Thursday, December 19, 2013

BIGG BOSS SATH 7:Testing times for Gauahar in the Bigg Boss house!!!

Gauahar was in for a shock with Kushal getting evicted as a part of the surprise mid- week eviction. The scenario inside the house was not in favor of Gauahar and Kushal and with Kushal’s exit from the house, Gauahar is in for a tough time.  Gauahar has also called it quits with Ajaz thus marking an end of their friendship and probably her last support in the house. 

Post Kushal’s exit, Gauahar has been staying aloof and having limited conversations with the other housemates. In the morning, Tanisha and Andy were seen discussing about Gauahar’s situation and decided to talk to her in order to make her feel better.While Tanisha tries her best to empathize with Gauahar, however, Gauahar’s unwillingness to talk to Tanisha puts her off. Andy is next in line to try his luck to cheer up Gauahar and attempts to make her laugh with his funny antics. To his relief, Gauahar responds to him
and gives him a smile.  

They both share a light moment together after which Gauahar is seen talking to the camera alone where she tells Big Boss that she is a very strong woman and ready to fight back in any situation. She also adds that she will not let Kushal become her weakness and will continue to give her best in the show.

Will Gauahar be able to let bygones be bygones and bounce back  stronger?

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