Saturday, January 25, 2014

EXCLUSIVE!!! "My Family, fiance Kunal and their love are my treasures" Aakanksha Singh answers TT's Tadkedaar Twenties!

TellyTadka is back with "TT's Tadkedaar Twenties" and this time it’s the wonderfully talented and gorgeous actress who stormed into our lives as Mr. Vyas of the popular Colors drama Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.

Yes it’s none other than Aakanksha Singh who essayed the role of Mrs. Vyas (And later became Mrs. Megha Bhatnagar) a widow and single parent in her very first show; something that many actresses of this age would shy away from doing.

Aakanksha walked away with accolades, appreciation and the love of fans all over the globe for this role and while her fans are impatiently waiting for the comeback of their favorite actress, TellyTadka brings you this fun segment where Aakansha shares with us her favorites and much more.

Telly Tadka: Your Nickname.
Aakanksha Singh: Golu, Tutu, Chota by family and Babu, Angel by Kunal (Fiancé) so in short many names are there :-)

Telly Tadka: Describe yourself in 3 Words.
Aakanksha Singh: You should ask my family, they'll be able to answer this one better.

Telly Tadka: Favorite Food
Aakanksha Singh: Golgappa Anytime!!!

Telly Tadka: Favorite Holiday Destination.
Aakanksha Singh:  I like to explore new places every time; but I really love Goa and Rishikesh.

Telly Tadka: Favorite type of Music.
Aakanksha Singh: Depends on my mood....I like ghazals, old songs and at the same time peppy numbers too.

Telly Tadka: A song you are humming these days.
Aakanksha Singh: "Nagada Sang Dhol Baje" (RamLeela)

Telly Tadka: The Color that defines you.
Aakanksha Singh: That would be Red

Telly Tadka: Your best feature.
Aakanksha Singh: People say it’s my eyes so I'll go with it ;-)

Telly Tadka: Your best buy till date.
Aakanksha Singh: I think my best buy till date is the engagement ring for my fiancé as it was for the most special person in my life.

Telly Tadka: Favorite Brands (Clothing).
Aakanksha Singh: I love Vero Moda, Zara and Alter Ego; but I'm not very brand conscious person so if I like something from the streets I'll buy that too.

Telly Tadka: Your Treasures (Most Cherished Person/Thing)
Aakanksha Singh:  My Family, my Kunal (Fiance) and their love. Things don't matter to me. 

Telly Tadka: Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Aaanksha Singh: This is something I will never tell anyone; it can be injurious you see LOL

Telly Tadka: Favorite Film.
Aakanksha Singh: Off the top of mind....Life of Pi, Mother India, 3 Idiots.

Telly Tadka: Favorite Actor/Actress
Aakanksha Singh:  All the senior actresses & actors like Smita Patil, Nargis Ji, Shabana Aazmi, Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah and many more the list is really long. I also like Robert Downy Jr. & Johnny Depp.

Telly Tadka: Favorite TV Show
Aakanksha Singh: I watched 24 on Colors and was really amazed; while my all times favorites are Sarabai Vs Sarabai and Shrimaan Shrimati.

Telly Tadka: A one liner U always use
Aakanksha Singh: "Rehne do yaar rehne do..."

Telly Tadka: Complete the sentence LIFE IS ........
Aakanksha Singh: Unpredictable!

Telly Tadka: Best ever received compliment.
Aakanksha Singh: My D.O.P, Mr.Abhishek Gandhi once said that I am a cameraman's
delight and that he loves to do lighting for me. I think that was one of the best compliments ever especially for a television actor.

Telly Tadka: Given a chance what would you change about yourself?
Aakanksha Singh: I would say my mood swings...Usually I am very patient but I tend to get short tempered at times so yeah, I would like to change that.

Telly Tadka: A moment in life you want to relive again.
Aakanksha Singh: The time I spent with my late Nana Ji as a Kid. I lost him when I just 10 Yrs old; I wish he could be here to watch & cherish where I am today.

Telly Tadka: Your Confidante.
Aakanksha Singh: My fiance Kunal

Telly Tadka: Your friends (BFF's/Industry).
Aakanksha Singh: If you talk about best friend my answer once again will be Kunal :-) ...But I have some amazing friends in NBT Team and in College.

Telly Tadka: 5 Years from now you are
Aakanksha Singh: I don't know where I'll be in next 5 mins how can I see myself after 5 years? I just want to go with the flow. I'm sure whatever I'll get; it will be the best for me, just one thing I want in every second of my life is peace and happiness and that is one thing I will ask for, till the time I am here.

Telly Tadka: Message for all your fans all over the Globe.
Aakanksha Singh: I love you all. A big Thankyou to all my fans out there for all their love and support.

Telly Tadka: Thankyou so much Aakanksha for taking out the time and doing the segment with us.
Aakanksha Singh: My pleasure; Take care :-)

(Cover Picture Credit goes to the maker and Aakanksha Singh)

Interviewed By: Vijitha Rajan


  1. You are a very beautiful women/girl. Loved your acting. All the best for the future.

  2. aakansha is really a grt actress . it is piseaure to see her missing her soooooooooo much and wish u best wishes for ur future with ur best friend and life patner.......keep smiling