Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's a Colorful weekend at Nach Baliye 6: Cast of Yaariyan grace the Show, Gurbina Bounces Back!!!

Last week Nach Baliye Season 6 has got it's top 8 Jodi's in Asha-Rithvik, Ridhi-Raqesh, Gurmeet-Debina, Kiku- Priyanka, Ripu-Shivangi, Bruna-Omar, Kanika-Ankur and Vinod-Raksha.

Now that the top 8 Jodi's are selected the coming week is going to be a entertainment filled roller-coaster weekend for all the fans and viewers out there. To start with the cast of upcoming Bollywood Movie "Yaariyan" who was last seen in Colors Bigg Boss 7 will be gracing the Nach Baliye Sets to promote the movie and cheer the Contestants.

Coming to the performances, it's going to be a color-filled, masti bhari weekend for the Nach Family and viewers will get a double treat as there will be two rounds aka 2 sets of performances from each Jodi. 

Popular Jodi Gurmeet and Debina who showcased their worst performance on the Nach Baliye Season 6 Series last week bounced back this week and scored a perfect 33 in one of the rounds. The couple performed on a Salsa and were seen giving their best this week after letting down the Judges and their fans last week.

Stay tuned and keep reading this space for more updates on Nach Baliye Season 6.

Reporter: Sonali Naik



  1. Good luck to them

  2. most cheappppp jodi ..and cheater sp and ph...decided winner all the 33 ....for bedroom dance...

  3. this is gurmeet debina...dey vl return vth a bang....tight slap to haters

    1. wanna give u a tight slap..................d most overrated jodi.huuurrrrrrrr

  4. love U GURBINA......hop nw te cheap fans of cheap actors or actress vl jst their dirty mouth..hehehehehe

  5. all the best gurmeet &debina

  6. we really don,t care about haters,,,,,,,,,,,,if destiny is with gurmeet & debina .....no matter what they will win.....best jodi on NB6

  7. the only contestants who do justice to their act iz ASHVIK......kuch bhi karlo jeetenge sirf ASHVIK...LOVE U ASHVIK.NMUAHHH

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