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Kaun Rakhega Suman Ko Apni Palkon Ki Chaov Mein?

Kaun Rakhega Suman Ko Ab Apne Palkon Ke Chaov Mein?

In this era of teleserials, setting love stories in the center of joint family or families seems to be the general trend. Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chaaon Mein is one such serial which was set in the similar background, but which differentiated itself from the others by dealing with the old formula with such newness, simplicity, subtlety and sensibility that it gave a new flavor to the old formula.

At first glance, Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chaaon Mein seemed to be the drama from the same fold, as that of a new girl entering a joint family and both brothers of the family falling for the same girl. But, although the formula used is the old, this serial differentiated itself from the others by dealing with the same old formula with such newness, simplicity, subtlety and sensibility that it gave a new flavor to the old formula. But, mainly it tries to portray the story of a girl, who is an orphan, her trials and tribulations, of loving and loosing and then only to rediscover love again.

It differentiated itself as one of those rare serials, which showed the mostly good values and traditions buried in our society and that though people are flawed, the goodness that is mostly prevalent in them. It showed the strength of brotherly love, between friends, cousins, mother-in-laws and daughter in-laws and esp. the kindness shown to strangers, and that of true love and also that first love can actually succeed and come to fruition.

This is serial portrays the story of an orphan girl, who has always dreamed of getting a family and love, and of the relationships that come with them. It tries to depict how she finally gets her dream fulfilled, only for it to be snatched away from her and her joys and her sorrows and the way she will finally get what she deserves in the end. Thus, this serial is supposed to depict the joys and sorrows involved in finding love, only to lose it and then rediscovering love again.

So, Suman is an orphan, raised in an orphanage and is doing her final year of college, while staying in a hostel and sharing her room with her best friend Kanchan. Suman is a very simple, shy, sweet and innocent girl who is an epitome of good qualities and is loved by one and all that cross her path. She is also the kind of girl who would do anything for the happiness of the ones she loves. Into this girl's life comes her best friend, Kanchan's mom, Kadambari and her arrival changes the course of her destiny.

Kadambari on seeing Suman's innocence, simplicity, beauty and good nature get's impressed with her, and on discovering that she is an orphan, promises to give her both the family and love that Suman has always dreamed of by getting her married to her son. Suman is overwhelmed with love and gratitude for Kadambari, for giving her everything that she has always craved for and looks forward happily and yet anxiously and waits for the day she will meet her future husband.

Finally, the day arrives when she visits her friend's home and her meeting takes place with her brother Karan. Karan is a very attractive, handsome and charming young man with an easy going and care free attitude who can charm any one with his nature. He is an extrovert and a very self confidant and self assured young man with strong family values but who has still not taken life seriously until now. While Suman is instantly attracted by his gregarious and outgoing nature, he is enthralled by her shy, innocent looks and it is instant attraction and liking from both sides at first sight. And very soon, it progresses to deep love for each other in a short duration and they both realize that they have found the loves of their lives. All this takes place with Suman's belief that she has Kadambari's blessings, only to realize that Kadambari meant her for her eldest son, Kartik and has been dreaming about it ever since.

Kartik, Karan's elder brother who is the opposite of Karan in every way, that is a very mature, self contained, shy and sober young man who is always submerged in his responsibilities. He is the eldest grandson in the family and much elder to Karan and hence has always been looking out for the family. Kartik though initially says no, later on seeing her innocence and recognizing her good qualities starts falling for her and gives his consent to his mother, who is overjoyed with the news.

Suman, on discovering kadambari's desire, decides to put duty above love, and decides to marry Kartik and tells Karan who had confessed his love and was waiting for her answer that he had misunderstood her, leaving him confused about her refusal ( as he firmly believes she loves him) and his heart shattered, including hers. Finally how true love wins, and how their love and relationship gets accepted and how they reach the stage of marriage amidst all the family relations formed the content of the previous track, and although it was marred by some villainess orchestrated bad omen fiasco, still was extremely loved by the viewers because of the chemistry between the lead pair and also due to good writing.

