Sunday, November 08, 2009

Arjun Bijlani is not leaving MJHT!

People have been hearing lots of gossip that Arjun Bijlani will be leaving the Star One popular show Miley Jab Hum Tum. Well TellyTadka has confirmed that No One is leaving the show, and that lots of fun scenes planned for viewers. The new Jodi of Adiraj and Nupur 2 is planning to pave way for Sajan & Mayur relationship to grow.

We got in touch with the show's writer Gautam Hegde who said "no one's leaving the show!! :-))) keep watching! Some classroom scenes coming up. Mayank's going to bangalore but that doesnt mean he will not be in the show. So keep watching. Cheers!". So for all MJHT fans keep watching the show..more is in store then you all feel at the moment.



  1. thank god!!! i almost died this weekend. i was hoping arjun would go 4 vacation so that i would also go 4 vacation. ok, arjun fans..please no killing me....hahahaa...i am so mean!!!

  2. ohhh..thnx a million telly tadka and gautam ji....i can finally guve deep expecting alot of mati romance and suspense in the show btwn the three mayur sajan to the fulllest..hopefully will like the new couple too!!all the best ang give us a complete treat to watch!We love u and mjht!!!rock on!!

  3. thank god!!!im so happy.........thanks for cofirming tewlly tadka!!

  4. Thanx god that Arjun not leaving the song.............
    thank you arjun, thank you very much..........
    n i hope u will never leave this great show............
    you r thae real n only one special hero of "MJHT.......
    So never think to leave the show..
    N thanks to telly tadka for inform us..

  5. bring mayank soon to mumbai. i think mayank is going to misunderstand nupur in the case of adhiraaj. definitely bhui is going to settle the match bwt adhiraaj and nupur. then it make mayur to misunderstand nupur.... if it happens then nobody will see the show. mayank leaving already spoiled some of the fragrance of the serial and misunderstanding nupur will breakup the relation between mayank and nupur.

  6. please directors bring mayank back to mumbai. it is spoiling

  7. Cool news! thanks so much for this..tellytadka ROCKS :DD

  8. please do not let arjun biljani leave the drama no one can replace him please tell me the truth he is not leaving the drama.