Monday, December 23, 2013

BIGG BOSS SATH 7: Test of Virtue for the Bigg Boss Finalists!

Only 6 days remain for the Bigg Boss Grand Finale and the tension and apprehension amongst the Top 5 contestants - Gauahar, Ajaz, Sangram, Andy and Tanishaa has intensified manifold. To add on to their excitement and worries, Bigg Boss decides to test their integrity by sending a mysterious briefcase inside the house. 

In the evening, the housemates are asked to gather in the living area where a briefcase tied up with a chain is placed on a table. Without revealing details about the contents of the briefcase, Bigg Boss asks the 5 contestants to mutually decide on one contestant who deserves to own the briefcase. Unsure of what to expect, the housemates spend the first 5 minutes staring at the briefcase…and then the guessing game begins.

While some say that it contains money, the rest speculate that the briefcase might contain an elimination ticket. While the guessing game continues to take place, Ajaz voluntarily opts to take the briefcase thinking that there might be money inside it. However, the other housemates disagree with Ajaz and continue with their discussion. At some point or another, every contestant volunteers to take up the briefcase and face the consequences. But, they are always held back by the other housemates.

What’s the real mystery behind the suitcase? Which contestant will finally own it?

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Reporter: Sonali Naik
Source: COLORS 


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