Monday, January 27, 2014

Exclusive!!!! " Ayaan hurts his Leg" Tumhari Pakhi Scene Coverage and Shraddha-Iqbal Byte!!!

Hello and welcome to this exclusive Behind the Scenes coverage of Life OK's popular drama Tumhari Pakhi. 

The show starring Shraddha Arya, Iqbal Khan and Divyam Dama in lead roles have gone on to become the hot favorite of Viewers in a very short span of time.

While the excitement for the upcoming week grips the viewers TellyTadka has decided to add to the fun by bringing you this Exclusive Behind the Scenes Coverage of Tumhari Pakhi. 

To know what happens this wee, how Ayaan hurts his leg and what new twist Pakhi and Anshuman's life will take tune into the video brought to you exclusively by TellyTadka: Your camera to the TV World.

Reporter: Sonali Naik 

Video Edited By: Muniza Riaz

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