Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sukriti Khandpal Interview

Sukriti Khandpal (Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi kijo)..... Interview on Tellytadka soon..Fans Be Register member of Tellytadka and put on your Request of question/ comments for your stars

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Reporter & Author: Rakesh Shah


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  2. Hi Sukirti!My name is Komal Farid..
    i love u!! Also miss u aloooot!! Please sign up for a new show !All of your fans want you in a main lead for a new youth show! Your #1 favorite actresss and also my rolemodel!!

  3. Hey Sukirti This is Aaisma
    I want to say that you are an amazing human being and please never change!
    my Question is What's the reason that helps you keep motivated and stay positive in life?

  4. Hi sukriti my name is aliya haji.

    I wanted to ask you whether you will be taking up any youth shows in the near future

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  6. hey sukirti, my name is doyel.
    i love the way you potray your character onscreen!! i would really love to see you in a new show as a lead as soon as possible!!
    and not to forget i love you hair!!!
    wishing you all the very best with your career and your future!!

  7. Hey sukirti my name is sara and i am from denmark so i really hope you get my message! because this is the only way i can tell you that i am a big big fan of u and i like u a lot .u rocked dmg u wear the best dr.ridhimma and we really miss u ....your very talented and i want to see u in a youth show again ;)

    question 1.would u work with karan singh groover again ?

    2.will you come in a new show ?

    3.how was u journey in dmg ?

    lots of love sara ;)

  8. Hi Sukirti, name is Iqra, im a BIG BIG BIG fan of urs. U have no idea how many fans u have in Europe, we all love u ALOT. So my question is wht was ur fav scene wth KSG???? Do u miss DMG???


  9. Hi Sukirti, name is Iqra, im a BIG BIG BIG fan of urs. U have no idea how many fans u have in Europe, we all love u ALOT. So my question is wht was ur fav scene wth KSG???? Do u miss DMG???


  10. OHHHH and PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz sign a new youth Show.


  11. hey sukirti, this is doyel again!!
    i really want to see you in a new show, mostly a youth based one!! so do you have any projects lined up??

    lots of love!!!

  12. hiii suku my name is khushboo!
    i love u suku!
    miss u loads!
    my q. is 1) will u cum on another show wid KSG?????
    2) if no so wats the reason....?
    u each n every fan wanna see u wid KSG again plzzzzzz cum on youth show .
    we all lyk the way u act ur acting is natural ur romance makes ur fans go mad
    suku plzzzzzzz cum on other show miss u loads! love u forever!
    our dr.ridhima 4ever!

  13. i'd like to ask her..
    When are you signing a new show ??
    please please pleaseee do it soon !
    Sukirti, we are missing you sooo much on screen.. please come back as lead !
    Your an amazing actress & very talented ! ..keep it up.
    & by the way .. I miss you soo much in DMG..
    you & Karan had amazing chemistry on & off screen.
    love you.

    - Mandy -

  14. Hello Sukirti!
    My name is Javaria but I am known as javz. I loved your portrayal of Riddhima in Dill Mill Gaye, I feel you are the real Riddhima for me.
    I have a question for you, now that you are doing a role Siddheswari in Agle Janam Mohe Hi Kijo which by the way you are doing great in, will we see u in youth show soon because we like to see you as a lead because you have a great talent to pull it off.
    do you still stay in contact with DMG gang, if yes who?
    Which costar are you most close with in Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo and share us your funny or fun moments from there.

    Thanks for doing this interview, lots of love :D


  15. Hello Sukirti,

    My name is Marukh from U.S. from IF. I am your fan, I love to ask you about your hairs if you dont mind. Would you ever have straight hairs like you did in DMG because you looked great in it. Though I love your natural curls because they suit you, but us fans would love to see u in a new look once again.

    Keep up the good work

    Love, Marukh

  16. Hi Sukirti, I am your fan of your and karan jodi in dmg, we loved kasu. Is there any chance of you being a main lead again and be part of a new jodi onscreen.You bring out such good chemistry between your costar opposite you. You are so natural with such scenes that it looks like you are not acting but being real. Thats what we love about you.

    Take care and wish you lots of success.

