Saturday, February 13, 2010

Methods Of Communication Matter in Love?

Methods Of Communication Matter in Love?????

Waqt badal jaata hain, halaat badal jaata hain, zariyan badal jaata hain, lekin rahi pyaar ke kisi bhi zariye se pyaar ka izhaar kar hi dete hain.

Have we, who live in the 21st century, imagined what could we have ever done without cell phones, faxes, emails, chat rooms, video conferencing?? Life without these things seems very tough. Imagine getting a message across a loved one and you would have to wait for days for a letter to reach or wait for hours to make trunk calls. Time has changed so much and changed everything with it. Chat rooms or a social networking site like Face book are such common places for lovers to meet and then technology such as cell phones and emails play such an important part in easing the relationship. You don’t have to write long letters and post them, rather just make a call to that person and if you are dying to see the person just connect to the net and video conference. Wow, contacting loved ones and expressing emotions has become so much easier.

But how does all this matter to lovers? For them what is more important is to express their love rather than think about the means of communication?

Woh kehtain hain na......Pehle pyaar ki pehli chiti sajan ko deya, kabutar jaja ja, kabutar ja.........Kabutars probably one of the most famous ways to send love messages to lovers across different places. Think about the time of our grand or great grandparents. Meeting your lovers in olden days was not so easy. They would wait for weeks to meet someone and if one was in another city or town the only means to communicate was to post letters. Going further down the time, think about some of the most famous lovers of history and how they use to contact each other. Talk about Prithviraj Chauhan and Raajkumari Sanyogita who didn’t meet up for years because of a misunderstanding, had no sorts of communication yet ended up belonging to each other . The simple reason was because they had kept each other in their hearts only and this is how they were always near each other. Or Be it the spell bounding tune coming out of Ranjha's flute which Heer would hear and come or be it a ball that Romeo attends, meets Juliet and wait for the night to fall so he could climb the balcony to meet her secretly or be it Majnu writing poems for Laila and be it Shirin who would walk long distances to the mountains to meet Farhad, the man who was sentenced to built canals in the mountains if he had to marry her. Farhad had also carved her statue so he could talk to when she wasn’t around herself.

So you see as long as lovers unite be it even after life means of communication don’t matter so much.

Reporter: Surabhi S


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