But, then came the accident where Karan has now been presumed dead (no body found; oh boy!! I know!! Very original :)) and since then, the serial has been on a down ward spiral with every atrocious thing done to a widow being done and then to Kadambari turning negative and to Suman forced to leave the house and now they even threw in a creepy elderly guy trying to get Suman married to him.

The serial now seems to have lost the grasp of the foundation it has been built on and seems to be meandering along aimlessly. Karan and Suman pairing was loved by the majority of the viewers and they have been waiting for the day Karan will come back again to rescue his damsel in distress. And there is also some small fraction of fans too, who want that to be Kartik, who now has a fiancé (Nandini) arranged by his family. Nandini, a girl who loves him deeply but is deeply insecure regarding his feelings for her and for Suman. They also showed Kartik saying to the girl that he just thinks of Suman as his sister in law only and that if he thought of her in that way, he would not have said yes to Nandini.

Suman who is still in love with her husband, and who does not think of anyone else but him but respects Kartik, for always supporting her and Karan and their relationship and for standing by them and for stepping away after finding out that his brother and Suman love each other and in helping them get married.

Suman, who’s has now decided to leave the town to lead an independent life, depending solely on herself.

What should be the ending of this story? Should Karan come back? What should be the fate of Suman?

Reporter: Raji K


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  1. Gr8 topic and very well written...
    the way u have described all the aspects of the show....first the good ones and then the ones which made the serial like a torture to watch....

    then for me it must be Karan and only Karan to end up with Suman...
    as the show is to Getting Love...loosing it and rediscovering it....and Karan should be back so that Suman will rediscover Love of her Life as him again...

    and besides all this...without Karan's character the show has lost its feel good factor...now everyone in the show is either doing conspiracies or trying to solve those or making suman feel sad and unhappy...
    but no one is there to spread smiles and happiness....

    So the bottom line is Karan's character is the life if the show and he must be back as soon as possible as Karan aur Suman ke jodi ke bina yeh show adhura hai...
    and everyone is missing the Originality of the show...and its Flavour....

  2. Thank you ;-) check out that emo boy hair on this blog:

  3. Hello,
    YouR topic is so perfect you succeeded in puting wat all the fans wants to say in words

    you are right this show was at first very nice and really kept many of us hooked and on the edge of our seats...mainly because of the chemistry between the pair lead .....andwhen they really got them married i thought this drama is really different but then and on the same episode they blew all my opinion away.

    Now this show is crappy and doesnt even deserve to be called a crap.

    If It wasnt for the episodes of karan and suman together i would really regret watching it for so long .....previously i would get upset if i miss an episode but now i donst - besides- the next episode will be a lot lik ethe previous one anyway.... lol...

    The reason i m still giving this drama is 100% because of karan ....I’ve been a fan ever since he first met suman ...so the only thing left to say is that we should pray for those creatives to wake up soon from their coma and save the show by bringing karan back and reuniting karan and suman again...

  4. no offensive 2 karan fans h.. i like him but i dnt want him2 cme bk.... i want karthik 2 fall 4 suman as he olred has feeln 4 her and she satrts fallin for himm so... the end uo 2geva hpefull karthik doesnt marr dat eveil witch nadini... and suman n karthikk get married and leave happil eva after n dat PD getss beaten up.... suman 4 kartik

  5. i want karan 2 cum back am missing him. i want him to marry suman. i dont want karthik to marry suman but then i dont want him to marry stupid evil nandani either. i want suman 2 be with the one she loves.

  6. Karan should come back....
    Suman is reserved for Karan and only Karan....
    we cant see her with Kartik....not even for a second....
    Creatives PLZ PLZ PLZ bring Karan back.....

  7. i want karthik be get married with suman and karan back after

  8. I want karthik be get married not for thanmaie

  9. Karan is MADE for Suman. Karan should defenitly stay with suman.
    SumRan forever!!! <3

  10. Hola, Interesante, no va a continuar con este artнculo?.