision of LNMDJ turning into a BT serial and to our chagrin this seems to be the direction the show is headed in. One of the primary reasons for watching this show is that the story and all the characters in it were sophisticated – even the villain was sophisticated. Now we have all these village characters invading the show and this whole unbelievably crude angle of a guy hitting on his bhabhi and a girl trying to entice a married man with a pregnant wife with her wiles. The whole thing leaves a bitter taste in my both because this is happening under the guise of making this show more “family friendly”. The show was “family friendly” enough thank you very much – and all the leading characters had excellent moral values – so much so that they would have made excellent role models. The same cannot be said of the new entries and their actions and their morality.
    The uniqueness and the freshness of the show is being compromised by this unbelievably inane and petty track. In an attempt to gain new viewers, you have been very successful in driving loyal fans away in droves, fans that have been there from the very beginning. Wake up and smell the coffee. Read the writing on the wall – OK I will spell it out in block letters - WE HATE THIS TRACK– END IT PRONTO. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Don’t lose all your loyal fans. Instead of this track Star One’s energies could better have been better invested in coming up with ways to promote the show. There is zilch promotion going on. If they had invested time and money in that, it would have yielded better dividends than this “gharelu” track.

    A humble request to Star One executives and the CVs save this show before it is too late.

  16. Definetly not liking the new characters in LNMDJ.This show is a "class show" and let it remain a class show why make it a "crap" show?

    There are loads of crap-saas bahu shows available in Indian Telly in so many channels which shows the same thing just not for today but from 10 yrs,which has those repetive tracks shown back to back in all the soaps.Viewers have gone mad watching the same stuff over and over again .

    LNMDJ was/is(still beleive) soo different from rest of the shows,at times I feel as if I am watching American show and not the typical Indian Telly.

    LNMDJ team show got such talented people from actors,script writers,screenplay,direction,lighting,background music,editing etc which is simply awesome.

    Plz keep it fresh and unique from rest of the Indian Telly otherwise,I will stick to watch ZeeCafe,WB and Starworld which has such awesome shows(very Classy) than watching these Saas Bahu crap.

    I beleive in quality and not the quantity,times have changed and viewers have changed .There are more options for us and more educated families are growing in numbers,they will watch either American reality shows or their light hearted drama and comedy shows instead of these Saas Bahu stuff.

    No wonder Cricket, reality shows and comedy shows are accepted more in Indian Telly these days over Saas bahu's .

    Time for change and CV's plz wake up and smell the coffee .

    Do not kill your brain child with this stupid Saas Bahu.

  17. What the helllllllllllllllll was wrong with the cv's????? this track is blahhhhhhh bring, stupid, melodramatic, and abs un lnmdj!!!!! Horrible attempt must say, lnmdj will slowly loose out its charm this way and it seems that allready all of the viewers ar frustrated and have a huge thumbs down to this track!!! Wheres the creativity pple???????????


  18. The new storyline has totally got me over the lnmdj prida savni varni fever!!! what a miracle, i thought i can never stop watching this wondeful soap... since star one always focuses on youth drama. But this is dissapointing how almost all the starone shows esp lnmdj and mjht ar walking the spiteful saas bahu ways. We thought u gusy could produce better than dat. But sigh! miserable storyline going on in lnmdj must say. Hopefully this maushi, munna rani boredome will dawn away pretty fast. Cos this current story is so boring that i dont feel like even going to indya forums and those grt websites to read the comments and all anymore, which i used to religiusly read every day. Man ! Tottaly killing the intrest here CV's. Plus shutdown this track exactly like the Vivvan story! 2010 needs no more family drama seriusly! Dont destroy LNMDJ.

