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Bairi Piya: Who Should Get The Girl?

Bairi Piya: Who Should Get the Girl?

For the past decade or so, the television industry has been revolutionized and dominated by the Saas Bahu kind of sagas. But, in the past couple of years, here as well as Bollywood has seen the change in the trends of exploring new horizons, mainly due to the viewers being no longer being satisfied by the same routine content being dished out to them in almost the same or similar packages. One of the contributing factors could be the globalization of the country and the entry of international channels such as star plus, mtv and such channels entering the coun

And one of such attempts to explore something new, while presenting an old formula in a new package and also pushing the envelope as to the darkness of the main male protagonist is the creation of the serial called "Bairi Piya". This is set against the realistic back ground of the farmer suicides in Maharashtra. It attempts to depict the exploitation of the poor by the rich and the trials and tribulations which are faced by them. With this as the backdrop, the story revolves mainly around a poor farmer's idealistic daughter called Amoli and the Thakur of the Village (Thakur Digvijay Singh), who considers the village and its people as his own, to use, manipulate, punish and reward as he pleases and who rules the village with an iron hand.

To the outside world and to his family, (he is a happily married man with a wife who dotes on him and consists of other family members) he appears as the ideal man, husband, family man and land lord. But, underneath this facade, lives a completely ruthless man, who has been born and bred in luxury, who takes everything as his birth right including the power passed to him over the poor in the village from generation to generation. He is a man who has never heard No from anyone nor met with any resistance.

Into this existence of his enters Amoli, a poor farmer's idealistic daughter and with her entrance into his life, his life changes. For the first time, in his life he meets with resistance to his overtures and rejection to fulfill his wants and desires. This throws him into the thrall of anger, frustration stubbornness and into complete obsession with the girl. And how this obsession of his takes over his whole life and that of Amoli's and ways and extents to which he goes to get control of Amoli and to bend her to his will and how Amoli tries to escape his clutches forms the content of the present track of the serial.

In the end, it was presumed to be the love story of the Thakur and Amoli, and although set against a more realistic back drop, is presumed to follow the age old formula, of the bad boy turning good for the love of a good woman formula, although the character of the Thakur, has been pushed beyond the usual acceptable standards of a "bad boy" image to an altogether different level. This guy is portrayed to be a person who will sacrifice anything and any one in order to get possession of his obsession.

But, due to the fall in TRPs, it is rumored that the track will now be changed to that of the love story between Amoli and that of Radhe, Thakur's most loyal servant, to whom the Thakur got Amoli married by deceit in order to get access and control of her.

But still a large fraction of the fans of the show still want the Thakur and Amoli to be together, rather than Radhe and Amoli who are legally married. Something about this age old formula, still seem to hold the female viewers in the thrall and they seem to want this bad guy to get the girl in spite of everything and for him to turn good due to his love for her, even though he is a happily married man, whose wife dotes on him.

This could be due to the tall, dark and dangerous stereo type that the Thakur embodies or due to the lack luster, innocent and totally subservient, malleable character of the servant Radhe who is malleable and subservient to the Thakur to the extent he accepts the Thakur not only having full access to his wife, but also tells his wife to do everything in her power to please his Malik. (Ouch)

It is up to you, the viewers to tell us as to who of these two characters is better qualified to get Amoli in the end or should it be entirely someone else?

We would love to hear as to whom you would want to emerge the victor here. I from my side would want the victor, whoever he might be,to be the one who will love, cherish and protect Amoli as every wife/woman should be. :)

So, who do u think has the capability of reaching that height in order to be the knight in shining armor for Amoli?

Reporter: Raji K

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  1. I think it should be Radhe. Teh tajur has embodied the epitome of evilness - in fact after what happened to kamoudi i am astounded by the number of fans who still think the takur has potential to transform and are willing to accept the transformation. Remember, Kamoudi was just one of his numerous victims. I think the present track of Radhe falling in love with Amoli is great, now what he needs to do is stand up to Takur, which I am sure will soon come!

  2. it's a beautifully written article by d blogger :) ...I'm obviously on d majority's side who wants 2 c d bad boy get d girl coz it 'll make d bad...bad boy not only turn in2 human but also 'll help make d villagers life a lot more easy :p 4 greater coz it should turn out that way only :) ...there's nothing 2 watch if it's all bout how a dumb, naive person turns in2 a hero & saves d damsel in disgrace :l so yeah i support team DV :)

  3. i also agree wid nitu, n think dat it wud b better to show dv- amoli together, this way audience wud also b pleased n dey (cv's)can transform dv's character to good!

  4. I think DV should get the girl. He is cool and much more interesting then Radhe. Also he has poured his life into her.

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  7. Bravo, your idea it is brilliant

  8. Two wrongs don’t make a right.