Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shilpa Anand's Message to TellyTadka fans

Hey Karan-Shilpa fans of Dil Mil Gayye,

TellyTadka has great news..well we spoke with Shilpa and found out whats going on..these days..plus a short message for fans!!

So don't miss our episode on Saturday 2pm est!

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  1. Thanks soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahhhhhhh can't wait for her message!! Thanks Telly Tadka.. Muniza.. xx


  2. thankyou so much
    i cant wait 2 see shilpaa !
    So long weve been waiting and praying
    Finally we will get to see Her...If God wishes =D
    Thanks Telly Tadka Love you guys !

  3. Thank you so much ! :)

    Oh finally after so many months, we will able to hear her voice. Oh GOD give me little patience till saturday. LOL

    I am so happy and excited about it.

    Can't wait for this saturday episode. You guys Rocks, wish the show more success.

  4. YEAH YEAH! Finally Shona picked up! OMGOSH SO excited to hear from her, miss her so much!

    Shilpa we miss you tons and tons! Can't wait to hear from her

    Thanx a lot TellyTadka!

    Ufff waiting for Saturday!

  5. Thank you so much for this, can't wait to hear Shilpa

    Miss her so much, have not seen her since so long, miss her

    Waiting to hear it

  6. YAY! Can't wait to hear it
    Thanx TellyTadka

    We miss Shilpa so much

  7. Thanx a lot
    Can't wait to hear Shilpa

    Hope she comes soon onscreen, miss her and KaSh

  8. WOW AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH!
    This is amazing

    Have been longing to hear from her, thank you

  9. OMG that's wonderful news great to see Shona coming out and sharing with her fans can't wait to hear the interview thank you so much telly tadka it means lot to us:)

  10. You all always welcome guys, let me clear one thing its not interview, its a little message.
    Inshallah we will bring her interview soon.
    Anything for KaSh and KaSh fans :)

  11. Thankyou so much Tellytadka
    finally someone is listening to us and is going to brig our Angel Shilpaa
    Aaah i cant say how happy i am
    i dont know how to react

  12. I really can't wait til Saturday... I'm dieing 2 hear Shona Shilpa's voice...:D

  13. Yeh Saturday abhi nahi aaya... :(
    Wanna listen it soon...Can't wait...

  14. ugh go away shilpa! and crazy stupid Kash fans!! they are in so much denial and little kids!!

  15. LOVE YOU SHILPA!!! xxxxxxx
    Was a double treat with her this week!! LOVE YOU SHONA!!..xx

  16. Muniza, hope you get a long INT from her as well.. Or Karan and Shilpa together for us. ;) --- Thanks so much Telly Tadka team...-- I know Shilpa knows how much we love her.. keep telling her. lolz-- and also we never get tired from hearing from her! xxxxxxxxxx

  17. ooh that a great news that was awesome ooh after a long time we heard something abt her even a little msg will do but juz want to hear hope to our Karan and Shilpa together again thanx you so much.

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