  17. hello Sukirti...how are u doing? hope u are fine.
    My name is sanjana, i'm a HUGE fan of u. U are my favourit actress in telly. You are sooo talented and so pretty. Love ure acting. Please do sign in a new youth show, PLEASE. I have two questions.

    1. Is there any projects on ure ure way? Like serial, reality show..etc
    2. Is there any chance to see u with Karan Singh Grover once again onscreen? Like in a serial or something. we are really missing ure jodi, u and karan are the best couple onscreen couple on telly. Its like a dream to see u with karan again!!
    and if not in a serial then in any show, or even an intervew!! we are really missing u guys together.

    Love u lots sukirti, u are the best. Keep up ure always hard work!! We love u lots


  18. Sukirti hello

    I have a question for you that will we see you in movies soon because I think you belong in bollywood. Is there any chance and plz do sign it if its a good role.

    From Bayyah on IF.

    Thanks Tellytadka for providing us Sukirti interview and plz keep on doing it cause you are doing a great job in it. Thanks!Also plz have a better voice quality this time cause we love to hear them well.

  19. Hi Sukriti
    LOVEEEE you Hun! I hope you are doing great = D Just wanted to ask what are your future plans? Are you planning to go in bollywood?
    Love Sary

  20. Hi Sukirti ....My name is Ayesha Baig !!

    i wanna tell u r an amazing person ...u portrat ur characters verywell

    my question is ....

    1) when u r signing any new show as a lead role ?

    2) n r u wanna do some reality shows ?

    i love u sukirti ....

    Best of luck 4 ur career !!

  21. hey sukirti i m raj and a big big fan of u nd ksg jodi.i loved u as ridz nd loved ur chemistry with ksg.miss you next to ksg hope you guys work together soon.missing mazical kasu chemistry.plzzzz sign a new show and do a positive role.
    my question is
    how do u enjoy working with ksg.u guys look amazing 2gether.
    when we will see u with ksg again?we r dying 2 c u together.plzzz 2gether na!!

  22. hey i m rebeka biggest fan of karan sukirti jodi.Love you Sukku! and Missing you badly in a main lead.u r doing good in ajmbhk but we want 2 c u in a pasitive main lead (specially with ksg)really miss u both 2gether
    1.how did you manazed such a natural chemistry with karan?i don't watch dmg after ur exit but ur romantic scns with karan still give me goosebumps.
    suku u look perfect with karan hope u guys work together really soon

  23. hello suku,i m milee.i m mad abt ur jodi with karan and i can do anything to see u both 2gether.its really painfull watching you both apart.really miss your mazical chemistry with karan.u and karan look best with each other nd u are the best jodi of tv.never loved a couple sooo much
    1.Is there any chance to see u with Karan Singh Grover once again onscreen in a serial or in a reality show. we are really missing ur jodi.plz come baack 2gether
    is there any chance ur come back in dmg anyway.u r good as sid but u were way better as ridz
    love u ..keep up the good work

  24. hey i m a big big fan of urs.u were the best riddhima we miss u nd karan 2gether.every fan of urs want to see you with karan as u guys look just perfect with each other and share a mind blowing chemitry.my ques are
    1.are u still in contact with ksg? u guys looked really happy 2gether in every interviews we hav seen.u both shared a wonderfull offscreen chemistry too
    2.plzz share ur experiences working with karan.
    plzzzzzzzzzz come back with karan (atleast in an interview)we r missing u 2gether

  25. hey sukirt, love u sooo much.u are good in agjmbhk but i think its a wastage of your talent.i mean we can hardly see u in it.plzzzzz come in a new show in lead.missing ur rockig chemistry with karan.plzzzz sign a new show with karan
    dying to see you together.
    1.when r u coming back with ksg?
    2.are u still in touch with ksg?we hope u still r good friends.
    3.hav u ever meet him after leaving dmg?
    4.why did you leave dmg?after u its total crap.still hoping if u come back.is there any chance for ur come back?

