Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Season Of Love

The Season Of Love

The month of february is finally here. Though an emotion like love cannot be restricted to a month but we cannot deny that February makes the emotion much more special. It is in this month where all people, no mattet in which part of the world they are, how old they are, but still celebrate their pure feelings. Valentines day was first celebrated in 496 AD and even though methods of expressing feelings have changed but valentines day is celebrated even today.

Tell us what your views are about valentines day and also on lucky person will be interviewed by Tellytadka every week. So friends.....Get Started!!

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  1. i think its a good idea . one special day when u express your love for the one you love the most. its cute .

  2. valentines day is a day of celebration across the world cos Love transcends across all regions, languages, geographical boundaries
    and barriers.

    Valentines Day is always a special day for me cos i celebrate it every year with my family.
    i would give gifts to my sister or get a flower for my Mom. We go out for dinner with family.
    I know one can never express the love in one day but i think its good to have that one day to celebrate it and say to those near u how
    much they mean to you.

    Giving time to the people you love is the best thing possible.

    I repeat this one thing to my mom always : Have i told you lately that i love you .
    I almost tell her so many times that now i am considering i shouldnt say the word lately ...
    but that smile on my mom's face is so sweet every time that i will always continue to say this.
    My mom is never tired of hearing it.

    Valentines day is not just for couples its for all who believe in love and share it.

    Happy Valentines day to all ......

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