Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Lehar confronts Abeer

Avid viewers of Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam, there is some scoop for you all. As you all have seen this show thus may remember how Mr. Mathur is about to go meet Abeer's father. Well soon you all will get to see Lehar confront Abeer where she tells him she can't speak or meet him as their from a different caste.

Will Abeer realize his feelings or has Lehar realized her feelings for Abeer? Watch Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam on Colors.

Do give your feedback on the show :)



  1. Thanks for the info TT,cant wait for the scene.Let's see how abeer overcomes this challenge.
    Till now i am pretty much loving this show .Gaurav's and Yami's on-screen chemistry is fantastic.Gaurav puts in another fantastic performance as the outgoing,flirtatious but lovable abeer.The ambience of the show is good .The acting of all the cast has been good,no crass or OTT acting here,Thankgod!!The way the story is being told in a sweet simple manner is also a refreshing change from the usual stuff.The dialogue writing has been top notch ,Especially the dialogue's in the interactions between Abeer & lehar.I loved the recent guessing names sequence between AbHer the shayarana andaz of abeer was just fabulous.So keep up the good work looking forward to watching YPNHK for a long time.

  2. thanks for the info TT. Gaurav and Yami are doing an awesome job. Can't wait for the next episode. the show should be 24/7 with Abeer singing and performing his beautiful poetry. lol.

  3. .frankly speaking at first i was very angry at Gaurav for tking up this new show coz i thought we ll now hv less of Prithvi-Damini scenes which r my i wasnt sure whether i can like any1 else with GK except for chandana.........BUT HATS OFF TO YAMI........her chemistry with GAURAV HAS BOWLED ME OVER FROM THE VERY FIRST SCENE...........she is UNBELIEVINGLY BEAUTIFUL .....AND LOOKS AWESOME WITH i m thankful to gaurav that he took up this new show......ALSO HATS OFF TO GAURAV FOR MAINTAINING 2 SHOWS SIMULTANEOUSLY SOOOOOOO WELL.......plzzzzzzzzzzzz mk sure WE DONT HV LESS OF PRITHVI DAMINI

  4. Thanks for the info!
    I have to say I LOVE this show! Gaurav and Yami pairing has taken a huge shine to me.. but moreso coz of the natural concept and acting in the show especially with Abeer and Leher aka Yami and Gaurav!. Well done to everyone!