  26. love you sukirti.ur pair ith KSG is out of dis world n u r seriously one of the greatest natural actor present in the TV industry today.no matter what we fans r always wid u.u was the best dr riddhima.ur scns with karan are immortal still give me goosebumps
    1.when we r going to see our fav jodi back on screen together
    2.plzzzz sign a new show .ur role in agle janam hurting ur fans..though u are doing a amazing job but we want to see u in a positive lead

  27. Hey suku,
    This is Ammara from Dubai
    we all love u so much. i know u read all the comments we post in your india forum fan club.!! we all MISS you like hell..!!!! wish u had never left DMG.

    Q. when will we get to see you in a new fresh youth serial??

  28. Hi sukirti,
    This is Masood ur rehman from Pakistan.
    i loved ur role and performance as ridhima in DMG. really want u to join DMG back... always had a curisoty to know more and more about u and ksg off screen!

    kasu is our fav jodi and we all love u both toghter!!

    Q. if given a chance to work with ksg again, will u say yes?

    Q. whoz ur fav telly jodi?

  29. Hey Sukirti,a Message from all you fans,first of all want to say we miss you dearly as our Dr Riddhima in DMG.You are the most natural actress we have seen on screen and u have such a beautiful personality.My friends and I miss you so much and we are seriously waiting with eager to see you in a new youth show as a female lead.

    You have such great talent,do not waste it.You can achieve greater heights with your talent we all believe in you.All your fans love you and wish you greater success and fame and happiness.

    Our greatest wish actually everyone of your fan wants to say that May you one day clinched the award as the best indian television actress and popular female award of the year.Our wishes and prayers are with you.


  30. Hey Sukirti,Im Zafirah,your biggest fan from Singapore.You have totally made me fall in love and admire you as an actress and human being.We just love ur bubbliness,don ever lose that.

    Theres a few i want to ask and im really hoping for the answers.

    It seems u always read our comments on FC.is there any special moment done by us fans which really touched your heart or just make you glee with happiness.

    What is your favourite holiday destination?

    Is there any great memories and bad memories in the sets of DMG and agle janam..Please do share.We are dying to hear it from you..=)

    Would we able to see you in a new show soon,a new youth show perhaps playing the female lead.

    We dont forget your hardwork place on playing Dr Riddhima and now Siddeshwari.We are happy that u are having so much fun with your Agle janam cast and crew.
    We are still hoping to see you in a new show soon as we cant bear the torture seeing you play a negative character...You are just too angelic to play a role like that..
    Wish you and your family great health and great happiness

    TO TT...i cant thank you enough for making us fans really happy with these news.Believe me of all of us are in cloud nine thanks to you all.God Bless..


  31. Hi Sukirti
    If u only knew how missed you are next to KSG....i dont care when and where...but we are eagerly waiting for ur and Karans Reunion once again! your chemsitry was unbelivably rare and natural...dont let anyone tell you otherwise:)

    And plzzzz give us some news abt some upcomming projects? ...we r dying to see you as main lead in a youth based show.....but try ur best to get in to Bollywood...thats were we expect u the most...cause u deserve it!

    @Tellytadka! plz let KSG know abt these comments whenever u talk to him again....so he also ca see how eager fans are for his and Sukirtis Jodi....its a humble request.

  32. Hi Sunshine!
    Missing you as Riddhima....missing armaan's Soniyo.
    You and Karan made me start learing hindi! which would be really hard for a total non-indian....but you two made it look so easy..just said that so u know how important ur jodi with him is for me....i am counting hours and mins to see you 2 back 2gether.

    1.What Make up do use?:)
    2.New projects??Lead role?
    3.Tell us a little abt Siddeshwari...what will happen to her character?
    4.You will work with KSG in future if some project comes around right?:)

    Lots of Care/Monu

  33. hey suki,this is ratul from kolkata.totally fida on u.u look stunningly beautiful in p.c.chandra ad.u just can't imazine how much me and my sis love u as ridz.don't watch dmg.karan look so lost without u.wish if u stil was there.mising u with karan and ur amazing chemistry.plz come back with karan
    1.how did u 2 manazed to pull off those romantic scns so naturally?
    2.when u'll com back with karan?
    3.you guys r still friend na?
    wanna know more abt ur off screen chemistry with karan.plzzzz come back together
    thanks tt and plzz let karan know too how eagery we want to see them together

