Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Farewell to Ila Gujaral

The character of Ila Gujaral came to an end today, in the Star One show 'Love ne mila di jodi'. The profound acting by Sujata Seghal has left many people awed. Perhaps she was the best foundation for entire story, as it created many twists and turns within the show.

From the loving mother to the business woman....the character of Ila Gujaral was perfect to the eye. Sujata Seghal portrayed Ila Gujaral to the extent that we fell in love with the character. She gave the word "Gujaral" a powerful stand and meaning. Sujata ji's chemistry off-screen and on-screen was always a treat to watch.

TellyTadka would like to give the audience of the show a chance to give their messages to Sujata Ji. You can post all your comments here on the blog, and we will forward all of your messages to the wonderful actress. Don't forget to put you name down :)




  1. Farewell to Ila Gujaral"


    Madam You are doing wonderful acting in LNMDJ. & We Miss You a Lot


  2. priya luves gaurav/amme...December 30, 2009 at 2:57 AM

    hey mrs.gujralllll!dont leaveee naaaaaaaaaa.pls....damini was correct!!!u'r the strength backbone...of the family...the show itselfffff....the mausi 'll tease them.......who'll save them then?

  3. priya luves gaurav/amme...December 30, 2009 at 2:57 AM

    hey mrs.gujralllll!dont leaveee naaaaaaaaaa.pls....damini was correct!!!u'r the strength backbone...of the family...the show itselfffff....the mausi 'll tease them.......who'll save them then?

  4. She was ~~~~

    the best mum....
    the best Mother-in-Law....
    the best business lady...
    the best dressed woman
    Numero Uno Pridaholic
    Most sophisticated woman
    the best ever chole cook

    and most of all.......

    she had the best ever BUN!!!!

    she made everyone happy each time she came to screen with her elegance and doting presence!

    she was such a Queen Mother!

    she was the best CUPID ever...for Prida, for savni and for Varni...was she not?!

    then why .........how...........what happened?!

    We all will miss Ela Gujral a whole whole whole lot!

    I so wish there's a chance of her coming back!

  5. Will defo miss you mrs gujral!

    You were simply amazing!

    Word at what kritika has just said!

    You are unmatchable and a diva in your own league!

    Hats off to you for portraying such a character with aplomb confidence, style and enigma!

    @ CV's : they better make the coming up episodes better or else....!

  6. we are really gonna miss u in the show....wish this was an ekta show atleast we wud have had some hope that the character wud comeback to life..lol!!..m'm u deserve a standing ovation fr u'r amazing performance in love ne.....the last two episodes were the best..i didn feel like i was watching ,felt like i was witnessing the whole scenario ..hats off to u m'm ..u brought tears into my eyes..i cudn believe i was crying ,cz i am not a person who usually cries seeing a soap...u made me cry..wish you all success in u'r life hope 2 see u soon in another soap...its so sad we won't be seeing illa gujral in the gujral mansion ,she was an integral part in the GM...take care!we all love you and are gonna miss u in the show!!

  7. I absolutely loved u as ila on LNMDJ.I am going to miss u so much on the show ,this show wont be the same without you.You were the best on-screen mother ever.

  8. hello sujata mam........i just loved u in lnmdj....
    a perfect mother
    a perfect women is wt describes u mam......

    i will surely miss u a lottttttttttttttttt

  9. Oh.. ELa Gujral.. We miss you.. Please don't go... why why why did they have to kill you off??..
    You are the best tellymom ever.. no other can even come 100 ft of you..
    Sujata Sehgal played the role so convincingly .. Fabulous actor... even more fabulous character..

    Epitome of how a mom should be..

    Miss you loads,


  10. Dear Sujataji,
    This was the first show of yours that I watched.I saw your interview during the promo of the LNMDJ show and I must tell you that you breathed life into Ela Gujral and made her a woman of substance that we had grown to love and admire so much that it is difficult to express in words.
    Did not expect that the CVs would cut short a great and unique character like Ela Gujral.. She was today's woman in every sense....a perfect woman ...a successful, strong business woman.. a loving and doting mother who was not only best friend for her daughters but also a pillar of strength...and equally understanding MIL...she would have made a wonderful grandma.......but........
    Ela Gujral is and will be "The Best Telly Mom" for me because of you..You are being terribly terribly missed.

  11. Sujataji,

    You have left us mesmerized and wanting for more with the character of Ila Gujral. Before you bowled us away in Kaise Yeh Pyar Hai as the scheming mother, but your performance in Love Ne is superb! You are seriously the soul of the show. It's a pity that this character died, but we will always remember your performance, the way you made each scene so memorable!

    God bless you!


    PS: Hope to see you in more show soon!

