Friday, February 07, 2014

Get Ready for a fun-filled Sangeet Ceremony in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!!!

After the Bhalla's it's the Iyer's turn to go full on Talli!!!

Yes, The upcoming Sangeet Sequence will make way for some fun as the Punjabis aka the Bhalla's decide to play a prank on the Iyers. 

The Iyers have put forward certain conditions like "No alcohol", "No non-vegetarian food" etc will be served during the sangeet but being hardcore Punjabi's the Bhalla's will not listen and they decide to have some fun of their own. 
The Bhalla's will serve all the Iyers and all the other relatives alcohol saying it's prasadam (God's Offering) which will set up the mood of the Sangeet to a total bindaas one. For the first time the two families will be seen enjoying the function keeping aside all their differences and viewers will be seeing a fun-filled dhamakedaar Sangeet ceremony.

 What will happen later when the Iyers come to know about this prank will be worth the wait. It's always been fun watching the North Vs South clashes in the show and once again get ready to see some bitter sweet fight between the two.

Edited By: Vijitha Rajan

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