  34. thanks to tt to giv us such an opportunity to interact with her.plzz let karan know 2 that we want to c them together
    sukirti love u so much.plzzz we want 2 c u in a lead role.ur sid character is really torturing me.can't c u like this.i watch this show only bcoz of u but hardly can see u.missing u with ksg.ur chemistry with karan is so natural and so rare.never loved a couple sooo much.we desparately want 2 c u both 2gether.plzzzz come 2gether anywhere anytime
    1.any hope 2 c u with ksg soon
    2.something abt ur next project
    3.the raaj of ur such natural chemistry with ksg..u guys seem best friend thats why shared such an amazing chemistry never seen bfore

  35. Sukirti u r 1 of the best actress in TV industry. I really like u as "Basket" in Dill Mill Gaye. Love you Basket.we really miss u as Riddhima...But we r so lucky that we atleast get 2 c u in Agle Janam..U rock as Siddheshwari but ur missed as Riddhima by Millions.Wishing you all the best in your future and missing you in DMG... I don't know if there's any way u could come back but if ever there is... Plz do... plzzz come back with ksg u both look just made for each other couple the best on screen couple

  36. hellow sukirti.......
    i m Tabinda frm pakistan....
    i m a die hard fan of u. love u sooooooooooooooooo much as ridhima nd love ur jodi wid ksg alot.......
    u did potrate ridhima s role best....
    u r soooooooooooooooo innocent nd very awsum girl..........
    ur chemistry wid karan is so superb.........
    miss u soooooooooooooooooo much nd
    KASU jodi.........

    my que is:
    wats ur next project???

    when wil u cum in new youth show as a main lead???(we r waititng very eagerly)

    who is ur fav co star till now???

  37. suku luv u so much..i'm missing u so much with ksg i can't see u both apart

    miss my KaSu terribly!
    luv kasu sososososo much,plz plz kasu come back 2gether in a youth show ,cant wait any longer now,luv kasu sososososo much,even so would luv 2 just see u 2gether anywhere again.
    even a glimpse of kasu standing next to each other would make my day!
    WE WANT KARAN SUKIRTI BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK TOGETHER.plz inform ksg too that we want our kasu back together

  38. hey me again Tabinda
    nd 1 thing more u looks soooooooo beautiful nd gorgeous in straight hair although ur curls is also looks perfect in u........

    u rokkkkkkkkkkk nd keep roking in future best of luck............

    loads of love

  39. miss u in a lead miss ur chemistry with karan.don't know how u both pulled off such natural looking romance but u both did it so convincingly that we felt we r watching a real couple.it was so natural that its difficult 2 like other couple after watching u both 2gether.still miss ur chemistry don't watch any serials these days as i m waiting for u guys come back as couple again in dmg or in any other show.i hope 2 c suku back in dmg with ksg she deserves t0 be there after she has won so many hearts.

  40. love sukirti alot..miss suku in a lead.we really wanna see more of u just cant get enuff of karan and urs scns.!! u both look like as if made for each other the MOST Perfect couple in the television. Y can't we see more of them UGHHHH desperately want to see u in DMG back.. plz suku darling com back.. we all love you and ur jodi with karan....!! karan and sukirti make world's best romantic oncsreen couple..miss them together

  41. Hey sukirti just love you as Dr Riddhima.We miss you everyday,my friends and I,on your chemistry with Karan Singh Grover,we are still waiting for our wishes to be fulfilled to see you both rocked the screen and make us melt with both of your performance.Your pairing with Karan Singh Grover has never been ignored or forgotten.We just love your pairing and still loving it..

    I have a question i heard the Arjun Bijlani who plays Mayank in MJHT lives in the same building as you.Is it true?

    Hows your rapport with your co star like Abhishek who plays shekhar and Ratan who plays laali in agle janam.

    Can you describe one word for each co star you have work with?

    1.Mayank Anand
    2.Dhrasti Dhami
    3.Pankit Thakkar
    4.Sonia Singh
    5.Sunaina Gulia
    6.Karan Singh Grover
    7.Amit Tandon
    8.Mohnish Behl
    9.Abhishek Rawat(shekhar)
    10.Ratan Rajput

    Whats your favourite song that you just cant stop listening to nowadays?

    Is it true you were offered to play the Role of Ayesha,Anil Kapoor Production house?

