Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Will History Repeat itself once again after Veer-Ichha Reunion ??

Will History Repeat itself once again after Veer-Ichha Reunion ??

Last few weeks of Uttaran episodes have been a real roller coaster ride for its viewers with all the lead protagoinst's lives going through several ups and downs with Tappu agreeing to marry Rathod and Veer is shown getting friendly with Madura while Ichha's never ending struggle for survival continues ..

In the latest episodes, audience have witnessed how Ichha manages to escape along with Kanha making sure that Avinash is not able to locate them but somehow Avinash gets hold of Ichha's passport and comes to know that she is the daughter-in-law of the famous Bundela family

If sources are to be believed, then in the coming episodes, Avinash will use Veer Singh Bundela to track Ichha as Veer will be totally unaware of Avinash's evil intentions;But eventually true love triumphs as Avinash wont be able to succeed in his mission and also Veer's new friend Madura is expected to play the much needed cupid between Veer and Ichha here. While Destiny will reunite Veer-Ichha again, it remains to be seen what is written in Tapasya's destiny since once again she will back out from her marriage with Rathod in the end minute and will go to meet Veer for one last time. So the question is will Rathod accept Tapasya in his life after all this ?

Also in the coming months a big generation leap is expected in the show once Ichha gives birth to a baby girl. Its been said that post generation leap, once again history will repeat itself with both Ichha and Tapasya's daughter falling for Kanha. So will once again Ichha's daughter live with Uttaran or this time will it be Tapasya's bad karma which will make her daughter suffer with Uttaran for the rest of her life remains to be seen ..

The big question which everyone asking is what will happen to the current set of actors once the generation leap takes place? Will all the current characters of Ichha-Veer-Tapasya-Rathod be killed before the leap or will someone manage to survive post leap? Maybe it depends on the actors.. Whether they are ready to play older characters or not.. All we can do is wait for the drama to unfold in the coming weeks and see how Veer-Ichha reunites once again ..

Author - G.Ganguly
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