Friday, January 31, 2014

Rudra says : “Bewakoof hai woh”......Really? A Take on Paro Baisa !


Ek hi episode mein Paro Baisa ko bewakoof bhi bhulaya aur phir yeh bhi kaha ki “Itni bhi bewakoof nahi hai woh”….Kya baat hai Paro Baisa ….Not bad.

It’s said that we should not judge others, but as humans we tend to do judge people, their actions, thoughts etc anyways. This is exactly what Rudra does too…he judged Paro and not just in yesterday’s episode, but he has been forming his opinion about her ever since she was captured post the Baarat-Fiasco.

For Rudra, Paro is just a witness and his only means to prove that illegal weapons are traded in the backdrop of the marriages taking place in Birpur. He is damn sure of this trade but is unaware of the fact that the girls who are sent as brides over to the other side of the border have no clue as to what they are getting into. Same goes for Parvati, she never knew that she was just a pawn in a much bigger game scripted and directed by Tejawat. Rudra somehow has deduced that the girls of the village know what they are getting into and is hopeful that he will extract the truth from Parvati who he believes knows the truth about Tejawat, about the illegal trade of weapons and much more.

Paro maybe a shy, timid, sensitive, soft spoken girl etc but even then the makers have managed to show that she wasn’t Dumb or a Fool. For instance in the first week, Bindi was ready to jump into the Motor-Cycle cart when returning from Kesari’s shop just because they took her Father’s name and said they knew him, whereas Paro was seen to be a little more cautious. She did not feel comfortable in taking a lift from strangers just because they said they knew Bindi’s Father. Bindi had to force Paro to climb into the vehicle and take the ride home. It showed that Paro wasn’t naïve, that she was aware of things had a sense of judgment.

In the current track after Rudra allows Paro to go back to her Village, she is not immediately convinced by his words. When she was sitting at the Bus Station, she thought she saw him (From the Rudraksh) but brushes it off when the Bus to Birpur arrives because at that point there wasn’t anything that she wanted than to reunite with her Mamisa. 


On reaching Birpur she feels that somebody is following her but kept brushing it off every time until she saw a running shadow that was cast on the wall before her(When Aman moved to join Rudra). She uses the help of the mirror works in her Lehenga to confirm her suspicions that she was being followed. For somebody who has been tagged as Dumb, what Paro did was rather smart having said that had it been under any other circumstances we are sure she wouldn’t have thought of doing something like this, but from the moment Rudra said you can go home to Birpur she had this doubt in the back of her head and it just kept building more and more till she could finally put a finger on it.

If you observe Paro’s current situation, one can say without having to think twice that there was nothing she wanted more than to be with her Mamisa, but there was no way she would put her family and her villagers in danger for the same. The moment she realizes that Rudra and Aman were up to something she takes matters into her own hands and chalks out her own plan; after all “Necessity is the mother of Invention”. 

She walks up to the bench knocks on it so that Rudra and Aman feel that she is knocking at a door, while simultaneously removing her bangles, her anklets etc she repeats this a few times and then hides herself so that they don’t find her. To some extent even Rudra has a hand in the whole removing jewelry part because at the Haveli, he catches hold of her Bangles so that it wouldn’t make noise. Looks like Paro is not just alert but a quick learner too….But due credit goes to Paro Baisa for thinking of the same and acting on it. Not ever body can act in the manner that she did when there is so much pressure.

The last scene where Paro returns back to Rudra’s Haveli and the shocking surprise that was written all over Rudra’s face was a sight to behold. Like Rudra said maybe Paro is not that Dumb after all, or maybe the recent happenings in her life has motivated to change for the better. Rudra’s hope to get Paro to confess, to use her and thus get proof against Tejawat seems to have bitten the dust. Not that he will stop trying but now Paro too has decided to stand up against him. This should be interesting. What say?

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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  1. Love Sanaya irani as paro she has breathed life into a fictional character.