  42. hiii suku!
    love u loads!
    m khushboo!

    my q. 1]will u be seen in youth show wid KSG again..?
    2]n wat r ur future plans..?
    3]do u miss DMG or any DMG character still..?
    4]do u still watch DMG..?
    5] wat do u think abt ur fans..?
    jus loveeeeeeeeeeeee u n miss KASU loads!
    plzzzz cum bac onscreen!

    thanxzzz to tellytadka 4 this keep doing this a gr8 wrk TT did..!!
    thanxzzzzzzzzzz alot!

  43. thanx 2 tellytadka 4 this. keep doing this a gr8 wrk TT did..!!
    if possible plz bring karan singh grover nd suku 2gether.suku we miss you dearly as our Dr Riddhima in DMG.If u only knew how missed u r next 2 KSG....i dont care when and where...but we r eagerly waiting for ur and Karans Reunion once again! your chemsitry was unbelivably rare magical and natural.plz plzz plzz come back with karan
    1.how is ur experience working with karan?do u know that u guys look best with each other nd u share the best chemistry
    Tellytadka! plz let KSG know abt our comments whenever u talk 2 him again....so he also can c how eager fans r for his and Sukus Jodi....its a humble request.

  44. Suku u wont believe we are so crazy about Kasu in DMG Ur my fav actress! Only watched DMG coz of you...I have never loved an actress so much as you..and ur chemistry with Karan is extremely magical..DMG is not the same without u.All the best to you for ur future projects.
    1] tell us abt how did u enjoy working with karan.how did u both managed such natural romance on screen
    2]are u still in a contact with karan?you guys looked best of buddies in ur every interview
    3]when we r going to see this magical pair of karan sukirti again?

  45. Thanks TT for providing us Sukirti interview and plz keep on doing. Love u Suku! Ur the only Riddhima for us.wil never ever forget my kasu...They rocked as AR and they showed real meaning of AR.u gave us KASU romance , sad , happiness n full on masti..ur simply the best
    Misss U soooo much........love u .plzzz sign a new show as lead nd plzzzz come back with karan.you look perfect together

  46. suku love your chemistry with karan.just cant get enuff of karan and sukirti..!! u look like as if made for eachother.u are realy good as Sid,i didn't expect that from you,i mean being a bahu and talk a diff laguage, MINDBLOWING, but wanna see u in another show, as lead role. still cry when i miss KaSu chemistry ..imagine its been so many months since u left..but i still cant get over the fact that u r not Ridhima plzzzzzzzzz suku plzz we want u nd ksg together.plz come together

  47. why why u left dmg?u just can't imagine i cried so much!!i still remember the pain i got through those days...it was so horrible that i still can feel it.miss kasu jodi.for me KaSu are eternal,i will never be that attached to any couple as im to KaSu.others mst be lookin good together...but nothing compared to ur chem with Karan..u are a perfect match.hope to see you together soon

  48. Hey sukirti
    i have one more question.

    Are u still in touch with Karan Singh Grover?

    Love u lots sukirti


  49. Hi Sukirti, well im just soo crazyy about you.I think i have to be ur craziest fan,i can do anything to get one glimpse of you Suku, i really want to mee you and i cant forget that talk i had with you over the phone and u said ur come to canada to visit me and my sister, Your voice is so beautiful i still cant believe i spoke to u tht day, all thanks to ur brother Manjul..hes so sweet and he made it possible for us to talk you!! We really miss u in DMG and i quit that show after u quit it..so no more DMG for me!! I love you so much Suku, ur our true sunshine forever and ever..muaaah!
    I have a few questions:
    1.When u told me on facebook tht ur planning to visit some place outside India, wht happened to that plan, are u still going? (please come to Canada Suku pleaseee)
    2.Are you going to be taking up any youth shows in future?
    3.What is it that makes you such a beautiful person inside and out?