    This is Arpita signing off

  19. pls do send this letter to cvs like 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 times and let them know how we detest, abhor and completely feel nauseated with this BTish style serials... the LNMDJ came into our lifes like breath of fresh air.. though there were some flaws and bloopers and with the track moving in super fast speed did give us a major disappointment but this Garelu Flavour i.e., this so called "Kitchen Politics" is just so unberable I just can't see my favourite serial going to dogs... it wud have been better if they wud have ended the serial at a good note.. atleast viewers wud have remembered it as a youth oriented and today's generation show just like "Hip Hip Hurray" which is still fresh in my mind for its uniqueness and youth flavour it provided... for your info. HIP HIP HURRAY was a serial shown long time back on Zee T.V. wen I myself was studying in 10th std it was the story about 12th std students and how they handle the pressure of being in the last year of school, their career choices and frndshp hassels, family problems... it was out an out youth serial... I did not keep the track of TRP's of the show then b'cos I was too naive to notice all this things at that time, but I think even that serial faced some problem but still they did stick to their subject and storyline and did not try to change the tracks just to attract older audience.. That show was meant for kids and kids alone and it was totally kool... the point I want to put frwd is, that if that kinda serial can stick to their storyline then why can't LNMDJ creatives do the same job... if you do not wanna end the serial so early then wat was the need of rushing the storyline so fast.. like the revelation of the Guys true identity.. Inder being the murderer and Ela Gujral's death happened too fast.. it was like "Blink and Miss thing" I mean atlest you cud have taken some rest in btw... it wud have been nice to see the the love story brew btw the couple after the boys came to know the truth of Ela Gujral.. Creatives could have given the couples sometime to let their love develop, now tossing the main storyline and going for some crappy graleu track is just not done... I mean wat in the name of creativity are you trying to do??? Feed our minds with same kinda crap that other channels do day in and day out just to earn some more trp and viewershp... shame on you... I wud have pleaded you to stop this but I guess its too late.. none of the requests and advices are gonna enter your fat brain... so wats the point in wasting our energy in explaining you things which you wud not listen to at all... so do wat you wanna do and I will do wat I wanna do.. I decided to stop watching LNMDJ the moment that stupid Mausi made a entry and from now onwards will stick to my fav. channel MTV watching ROADIES...bidding you Adieus

  20. This was my oxygen until these stupid characters came in and made it the worst moments of my life!..I am completely devastated, shocked and heartbroken that the CVS have donethis to my beloved show!..Not only are these characters absolutely bad-looking, idotic and dramabaaz, they seem like ekta kapoor's show members! (which i cannot stand for a moment!)..I cannot describe how sad i am feeling at the moment!..First they killed off Ila and made me cry for one whole week and now they are making the best youth show on television into a stupid rhona dhona naatak!?..I ma completely speechless and i rather they end this track now or else they will loose all the viewers they have!..I already know around 35 people who stopped watching the show at the sight of that 'Munna'..Ewwwww..and i too might be forced to stop watching if this track does not ed with a week or so!..Im sorry but i rather cry then force myself to watch this baseless saas bahu crap!..I agree with all these people who have already commented ere^..

    The CVS have made this show into the BEST and i can just pray they do not KILL this show with their own hands!..I pray they work day and night to get new innovative ideas and make my LNMDJ the BEST show once again!..the only reason i am still watching this show is becoz of my Savni/Karneet or else i would have bid farewell time back..Please do listen to us and end this track ASAP..I really LOVE this show to death and cannot see it like this....

    Please do heed our suggestions and also promote the show as much as you can..and kick those 3 useless characters out ASAP!..Thank You..



  22. i hate the mausi kee entry . shes gona ruin everything now.the other 2 as well

  23. plz convey to the creatives of Love ne to quickly finish this track since this track is very predictable and I was watching the show only coz of the unpredictable twists and turns previously in the show like balraj's death, avni expecting, Prithvi and damini getting married and then sameer and avni getting married. OH please listen creatives otherwise you are only going to be losing viewers.

  24. pl tell creative we dint want this track. and we never expect tht in youth based show wil trnsfer in gharelu drama. we all love this show just bcoz its not like others. its diff no vamp nothing saas bahu related no family drama. but creative massed up the show. pl tell them if its cont i and all my frends stop watching this show. already we hate mjht bcoz of family drama and new entry now this show no way..........................................

  25. i totally agree tht if creatives didnt listen to us they wil loose the viewers pl someone also inform to the channel tht dont massed up the show. we cant see all drama in love ne . we want to see 3 couples now only. how they come to close etc........

  26. there should be no vamps and sas-bahu drama in youth based shows. we should learn from English shows, where fun loving shows stay that way for years together.....they donot turn into soap operas.


  27. Hello creatives......Im speaking on behalf of many fans of LNMDJ here when I say that the current track is extremely doesnt make sense neither does it fit in with the show's concept.Because of these three new characters I really dont feel like watching this show anymore...which is really sad because this was one show which was unique compared to other shows...but this track has completely ruined it....I request you all to please vanish Mausi,Munna and Rani......please!

  28. no i dont mind aslong as they dont kill avnis baby and if they dont separate sameer and avni

  29. kick them out we all h8te them plz h8tin it right now

  30. this new track with the mausi an' all is ridiculous...there's hardly any time devoted to the boyz'n the girls...thought is was time when the boys would be working hard to win the girls back...but it took just couple episodes for Avni to forgive Sameer and Rosh is already contemplating it...can hardly get to see any PriDa scenes...thinking about so not watching

  31. Uniqueness was lost with introduction of these 3 weird characters.
    Boys , the way they are so cultured would have known about the cheap thinking characters if they existed in their family
    All of us have some in ours but we do try to keep them out of our lives
    By the way how long are they going to stay in somebody's house like parasites.
    I thought 6 of them are so smart they would recognise
    thse so called villians