  12. Sujata mam
    U really played the most gorgeous mum ever really luved ur elegant and sophisticated chracter of ila gujral
    We wil remember u as u gave life to the chracter neither too loud nor too expressive u jus gave wat was exactly required
    Watch ur last episodes
    Well mam hats off to u!
    I was literally crying the way whole episode was excecuting
    Mam u did an awesome job as ila gujral and i would love to see more of u in many other shows


  13. Mrs. Gujaral (Sujata sehgal)

    Thank you for portraying the role of Mrs. Gujaral with 3 beautiful daughters. All fans of Love ne mila di jodi will miss you deeply. Happy New Year and Good luck for the future.

  14. hello sujata mam....
    i loved u so much in love ne......
    ur acting as Ila Gujral was so genuine ...i juss wish tht everyone has a mom juss like u...ur d best mom i hav ever seen..........we will miss u in love ne......u r simply amazing ......All the best 4 ur future.......

    with love


  15. Sujataji, u were superb in LNMDJ, we will miss loads. no one could hav portrayed Ila Gujral as amazing as u did.

    Happy New Year & Good Luck 4 d Future

  16. We will miss u very much - u were awesum as 'Ila Gujral' we reali didn't want 'ila gujral' 2 die :-(

    Happy New Year :-)

  17. hi! juz wanted 2 say u were one of my chanracters 4m LNMDJ after prithvi-damini. we will definately miss u lots.

    juz wanted 2 know:
    who was ur fav character 4m lNMDJ?
    Ur fav scenes 4m LNMDJ?
    Any memorable moments in LNMDJ?

  18. Dear Sujatha Sehgal :

    You were absolutely fabulous as Ila Gujra. You gave life to the character and we fell in love with you along with your three daughters.
    I never imagined that we would have to bid you farewell during the course of the show.
    It is very unfortunate.
    You were a class apart – with your elegant demeanour and excellent performance you conquered many a heart.
    You will be remembered as the best mom on Indian telly.

  19. Helo Sujata G,
    I am Sundas from Pakistan...
    U did a commendable job as Ela Gujral...
    U made us so much connected wid ur character...dat day wen Ela Gujral died ...I cried like never before...
    U are such a great actress...
    I dun think words can do justice wid ur awesome perfrmance.
    Frm da beginning ov da show,each and every moment of u and ur on screen daughters Damini, Avni n Roshini was gold...
    U won our hearts...
    I really enjoyed...
    U showed da best picture ov a woman, a mother n a human being...

    Thnx alot fr al dis...

    My mother is also a gr8 fan ov urs...n i wud like to share sum words ov hers fr u...

    Hi Sujata G..
    I am so much touched by ur performance and ur character Ela Gujral...Each n every dialogue delivered by u was so pure n natural...
    U portrayed da best picture ov a mother and Chandana, Perneet and Simran added more beauty to di delicate mother daughter relation...I dun think anyone else cud present dis wid such beauty...

    U four just made us al tied in a strongest bond wid u..

    Sujata G...U r da most polished and best actress i can find on Indian Tele Industry ryte nw..

    Hats off to u...
    Thank u so much fr gifting us such wonderful moments..

    Nw Sujata G at da end..

    A standing Ovation fr u...

    Thanx alot fr being da part ov LNMDJ..

    Thanx alot fr being da part ov our lives...

    Thnx alot fr being Ela Gujral...

    Thnx alot fr being da Mother of Damini,Avni & Roshini..

    May u get da best ov everything in ur life...Amin..

    Wil miss u alllllllooooooootttttttt......

    U and Ela Gujral wil remain in our hearts frever ...


  20. Ila gujral was a great character..and Sujata brought out the best...though her character was supposed to be a supporting one...somehow it felt like the she was the center of the show...held everything in place...was integral to the lives of all the three jodis....her loss is a terrible thing...the character came to an end too soon...

    loved all the qualities Ila had...she made mistakes early in her life...but still had strength and courage, determination and made a mark for herself...Ila raised her three daughters to be strong and be able to face the world...

    she was the best mama on TV..no doubt about that

    Sujata Sehgal deserves a standing ovation for her portrayal...we will miss her sorely!

  21. Sujata Mam,

    You played the role of Ila Gujral to perfection. Ila's character for me has to be one of the strongest fictional female characters ever on Indian telly. A strong businessman, a single mother, a guide and mentor, a friend to her daughters, wise and understanding, a doting mother, a woman of few words, calm, collected, handles every situation so well. And all this with absolute class and grace. I loved the mom-daughters bonding. I haven't seen a more adorable and believable depiction than the Gujral women. Characters I can respect and relate to. I so want to be part of the Gujral family :-). And I hate that your character was killed off. A void has been created that can never be filled. LNMDJ will never be the same again without you.
    Thank you Mam for giving us Ilaji. And all the very best for your future projects.

  22. Sujata Shehgal..I love this lady..very dignified and always brings respect to the character she portraits.

  23. Hi there. I was very very upsets to hear ur role as ila gujaral has come to end. It was most pleasure watching you on screen and off screen there couldn't pick a better person than urself to do the part and ur chemistry as mother to the gujarals sisters was outstanding specially to damini. I wish you all the best for the coming future and will look forward to ur next show.

    with love ur fan