    Love you soooooo much Suku, ur truly our rockstar and the BEST we have in the TV industry!Wish you all the best , ur going to be a BIG star one day!! muaaah

  50. Please Sign a New Show
    I dont like you playing a bad character .. it doesn't suit you

  51. suku luv u so much. we r dieing 2 see you in a new show opp ksg. its been almost a year since u left DMG..i don't watch it after u but if u come back i m ready 2 watch it again. we r desperate 2 see u plz for the sake of ur fans do something and take up a new serial before we lose all our hopes!our love for u is unconditional but we cant wait any longer, its gives us so much pain to see u in a negative role!
    1.each n every fan of urs wanna see u wid KSG again.will u cum on another show wid KSG?????if yes,when nd if no,why?
    2.are u still in contact with karan.u guys seemed quite good friends
    3.what is ur experiences working with karan as we hav seen he always prasied u and told in his interview that he was very comfertable with u

  52. i love you so much i miss my old dmg and i miss kasu chemistry.i love KaSu may be u both are jus tv celebs but you both make a spl plce in our hearts love you so much.your character in agle janam is not right for you ... hope you do a nice new show preferably with Karan
    1)why you left dmg for a negetive character which your fans are not liking.i mean your character was so popular and you doing so good in it.people work for years in a show if its popular and its very obvious that in serials sometimes the character and story becomes little illogical but people don't want to leave it bcoz of its popularity.why you left

  53. why did you left dmg...you left it bcoz you wanted to leave it for some reason..if yes then what is that reason?or the production house made you leave it?we want to know the truth bcoz this whole ridz changing every year giv us so much pain.i can't watch my fav show dmg or my fav actor karan just bcoz i couldn't accept another ridz.we sometimes feel disgusted abt CV the production house.as far as i know CV introduced you so which kind of relationship you share with CV.will you work with them again?we cant watch you in a negative roll anymore! u know its hurts alot..please sign up a new and fresh serial opp ksg really miss u both 2gether.....fingers crossed that u'll b bac wid KSG soon

  54. Miss you girl
    You had the best chemistry with KSG

    DMG creators doesnt deserve u at all...i am glad their show just went down and down since u left

    plz do a new show with KSG!
    plz tell us a bt ur future projects?
    plz dont turn to negative in agle janam

  55. you suited Riddhima the most man! Tooo adorable...it was when you entered as ridz you grabbed me.you were so natural, innocent and pure...Awww which is rare.it was such a maturness in ur co.acting with karan. i dont think anyone can replace KaSu for me..oh god!tears on the way....talking abt how good Karan and you were 2gether always makes me this way....i am just too attached to both of you.plz come back with karan.we are dying to see you together and plzzzzz do something else this agle janam is giving me so much pain.its not ur role.u may be enjoying doing it but we are not

  56. love you suku.natural beauty mixed with natural deep acting...thats what i love and thats whats rare among actors around the world..miss ur mazical chemistry with karan what i love abt you and Karan is.....you brought out the natuaralness in Karans acting and while the where co-acting it was like putting an divide puzzle into place again, you completed each other so well.every single look and body language was a natural response to exactly the way Karan acted towards you in that moment and not just "god co-acting" which it is normally among co-stars.it was so mazical.hope to see you both together soon.
    TT plzzzzz plzzz we want an interview with karan and sukirti together

  57. Hey sukirti my name is anam ..... i really like u alot and ur a fantastic actrees i loved u with ksg plz sign a new show soon .....

    question 1. do you miss DMG ?

  58. Hey suku..yamini here..please tell us if u will be coming in any new youth show soon or not?

    love u loads


  59. Suku we really miss you as Riddhima.u r d best Riddhima 4 eva
    u nd ksg jodi were d only reason 4 me 2 watch dmg.don't watch dmg now. Is there any chance to see u with Karan Singh Grover once again onscreen soon? in a serial or something. we are really missing ure jodi, u and karan are the best couple onscreen couple on telly. Its like a dream to see u with karan again!!plzzzz sign a new show with karan.we are dying to see you both together

  60. love you sukirti and miss you so much on screen as i can't see Ajmbhk bcoz i can't see you in that role.plzzdo something else na!!!!each and every fans of urs want to see you with karan singh grover as you guys look just perfect with each other.
    1.]would u work with karan singh groover again ?
    2.]how was ur rapport with karan as he always said nice things abt you
    3]karan said that he was very comfertable with you.were you felt equally comfertable with him as ur romantic scns were very very natural in dmg

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