Friday, January 03, 2014

Kittu and Anand to sign the divorce papers in Star Plus Meri Bhabhi !

Star Plus’ Meri Bhabhi is going to witness high voltage drama in it’s upcoming episodes, with ego taking over Anand and Kittu and the duo signing the Divorce Papers.

Shocked......Well we are shocked too!!!

According to sources the New Years Celebrations at the Shergills will see another huge Showdown between Kittu and Anand. Zor and Amrit will decide to put an end to Anand and Kittu's fights and they will give Anand divorce papers which will shock Anand to the core. Zor and Amrit's intention is to make Anand realize the importance of marriage and Kittu's worth.

Things will get ugly when Anand agrees to sign the divorce papers saying that if Kittu thinks this is what should be done, they ought to do it. Kittu will be hurt and she will also go ahead and sign the papers shocking the Shergills.

What turn will Kittu and Anand's life take now? Will they go through with the Divorce or will Shradha and Kunal help Kittu to get her husband and life back?

Stay tuned and Keep watching Meri Bhabhi to know what next.

Edited By: Vijitha Rajan

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